Lush wedding dresses - who can use it, photos of 2020 models


The main event for the bride until the celebration is the selection and purchase of a future outfit. Many years ago, lush models won great popularity; they are still confidently at the forefront of fashion. If you prefer this option and do not want to get lost in the salon before a huge choice - look at the lush wedding dresses: photos of different styles.

Who will go with a magnificent dress

Unfortunately, this model of wedding attire is not suitable for everyone. In a magnificent dress will look good:

  • Slender tall girls. On such a bride, she will sit perfectly.

  • Girls with a pear-shaped figure - under the voluminous skirt it is easy to hide wide hips.

  • Owners of the V-shaped body structure - they will be able to achieve a balance between the shoulders and the lower part.

A selection of photos of lush wedding dresses on girls

Who should not give preference to this model:

  • Full ladies. If you have a full physique, but you can’t refuse such an option, choose a model without finishing.

  • To the low girls. A huge skirt in this case will not add chic, but visually reduce the growth. For those who decide to buy, the A-silhouette model is recommended - due to its shape, it will make the bride a little higher.

  • For those who have a small breast size. All such outfits include a corset that emphasizes the bust, so brides with small breasts should refrain from purchasing it..

Types of Lush Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses of this type all consist of two main elements - a corset, emphasizing the chest and narrowing the waist, and a voluminous skirt. The volume is achieved with the help of special devices - crinoline, frame rings, a rigid mesh petticoat or multilayer fabric overlay.

Photo of voluminous elements of lush wedding dresses

Types of lush wedding dresses:

  • A-line.

Photo of magnificent styles of A-silhouette

  • Ball Gown Wedding Dresses with Volumetric Skirt.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: Photos

  • Little mermaid.

Photo of magnificent wedding dresses with a little mermaid skirt

  • Empire style model.

Lush wedding dresses: photos of models in the Empire style

  • Mini and midi dresses.

Photo of cropped lush wedding dresses

With a loop

The train gives along the splendor, solemnity. He turns the bride into a real queen. A combination of a train + a long veil mantilla will look good. Such a detail will help girls look taller..

Photo of wedding dresses: puffy skirt + train

Short dresses

Long-legged slender beauties will look great in mini and midi dresses. This view appeared recently and replaced the restrained long models. They will suit full-bodied girls - the width in the hips will not be noticeable under the voluminous skirt, and the corset will tighten the waist. Usually these outfits are sewn without a cut, and a long train is used for decoration.

Photo of short wedding dresses with a full skirt

High waisted

The high waist of the outfit in the Greek style makes the bride slimmer, maximally hides the flaws of the figure. Flowing fabrics, elegant embroidered patterns, beadwork or lace look romantic and feminine. The neckline, playing with a small chest, or a closed neckline that conceals too large, give such models a charm.

Photo of lush wedding dresses with high waist

With sleeves

Elegant long sleeves not only protect the bride from coolness in bad weather, but add sophistication. Sleeves made of lightweight fabrics, even in summer, perfectly complement the delicate, chaste image of a la Grace Kelly. There are also outfits with sleeves, open shoulders. Sleeve length varies according to bride preference..

Photo of lush wedding dresses with sleeves

For pregnant

For girls who already have a rounded tummy, a tightening corset will not work. A great option for pregnant ladies is a comfortable, beautiful dress in the Greek style. Cropped models or even options with a crinoline lining from the chest will look good.

Photos of pregnant brides in lush wedding dresses

Dress cost

The price depends on the quality and manufacturer of the material, on the decor with elements of different cost and complexity of cut. A voluminous model with many draperies, decorated with bows made of silk ribbons, will cost much more than a dress with a simple cut without decorations.
Small details (rhinestones and beads) are usually fastened manually, so the outfit generously decorated with them will come out expensive. However, those who don’t have much money should not be upset - even a very simple dress with a minimalistic design will look beautiful.

Wedding Accessories

To create a harmonious image, you will have to take care of a careful selection of accessories.

  • The main accessories are earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings from different materials. Pearls, beads, precious or semi-precious stones, rhinestones - there is a suitable finish to any of your styles.

Jewels and bijouterie

  • Gloves will make the image more elegant, stately. They can be from different materials (silk, satin, lace), different lengths.

Wedding gloves

  • A wedding bag is an unpopular accessory, but some brides might find it useful.

Photo of comfortable and beautiful wedding bags

  • Shoes matching the shade of the dress are an indispensable part of the bride’s look..

The main accessory to the main outfit is shoes

  • Hair Accessories - Hairpins, Tiaras, Hats, Veils.

Photo of jewelry for the hair of the bride

Stylist Tips

Here are some useful tips from stylists about attire for the celebration:

  • To choose the right color, material, pay attention to your skin color, hair. Girls with dark hair will look good in white, pale pink, silver shades. Light-haired ladies are suitable for the colors of gold, gray-blue and pale beige. Lilac, pink, light green colors are suitable for blond hair. Girls with red hair should pay attention to warm shades. The delicate colors of ivory and condensed milk accentuate the tan of the inhabitants of the south..

Different shades of the bride's outfit

  • For dress fitting, be sure to take holiday shoes. The master should shorten the outfit so that the skirt rises a few centimeters above the floor.

  • Do not overload the look with accessories. When choosing large earrings, discard the necklace. On the contrary, if attention is concentrated on it - earrings should be modest.

  • Wear a few strands of pearls, a diadem, to a Greek dress without unnecessary trim.

  • Highly selected hair and hairstyle with tight loose curls will look great with any model.

  • A short dress requires careful selection of shoes. Sandals in the summer are ideal, and ankle boots in the winter.

Lush cut wedding dress is chosen by real princesses. It should fully reflect the tastes of the bride, be as comfortable and light as possible. Having thought over her choice in advance, each girl can easily find for herself the perfect outfit for a celebration.
Tell us in the comments what holiday dresses you liked and what you would prefer to wear on your wedding day.