Places for a wedding photo shoot in Moscow


A successful photo shoot requires several important factors: the right mood of the newlyweds, the talent of the photographer, and a well-chosen venue. In Moscow there are many beautiful places suitable for wedding photography, all of them can be divided into two types. Indoor areas for photo shoots are often used in cold and rainy periods. The open ones are suitable for walking the bride and groom in warm, good weather..

Places for a wedding photo shoot in Moscow in the open air

To make the wedding perfect and leave behind a huge number of beautiful pictures, decide in advance where you will go during the walk. When planning a wedding photo shoot, it is important to decide what beautiful places in Moscow the newlyweds want to visit, whether additional expenses are required (entrance fee, parking). It is worth knowing ahead of time, so that later the bride and groom do not experience disappointments or difficulties. Young people will surely find a suitable option for a photo shoot among a huge number of parks, monasteries, temples, squares, bridges.

Moscow is a historically rich city with sights and interesting places, so the newlyweds may think about how to combine the useful with the pleasant, diversifying the wedding walk with a photo shoot excursion. Invite a specialist who will tell guests interesting facts about the city or specific places. If the bride and groom intend to conduct a wedding shooting in an old manor or historical park, then an excursion for guests who are bored at this time will be extremely appropriate. You should take care of her order in advance, but first find a good guide.

In Moscow, a picturesque place for a wedding photo shoot is not difficult to find, there are a lot of them. If desired, the groom and the bride can organize a dynamic shooting in the city, starting from the streets and courtyards, ending with roofs, a shopping center or the subway. Or maybe they want to arrange fun races in a go-kart club? And it is possible! The horseback riding of the bride and groom will be very romantic. Do not be afraid to experiment, turn on your imagination and boldly generate ideas!

Red Square

Do you want to be imbued with a patriotic mood, touch cultural traditions and temporarily become closer to the history of the country? Then the wedding photo session should be organized on Red Square. Here Moscow began, and all the significant events of the state are associated with this place. Many couples at the start of their family life come here to capture the birth of a new family in such a symbolic place. The advantages of this place for photography include the opportunity to take refuge in a nearby GUM, if it suddenly rains. But constant crowding is a minus of Red Square.

Wedding photo session in Moscow on Red Square

Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno

For 20 years, Bazhenov and Kazakov designed the second palace and park complex on the orders of Catherine. The large-scale park, made in the style of pseudo-Gothic, has been restored and is considered the pearl of the Moscow region. No wonder this place for a photo shoot is very popular with newlyweds. The advantages of Tsaritsyno include:

  • beautiful architectural ensembles,
  • picturesque alleys for romantic walks,
  • free entry and parking,
  • permission for interior photography inside the palace (you need to agree in advance).

The minus of the museum is that in the summer there are a lot of people. However, autumn weddings will be no less beautiful if the newlyweds decide to come to Tsaritsyno. It is better to take props with you in order to carry out all your plans. Do not be shy, the photographer sometimes does not even know how creative clients he came across. Work together, and the result will please you for many years.

Shooting the newlyweds at the Tsaritsyno Museum in Moscow

Manor Dubrovitsy

If the groom and the bride can’t choose a place for the wedding photo shoot, we recommend holding it at the Dubrovitsa estate, which is located near Moscow (near Podolsk). An ideal solution would be to hold a wedding in the Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is located directly on the estate. A photo against the backdrop of a beautiful baroque temple will please both you and guests, and a walk through the surrounding area will bring a lot of pleasure. The disadvantages of the photo shoot in the estate include the remoteness from the city and other places for wedding photography.

Wedding photo session on the territory of the estate Dubrovitsy

Manor Kuskovo

The Sheremetyevs estate built in the 17th century still attracts a large number of newlyweds from Moscow. The unique architecture, exquisite interiors and exteriors were created by the most talented architects of that time. Kuskovo Manor is a favorite corner for wedding photo shoots, family vacations and a must for any excursion trip around Moscow. Its advantage is magnificent buildings, picturesque nature, statues, a pond, a huge number of alleys and places for shooting. However, entrance to the estate is paid, and on weekends there are many people.

Wedding photo session in the estate Kuskovo

Botanical Garden

The rich colors of Russian nature, the Japanese garden, beautiful arbors, a rock garden - all this is available for wedding couples who have expressed a desire to hold a wedding photo shoot in the Moscow Botanical Garden. A walk in such a place will surely please the newlyweds and will provide an opportunity to leave the descendants with beautiful colorful pictures of the happy first moments of the beginning of family life. The undoubted advantages of the place will be the presence of a variety of perspectives with a deep perspective, a huge number of scenic spots. But you will have to walk a lot, and this can tire the bride and groom.

Moscow Botanical Garden - a great place for a wedding photo shoot

Krutitsky Compound

The architecture of the compound was created at the beginning of the 13th century, and now this corner is considered holy (prayed). Ancient history and unique preserved cultural values ​​attract newlyweds here not only from Moscow, but also from all over the country. Wedding ceremonies are often held in Krutitsky Compound. The entourage of cult buildings creates an excellent help for the lens. The advantages of the terrain for shooting will be the low occupancy and originality of the images. However, not all hired drivers know the way here, but this is a clear drawback of the courtyard as a zone for a wedding photo shoot.

Wedding photo shoot on Krutitsky Compound

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The religious building is called the main Orthodox cathedral in Russia. Wedding in the temple will be remembered by the newlyweds for life. After him, the groom with the bride and the photographer can climb to the observation deck, from where an incredibly beautiful view of Moscow opens, and arrange a small photo shoot. You will be pleased with the wonderful background for the shots - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kremlin, and the shots will probably be made with the effect of a deep perspective. Newlyweds will be satisfied with beautiful pictures, but a large number of people can interfere with a wedding photo shoot.

Photos of young people near the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Closed venues for wedding photo shoots

It’s good when it’s warm outside, but what if the weather is bad or the frost is bad? No need to be upset, because there is no bad weather for a wedding photo shoot. in addition to autumn park alleys or a fun snow slide with sleds, newlyweds can choose a suitable place for conducting indoor shooting - indoors, which is especially important for rainy weather and cold periods.

If the bride and groom plan to hold a wedding in the winter, then they are advised to pay attention to the closed places for photo shoots. After all, full-fledged street shooting in cold weather is a dangerous and unpleasant thing. No couple agree to pose for hours at temperatures below 15 degrees below zero. And yet, do not exclude any of the options for holding a wedding photo shoot. For example, in addition to several production shots in the territory of the nearest Moscow square, consider the possibility of interior photography.

Museum of furniture on Taganka

Interesting exhibits, among which there is an item with a handprint of Alexander the First, will add the royal entourage of the wedding photo shoot. Why do not the bride and groom try on the images of persons of royal blood? The museum contains unique pieces of furniture created in the 17th century by the hands of Russian and foreign masters. If the newlyweds decide to hold a wedding photo shoot in such an interior, this will present them in a favorable light.

The resulting pictures in the future will certainly become a decoration of the family album, its highlight. A big plus of organizing a photo shoot in the furniture museum is that it is located in the center of Moscow, so it will be easy to get to the institution. But filming will require prior recording, and the room is somewhat cramped that this fact creates some discomfort not only for the photographer, but also for the bride and groom.

Wedding photo session in the Moscow furniture museum in winter

Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace is one of the most ancient buildings in Moscow. The architectural ensemble was built during the 16-18 centuries, and the famous Yusupov clan owned the palace. Inside the mansion, the newlyweds are waiting for a real Hermitage, where they can enjoy luxurious furniture, painted walls, Dutch stoves with genuine murals. For the photo shoot you will need additional lighting, not all rooms are bright, as needed for wedding photography. The bride and groom will enjoy the elegant atmosphere of the palace, which is easy to reach, because it is located in the very center of Moscow.

Beautiful closed place for a wedding photo shoot

Hotel Radisson Royal

The well-known hotel in Moscow belongs to the global chain of Radisson Hotels & Resorts, and this is a guarantee of the highest level of customer service. According to the results of the contest from Weddin magazine, the company won a prize for «The best wedding offer from the hotel». There can be no better recommendation for a wedding photo shoot! Luxurious rooms will appeal to even the most biased newlyweds, but for the shooting in them you will have to pay an impressive amount.

Photoshoot of the bride and groom at the Radisson Royal in Moscow

Hotel Korston

A hotel with four stars, a large number of restaurants and banquet rooms provides the opportunity to take a wide variety of pictures without leaving the building. The windows of Korston Hotel offer a wonderful panoramic view of Moscow. Why not use this as a backdrop for wedding photos? At the request of the newlyweds, the hotel allows you to order a wedding «Full construction». The bride and groom for a fee or without it (sometimes the institution holds promotions) can order a long wedding photo shoot in the luxurious interiors of Korston.

Korston Hotel as a place for a wedding photo shoot in Moscow

Choosing a place for a wedding photo shoot should start in advance, having studied the reviews of other couples, the proposals of photographers, the advice of friends and colleagues. Be sure to see photos taken at the desired objects, because the story will not convey the full picture. There are specific locations on the list for filming, but there are those that will be a revelation both for the newlyweds and for the master who will shoot them.