Wedding Invitations: Compose Text


You can feel a hint of the tone and style of the wedding when you are holding an invitation. That is why many brides prefer to make invitations themselves. Indeed, it’s as if from your own work done it blows with warmth and sincerity ... Each guest can feel that he will be sincerely, heartily glad to see, but not invited «for check» or from mercantile motives. If you decide to make invitations to your celebration yourself, then be sure that you will have a great time: at work you will have a moment to dream or reflect on the upcoming family life in the near future. Today the wedding portal will give you some tips on how you can arrange your wedding invitations..

Wedding invitation

Making a list of guests ...

So, the first thing to do is make a list of guests whom you will call for your marriage. In order not to forget anyone, it is better to create a list in small groups. For example, first record a group of guests from the groom and such subgroups: relatives from the groom, friends from the groom, colleagues from the groom, etc., similarly record the group from the bride.

Determine the number of invitations ...

Then it is necessary to calculate the number of guests and determine the number of invitations (for example, married couples are most often given one wedding invitation for two). Our website recommends making a few additional or spare blanks for invitations: suddenly you forgot to write someone down?

The same or individual invitations?

At the next stage, you have to decide whether you will write / print the same texts on all invitations? Of course, it is more correct to make an individual invitation for each of the guests: you have a different relationship with everyone. Agree, friends will be pleased if you use in the text «wedding ticket» a bit of humor or irony, but your great-grandmother needs kind, affectionate and touching words. Of course, if your guest list consists of 40 or more names, it is difficult to write a special text for each guest, to put it mildly. Then the minimum that you need to do is to compose separate texts for invitations that you will give to married couples and invitations that you will give out to unmarried / unmarried.

Wedding invitation text

Who invites?

Be sure to consider on behalf of whom the invitations will be written. Typically, the text is written on behalf of the bride and groom, but if you are going to play a traditional wedding, you may not have seen some relatives or friends from your parents once in your life. Most likely, they should send invitations on behalf of your parents.

Wedding invitation text

A few rules of etiquette ...

Learn a few simple rules of etiquette: the names of guests in invitations should be written by hand, invitations should be given or sent to all guests, even if you have already invited some of them verbally, invitations must be sent out or delivered at least three weeks before the wedding: guests should have time prepare for the celebration, including, probably, to arrange a vacation and buy tickets for transport, if those invited live far.

Wedding invitation text

Invitation Text Style

There are several styles of invitation texts:

  • official - a rather dry style, usually such invitations are given to the boss, partners and colleagues;
  • sincere - a very expressive, emotional version of the text for closest friends and relatives;
  • comic - for connoisseurs of humor;
  • poetic - a template invitation text in verses, usually it is very much loved by elderly people.

Wedding invitation
Wedding invitation text

What must be indicated in the invitation?

Remember that in invitations, regardless of style, the date, time and address of the wedding must be indicated. If your celebration consists of several parts (for example, weddings, weddings and banquets), indicate the time and place of each of them.

Wedding invitation

Composing a text for a wedding invitation is not an easy task. But do not be lazy and try to think through everything to the smallest detail - your guests will be happy and come to the holiday in a good sunny mood! Remember: invitations can be compared with the visiting card of the future family, they set the tone for the wedding!