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Wedding Fashion 2015

Wedding fashion shows this season have already passed, so you can safely talk about new trends and trends in this area. Every year, brides look forward to fresh ideas for their outfits, so the designers presented original versions of puffy skirts on wedding dresses, interesting accessories for the bride and groom and unusual hairstyles. The new fashion of 2015 is all shades of blue, turquoise, mint and pink at the wedding. And the most unexpected trend for brides is the black color of the wedding dress, accessories, shoes.

Wedding Dresses - Fashion 2015

This year's wedding fashion is dedicated to romance and femininity. The trend for touching images was clearly reflected in the collections of leading brands. Fashion designers in dresses of the season 2015 used a modest neckline or open bodices disguised with lace lace. The frank wedding dresses that were fashionable before were replaced by elegant models with miniature sleeves, a rounded cut-out line, exquisite draperies or embroidery.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves are made of lace or sleeves are sewn in the form of an air veil on the shoulders. Designers took this technique from the still relevant retro style. As for the texture, wedding dresses sewn from such light fabrics as silk, chiffon, lace, organza are still in fashion. Wedding models of this season are completely devoid of the glamorous glitter that was in the trend of past years. The bride will not see the decoration of shiny rhinestones or crystals of 2015.

Although white is still relevant for the image of the bride, more and more girls are choosing a wedding outfit of blue, violet or coral. In the wedding season 2015, all shades of white are relevant: pearls, vanilla, creamy, ivory. Silhouettes are in fashion as always «Princess» and «mermaid», as well as long dresses with a train. Practical brides choose a detachable train, which is easily removed after the official solemn part.

Fashion for romantic wedding dresses in 2015

Video: The most fashionable wedding dresses 2015

In the 2015 season, boho-style wedding dresses, corsets, and nude substrates are gaining popularity. Another hot trend of the year is graphic lace prints and Ice Blue wedding style outfits. For bridesmaids, designers also presented many options for ball and boiler dresses made of transparent materials, decorated with interesting details. Watch in the video the most current models of this season, presented at the American High Fashion Week:

For brides who think through their image to the smallest detail, you need to know fashionable wedding trends on hairstyles. In 2015, a trendy bohemian style calls for decorating styling with wreaths with plant motifs or styling hair in the form of a crown on the back of the head. For owners of thick curls, stylists recommend making voluminous braids for the wedding or boldly dissolve them, decorating:

  • ribbons;
  • a brooch;
  • crest;
  • braid.

Popular hairstyles with sideways hair - they blend perfectly with feminine wedding dresses and look very gentle. The traditional veil should be concise this year, partially covering the face of the bride and groom. It will look great if you decorate a veil with flowers, feathers or other decor, especially if the image of the bride is created in retro style. But if the bride and groom is not ready to abandon the classics, then she is allowed to decorate her hair with a multi-tiered veil.

If the bride has a short haircut, then stylists advise not to confine herself to wedding styling, but to decorate her hair with a frivolous hat, a luxurious diadem, a satin ribbon or bright feathers. These fashionable additions will make the girl irresistible. If you want shocking, cut your hair even shorter: an unexpected combination of a romantic outfit and an incredible short styling will not go unnoticed at a wedding.

Long wedding hairstyles are popular in 2015

Wedding fashion 2015 for decoration

The number of wedding accessories of 2015 is striking. Dresses are decorated with lace bows, belts are embroidered with pearls or colored lace. All kinds of draperies are decorated with flowers or voluminous applications, and the bride's hair weaves a varied and unexpected decor. Fashionable jewelry of the new wedding season combined classic, advanced design and modern technology. Actual jewelry with geometric non-standard patterns and various combinations of shades.

It has become fashionable to get married in a hat and have an openwork white umbrella with you - a tribute to the retro style. The veil will also be able to fulfill the role of a veil, but the hairstyle should be neat and thought out. If the maxi wedding dress is chosen, it is better to use a veil that is flush with the dress: multi-tiered, lush, with a fringing or decorated with false flowers. The veil is presented on the wedding catwalks of 2015 on just a few models, as designers prefer to see this year's brides with original hairstyles.

