Bride's speech at the wedding


This is a special day in the life of every girl, which consists entirely of exciting moments. First, a ransom, then painting at the registry office, the first dance of the newlyweds, etc. The bride’s speech at the wedding is an important part of the celebration, which brings the banquet to an end. It is necessary to thank the guests who came to share the celebration, present their gifts. It is also important to say thanks to your parents and your new husband. This is a very crucial moment, which must be carefully prepared in advance, so it’s useful to find out the basic requirements on this topic..

Speaking Tips for the Bride

The bride makes a speech

The future bride must think through the speech in advance from beginning to end. You will find useful various options for ready-made words that you can use as a skeleton. However, this will not be enough and you will have to try, because there are certain rules necessary to make the speech both beautiful and concise. Below you will find the main recommendations that will effectively help in this difficult issue..

  • Divide your speech initially into parts: introduction, narration, ending. All these three sections should be seamlessly interconnected to make a beautiful toast or wish.
  • Do not go too deep into details so as not to tire the viewer with your performance. Take literally three to four sentences for each part of the bride’s speech.
  • If you want to make a perfect toast, use the beautiful turns. However, do not insert them in each sentence: one or two is enough.
  • So that the speech does not come out too long, think over the main idea that you want to convey to all the guests. Gradually bring viewers to the main words.

Bride and groom giving a speech to the groom
  • Be sure to thank all the guests, relatives for coming to share this wonderful moment of your life and making the holiday unforgettable, fun, beautiful.
  • Do not forget to remember the names of the groom's parents, turning to them with the words of sincere joy to become part of this family.
  • This speech gently hints at the end of the evening, so kindly say goodbye to the guests and if you have a second wedding day planned, be sure to remind everyone that you are waiting for them tomorrow.
  • Your toast does not have to consist of just one word. You might want to sing a song or show a slide show with a photo about the history of your relationship with the groom. This kind of speech will already look like a gift to your lover, so devote your words only to him, and in the end, concisely express thanks to the others.
  • Decide what idea you want to reveal and in relation to whom your words will be addressed..

Options for the bride's wedding speech in verses and prose

Speech of the bride

Your speech depends entirely on the idea that you want to convey and can be addressed to different people: parents, groom, guests, etc. Therefore, there are many variations of the bride’s words. Use verses in addition if the usual prose seems boring and banal to you. It's great that you have the ability to rhyme beautifully for this purpose. If this is not possible, find a finished poem, for example, on the Internet. Next, you will find a variety of options for the bride’s wedding speech, which will inspire and prompt the right thought..

Parents of the groom

Beloved mom and dad are the most important people present at the wedding among the other guests. On the day of the wedding, they become your second family, which must be honored, loved and respected. Therefore, it will be wonderful if in your speech you address the parents of the groom. Consider this the first significant contribution to a warm relationship with your father-in-law and mother-in-law..

Words to the parents of the groom

The groom

Your accomplished husband is the most important person on this day and further life. Therefore, surround him with your attention, telling about your feelings in the presence of all the guests. Dedicate to the future father of your children the main speech of the wedding evening. It can be words written in prose by you personally, or verses. You can try to compose them yourself or take a ready-made version. See example below..

Speech to the groom in verse

Words for the future husband

Words of thanks to the guests

Girl says thanks

Be sure to thank the dear guests who came to congratulate you. If not for them, such a magnificent holiday would not have happened. The guests not only raised their glasses and shouted «Bitterly!», these people carefully prepared for this event, gave you gifts. Express your gratitude and sincere love by dedicating a speech at your own wedding to these wonderful people.

Speech to guests

Bride's speech to guests

Witness and witness

Bride giving a speech at the wedding

A friend and a friend deserve special attention at the wedding - they worked all day to assist the main characters and entertain the guests. Witnesses provide invaluable assistance on such a day, they have a lot of crucial moments of the holiday. They are the closest friends of the newlyweds, so you should not forget to devote your solemn speech to them..


«My dear girlfriend! I want to thank you with all my heart for this day. You turned out to be the person who officially witnessed the birth of my happy family. To support me at this moment means to make the most valuable contribution to mutual friendship. You are one of the closest people to our family and we are always happy to see you in our house.».


«Our dear, (witness name)! I have found another faithful person in life who will always come to the rescue. You have proved your sincere friendship with my husband and I really see how strong she is. You are always there when you need your support and understanding. I would like it to continue this way, because from now on, you are (the name of the witness) the most welcome guest in our house».

Video: words of gratitude to mothers from their daughter

Composing beautiful words is a very difficult task, which not everyone can do. The right thought does not always occur: it takes a certain amount of time, the right attitude and a clearly outlined idea. You will have to dig through entire mountains of material before the ideal option lies on the line. To make the task of writing the bride’s speech at the wedding a little easier, watch the video attached below. Here you will find beautiful words of gratitude to both mothers. Let this idea inspire you: