Armenian wedding toasts


If you are going to a wedding for the Armenians, it is necessary to prepare sincere and sincere congratulations for the newlyweds in advance. Well-chosen words of toasts will be able to touch, amuse or make you think about the future. In order for the Armenian wedding to be remembered for a long time, it is necessary with all responsibility to approach the choice of wishes for the bride and groom. If you choose the right Armenian toasts for the wedding, then you will be able to convey all the positive feelings and emotions that you planned to tell your loved ones. Such wishes will become a real decoration for the celebration..

Funny toasts for the wedding in the Armenian style

The gala evening of a significant event should be full of sincere toasts and congratulations. If you plan to impress the guests present with a unique and dazzling speech, then you need to use Armenian wedding toasts. Each such wish is a short or long parable that can convey to all present guests good nature, sincerity and humor.

Choosing Armenian toasts for the upcoming wedding, it is also worth learning how to tell them in a fun way. A pronounced wish with an Armenian accent will be able to push even a non-drinking guest to drink. So before you make a toast at the wedding, first learn the words and practice telling in front of the mirror. But if you cannot decide which congratulation to choose, then we suggest using the presented examples of Armenian toasts.

  • Armenian toast from friends about a young family

Once it happened that a poor but kind guy fell in love with a beautiful but rich girl. The parents of the future bride were against such a wedding and forbade their daughter to even look in the direction of a hopeless young man. After that, the unfortunate guy had to turn to God for help in this grief. So the Armenian epic appeared. But, not paying attention to the blessing of the Almighty, the beloved father took his sharp, long knife and decided to kill the poor young man. So the Armenian tragedy appeared. Meanwhile, the girl’s father saw a young man in the distance, ran to him, grabbing a dagger.

But a miracle happened, and the sharp blade of the knife pierced not the guy, but a container of wine on the back of the animal, which the young man led to a watering place. That is how Armenian martial art appeared. Father, seeing how the wine flows, decided to drink it under flowering almonds along with the future then. And hugging, they sang a song. That is how Armenian folklore appeared. After some time, passersby saw the young man and brought the good news to the young beauty, who was looking forward to the indulgence of her father. So there was an Armenian radio.

We offer to drink a glass of wine so that all guests present will witness how the Armenian family appeared!

  • Armenian toast from uncle bride

High-high in the mountains, where moonlight gently hugs the tops of the mountains, a beautiful flower grew. He was breathtaking from beauty, and the smell made everyone's heart tremble. So let's raise a glass for our flower - a beautiful bride whose spell drove millions of men crazy. But on this day she went to one lucky man who forever stole the heart and soul of this beauty. Let's drink to the bottom for the bride and groom!

  • Armenian toast from friends for the groom

The parents had the only son, whom they did not refuse. The boy grew outgoing, kind, so he had many friends. When he was 18 years old, he met a beautiful and unique girl. After some time, the young man decided to marry. When it came time to invite friends, the guy's father offered his help. He said that he would call everyone with whom his son was friends. The young man agreed.

When the wedding day came, the parental house was filled with the boyfriend's relatives. But the young man was surprised by the fact that not a single close friend came to the wedding. An upset guy went to his father for an explanation. The old dzhigit answered: «All your friends received invitations. But in the postcards I wrote a request for help. Here you can see what came of it». So let's raise glasses for the faithful friends gathered at the wedding to congratulate and support the groom on a crucial day.

  • Armenian toast from parents for newlyweds

In the highland village lived three brothers. The youngest was 40 years old, but he looked like a decrepit old man. At 50, the middle brother was left without a single tooth. And the oldest was 70 years old, but his health was envied by those around him. The younger brothers decided to find out what is the secret of such youth. The old man gladly received guests in his house. And when the brothers came, he asked his wife to prepare refreshments. «Honey don't forget to bring the best watermelon», - ordered the owner. When the woman brought the watermelon, the old man cut and said: «This fruit does not fit, carry another».

The master sent his wife six times for a new watermelon. He liked the last option, and he was pleased with the choice of a woman. When the meal came to an end, the guests asked the old man: «What is the secret of your youth and excellent health?». The owner replied: «Did you see how my wife obeyed, fulfilling my desires? But neither she nor I was irritated. My wife and I have been living in harmony, peace for many years. This is the secret of my appearance». In this toast, let us wish the newlyweds eternal peace, youth, harmony, mutual understanding!

  • Armenian toast from friends

Once the gods decided to create a woman. They took bright sunlight, warm sea breeze, slender slenderness, magpie talkativeness, a beautiful nightingale voice, raindrops, the beauty of a snow-white swan, brooding moonlight. They added a few peals of thunder and a spark of lightning to the image. All components were combined, mixed and received a woman. After that, the gods decided to give it to a man: «Take it and enjoy». So let's drink for the magical and mysterious mixture that lurks in every woman! This toast to the beautiful ladies!

  • Armenian toast for love

Several hundred years ago, in a mountain village, a young couple decided to exchange rings. To do this, they climbed a high mountain, but the groom got excited and dropped the ring into a deep gorge. The young guy decided to get wedding rings on his own, and told his bride to stay in place and wait for his return. Many years have passed since then..

When the groom returned, he saw a wrinkled old woman instead of a beautiful lover. But the young man did not frighten such changes. Without looking away, he went up to the woman and put on a wedding ring on her hand. The old woman instantly turned into a young, beautiful bride. So let's raise our glasses for the healing power of love! This toast is for our newlyweds to pass all life tests with dignity.!

Video: real wedding Armenian toast

If you plan to surprise the guests present with a long and plot greeting for the groom, we recommend using the toast presented in the video below. With the help of this plot you can feel the whole flavor of Armenian wishes addressed to close friends. Such an original toast will cause a storm of positive emotions from all guests present.

Armenian toasts will be able to decorate any wedding feast. With the help of long and beautiful congratulations, you can surprise everyone present. But if you prefer to address the newlyweds with a few kind, but significant words, we suggest learning for this short wedding toasts in prose or poetry. Say congratulations from the heart, and you will surprise the young family with interesting, unusual wishes on your wedding day.