Corrective underwear for the bride

Wedding day is special for all girls who literally from childhood dream of being the most beautiful brides. Among the main points that many of them take note of on the eve of the wedding is to urgently get in shape, but, alas, fitness and diet do not always give results. Fortunately, there is such a magical method as wedding dragging underwear, which makes it possible to hide all the flaws and instantly get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

Shapewear for the bride

Wedding corrective underwear does not differ at all from the usual corrective. The most important thing is that it fits your dress. You should think about this before buying a wedding dress, as some models can open everything for show, and some, on the contrary, carefully hide the linen, leaving it your secret.

If you have already decided to wear such underwear, then it is better not to choose a dress with a transparent corset. If you want to adjust the shape of the legs and buttocks with the help of shorts or pantaloons, then you do not need to give preference to a too tight dress, since the linen will most likely stand out noticeably.

Types of tightening underwear for brides

Corrective panties

The first type is corrective panties, shorts and trousers, which can have both a light pulling effect and a strong modulating effect. If you want to hide your tummy, then pay attention to the high-waisted models. You can also choose corrective thongs, panties type «slips», shorts or knickers.

Corrective panties

Corrective skirt

Another option is a corrective skirt, which you can safely put on under a straight-cut dress, since this way it will not attract attention.


Correction belt

If you want to focus on a thin waist, then you should look at the corrective belts, which with a bang perform this task. Such a belt will make the waist noticeably thinner, help keep your posture and will fit almost any dress model.

Correction belt

Body shaping

Many brides prefer a corrective body, which makes it possible to emphasize the chest, improve posture, tighten the stomach and buttocks. It can be with a bra with a push-up effect, with a regular bodice or without it. The bottom can be made in the form of panties, shorts and a pantalon.

Body shaping

Corrective bustier

Corrective busts and graces are designed to make our breasts voluminous and attractive. It makes the silhouette noticeably slimmer, pulls the stomach and waist. It’s better to choose a specific model, given the effect you want to achieve. Well, corrective dresses or combinations will fit almost any wedding outfit, of course, provided that you choose the right model.

Corrective dresses

Shapewear will help to make the figure of the bride perfect and luxurious. With such linen, you can forget about a couple of extra pounds and feel like a real queen at the most important holiday - your own wedding!