Bride photo shoot


A wedding is one of the significant and unique days for newlyweds, the pleasant moments of which must be preserved for life. Wedding photography is best suited for this purpose. Marriage is a holiday for two, but the bride is always in the spotlight, so choosing a good photographer is very important for her. The professionalism of the latter directly depends on how the photo shoot will take place, how high-quality, original and memorable pictures will be.

Photoshoot of the bride's fees

The beginning of the working day at the wedding photographer begins at the newlywed house, where there is an amazing transformation from a girl into a charming bride, accompanied by a storm of various emotions: calm, excitement, happiness and tears. These significant points should not slip away from the camera lens, and to get high-quality and beautiful photos, you need to prepare in advance:

Example of a wedding photo shoot during the bride's gatherings

On the eve of the wedding, the dress and all the necessary attributes of the bride should be gathered in one place. So you not only save time, but also create a beautiful idea for pictures.

The bride and groom should gather in a large, well-lit room or near a light source (illuminated mirror, etc.), which will greatly simplify the work of not only the photographer, but also the makeup artist and hairdresser.
The room should be clean, so that during the photo session, against the background of the pictures there are no things that spoil the composition.

Photoshoot Ideas

There are two areas in wedding photography: staging and reporting. Photographers connect them based on the situation. During the ceremony of redemption, blessing, marriage, reportage shooting is used, since it is difficult to pose at such moments. In nature, near the sea, staged photographs are taken. An experienced photographer offers ideas, but if you have your wishes, feel free to offer them. So wedding photos will become more natural, original and lively.

At home

The morning before the arrival of the groom is well suited for a staged photo shoot. Good photos of the bride are obtained with a cup of coffee or a wedding bouquet. Do not forget to pose while tying dresses and putting on veils, stockings, garter and shoes. After finishing the preparations, you need to make a small photo shoot. As an inventory, you can use a plush toy or your favorite doll. Do not forget to take pictures with family members, relatives and girlfriends who have come to this moment.

Ideas for a newlywed house photo shoot

In a studio

If the wedding falls on the demi-season, then there is a high probability that the weather will not allow taking pictures under the open sky. A great solution would be a studio shoot. Beautifully furnished room, good light, all kinds of attributes will allow you to make high-quality staged photo shoot. The undoubted advantage of this choice of venue for a photo shoot is to quickly tidy up your makeup or hair.

Photoshoot of the newlyweds in the studio

On the sea

The undoubted advantage of a wedding in the warm season is a trip to create a wedding photo shoot to the pond. A white dress against the azure sea water will look amazing. Looks good in the photo, developing under the breeze, a long, bright fabric in the hands of the newlyweds. For this, tulle or other lightweight fabric in red, white or blue is ideal..

Photoshoot of the newlyweds by the sea

With kids

If possible, it is worth taking pictures of the newlyweds with children. The presence of little boys and girls in clothes of bright colors will add charm, angelic tenderness to the photo shoot. Children dressed in a white dress or suit are touchingly taken in the photo, carrying a basket with rose petals, a bridal veil or holding a pillow with rings.

Wedding shooting with children


Tired of everyday life in megacities, newlyweds prefer to do a photo shoot in nature. Near each city or on its territory there is a nook where there is a lot of greenery. Much improve the photo located on the background of the pond. This option is good because the pictures are bright and saturated, thanks to the contrast of green plants and blue water. While the bride and groom are posing, guests accompanying them can relax without interfering with the work of the photographer.

Thinking in advance, you can take any equipment: an umbrella, balloons, soap bubbles, paper phrases «Love», «Wedding», «Dima + Olya», beautiful frames, other attributes suitable in style. Places for such sessions should be selected by uninhabited people, so that after a while, after viewing the pictures, there would be no unpleasant surprise in the presence of other vacationers or some animals in the photographs that were not immediately noticed. You can go to the proposed place a few days before the wedding and check its appearance.

Bride and groom outdoors

If the wedding takes place during the harvest period, a photo shoot can be held in the field. The white dress of the bride against the background of a stack or stack will look amazing. It will also be possible to use spikelets of cereal crops, giving a special charm to the photograph. But in this case, there are drawbacks: for more harmonious wedding pictures, they need to be done at dawn, when the sun has soft, yellow tones, and not all couples can rise early in strength.

With horses

Unforgettable emotions on the day of the wedding will give a horse ride, which is possible in winter and summer. It can be both riding, and on the carriage. In any case, the photo shoot with graceful horses is unusual. A fragile and charming bride and groom on horseback will look like fairy-tale characters. Connect your imagination by making a kind of photo-tale about the meeting of a beautiful girl with a prince who takes her away on a horse.

Wedding photo session with horses

Beautiful poses for the bride photo shoot

The task of the photographer is to convey with the help of pictures all the tenderness and love that the newlyweds feel. Based on experience, he should feel the best angle so that there are no sharp shadows and there is good lighting. However, to get good wedding pictures this is not enough, you need to work on camera and groom with the bride. To learn this, it is best to make a love story. If this is not possible, you need to remember the main poses, which, slightly changing, will make the photos unforgettable:

How to pose for wedding photos

Portrait of a bride with a bouquet, with her head bowed and eyelids lowered. Such pictures allow you to show the bride's hairstyle and makeup.
A stunning shot can be made by applying manual focus on the eyes to capture a portrait of a bride slightly covering her face with a veil.
Warm relations between the newlyweds can be conveyed with the help of a joint picture, where they, holding hands, are at a minimum distance (it is permissible to touch their foreheads slightly).
The full-length profile picture taken of the bride will make it possible to best capture the dress.
Becoming the bride, the groom hugs her waist, and she looks at him with tenderness.
The groom gently holds the bride’s hand, showing the newly dressed rings - symbols of marriage.
Do not forget about the classic picture of newlyweds hugging and looking at the camera, which later can be presented as a portrait to parents or friends.
Standing close to each other, the bride hugs the groom by the neck.
A wonderful pose, which gives not only good shots, but also helps to relax: the bride sits on the ground, and the groom lays her head on her lap.
Photography has already become a tradition, where a wedding bouquet or other attribute is in the foreground, and in the background the bride or kissing newlyweds are out of focus.
Good shots are obtained by taking the bride sitting in the car through an open window.
It is impossible to overdo it with the number of kissing newlyweds from any angle.
Bride and Groom Holding Champagne Glasses.
The groom holds the bride in his arms.
Photo of waltzed newlyweds during the first dance as husband and wife.