It doesn’t matter what kind of jewelry the bride will wear - precious or fake - she will have a stylish image if she can combine them correctly and be able to wear them. To stay in fashion, you need to choose accessories that meet several requirements:

  • Vintage is not dead.
  • Surprise with an unusual combination.
  • Down with maximalism.
  • The privilege of luxury - extravagance.
  • Fashion in 2015: discreet wedding decorations

    Wedding Fashion 2015 - Shoes

    The fashion for the classic white shoes of the bride did not pass, but in the trend of 2015 are high-heeled shoes or a comfortable wedge. If the choice of the newlywed fell on a magnificent short dress, then high-heeled shoes with a rounded toe are perfect for her. For a wedding dress midi or mini, it is better to choose sandals with an open toe, perfectly emphasizing the beauty of the legs of the bride.

    Lace shoes for a wedding look very tender - they seem to be created for this solemn event. They are presented not only in white, but also in bright colors: purple, red, pink and even black. For pastel-colored wedding dresses, nude, beige shades of shoes are ideal, and to make the bride look royal, you need to buy shoes with a metallic sheen of silver or gold.

    In the fashion of the bride’s shoes, decorated with lace, beads or pearls, but shiny rhinestones faded into the background. The most relevant is embroidery on the back or front of the shoes. Square or asymmetric loops on the bride’s shoes, which are located on the outside of the foot, look beautiful. Fashion designers are offering girls who are planning their wedding on the beach to wear sandals without heels, decorated with different decor.

    Fashionable wedding shoes in 2015

    Wedding fashion 2015 - bouquets

    Wedding floristry trends are developing, so from year to year the fashion for a combination of colors, palette, decor of bridal bouquets changes. This season, florists make wedding bouquets of different flowers that differ from each other in shape, appearance and shades. The main thing is not to depart from similar and matching tones so that the wedding flower arrangement is harmonious.

    There was a fashion for small bouquets, which brides call corsages. They are fixed on the left shoulder or belt of the wedding dress of the bride and groom. The main advantage of the corsage is the size and weight, so the bride wears it easily throughout the day. Natural floral arrangements are in fashion: wild flowers growing in a garden or forest. A chaotic bouquet of wildflowers looks interesting - sticking out and a little disheveled, as if the flowers had just been picked.

    This year, brides will be pleased with large green leaves, which will be the main component of the wedding bouquet. Large leaves gathered together will give the composition an informal look. If you add flowers of a fashionable green shade to them, then the bride’s bouquet will look fresh, natural and unusual. When choosing a bouquet for the bride and groom, stylists advise taking into account the season of the year for which the wedding is planned, choosing the appropriate shades of flowers.

    Wedding bouquets of 2015 are diverse

    Men's wedding fashion 2015

    Wedding fashion for men this season is very interesting. Grooms of 2015 can safely shine in snow-white suits that will give them a luxurious look. It is better to pay attention to trousers and a jacket made of the same white fabric, because monochrome is already inappropriate. Designers took care of the strong half of humanity and styled bright wedding suits: yellow, blue or purple.

    Strict black or dark gray trousers and jackets have already lost their relevance. For lovers of dark shades, fashion 2015 offers to choose costumes of blue tones that are combined with any shade of a light shirt and will make the image of the groom truly royal. Stylists recommend bolder stylistic solutions for themed weddings: a shirt with a discreet print or with a strip.

    If until recently, a tie was the only accessory for the newlywed, now fashion is for neckerchiefs, stylish butterflies, buttonholes, watches or pocket watches on a chain. If a man is a follower of traditions and prefers to wear a tie for the wedding, then you need to choose it so that it harmonizes not only with the suit of the groom, but also with the outfit of the chosen one.

    2015 Trends: Men's Wedding Fashion