Blue veil


Brides, wanting to make their festive look as original as possible, often deviate from classical decisions in the color and style of the wedding dress. One of such successful ways to freshen up a wedding dress is a colored veil, which the future spouse can choose for the color scheme of a bouquet or accessories in her robe. A special effect is produced by a blue veil, which makes the image even more sublime, beautiful, sophisticated. The color of the sky, purity and coolness will be more appropriate than ever at such a solemn event and will make the wedding photo shoot incredibly beautiful!

Veil of heavenly color goes to the bride

When they wear a blue veil?

The veil, made in blue, is worn when you want to emphasize the necessary elements of your outfit, diversify the image, highlight the eyes. Often a blue veil is chosen by girls whose wedding dress is made in celestial colors, but other combinations of colors will benefit from refreshing azure from the neighborhood. You can see in which video outfit a veil of light blue and blue shades is best, in this video:

The richer the blue accessory, the more radiant it will look at the celebration and photographs. If the bride is an adherent of the traditional snow-white dress, then a headdress of this type can safely be used at a bachelorette party. The girlfriends of the future wife can also use decorative elements that look like a veil - this will give the celebration an unusual look, highlight the girls among the guests, not at all overshadowing the heroine of the holiday.

For the wedding

White in the wedding attire of the future wife means purity, purity, the beginning of a new life. However, the blue color does not contradict these characteristics in any way, meaning spirituality, inner purity, peace, and therefore ideal for a wedding. Unlike snow-white, the azure veil will look much more spectacular. Such a coloring will be appropriate at themed celebrations, for example, at a wedding in the style of a mermaid or a sea, as well as if the newlyweds hold a ceremony on exotic islands abroad.

Nautical style wedding

When organizing a wedding in a marine style, you need to choose everything in a suitable color scheme, including the dresses of the bride and groom. And the presence of a blue veil in the image of the bride will further convey the thematic feature of the wedding. Such a hat will look spectacular against the backdrop of a smooth surface, in combination with a bouquet of summer flowers and the same details of the dress (for example, stripes). This color has a wide range of shades, and therefore, to make the wedding look organic, try to choose an accessory exactly to the color of the decor elements or with a slight difference.

The combination of blue in suits of the newlyweds

Mermaid style

A mermaid-style wedding involves a combination of a headdress of azure shades with a style dress «fish tail» (narrowed to the bottom with a lush flared hem). The color of the outfit, the decor of the upper part (neckline, shoulders) can be any. The entourage of the wedding is dedicated to water, an azure hue, but without elements of a marine style (ship steering wheels, lifebuoys, stripes and the like). The scenario of the event can be fabulous, beating the plot of a fairy tale «the little Mermaid» with a happy ending. The azure veil in this case will help to recreate the image of a real sea princess.

Dress fish with a veil of a shade of blue sky

At the bachelorette party

An accessory of a heavenly shade at the bachelorette party for the bride or her bridesmaids is an ideal choice, the option will dress up beautifully and originally, to celebrate the last day of an unmarried life. The benefits are visible:

  • A veil (short hat) will fit into any look and will look spectacular on your future wife even with jeans and a T-shirt. The blue color here will support the originality of the image..
  • Use different shades of veils for girlfriends at a party, so the accessory will have a less serious look. It can be worn by all the participants in the bachelorette party (highlighting the future wife with a shade, length of the veil or the inscription on the shirt), and one bride, and friends will complement their wardrobe with the same hoops with lace, satin ribbons, flowers, wreaths, tiaras or hats.

Multi-colored headdress on bridesmaids

Photo veil in blue

A veil of azure color will suit even the most fastidious bride, giving her the image of sophistication and solemnity. The appearance of bridesmaids with colorful accessories on their heads is also interesting. These elements will create an atmosphere of involvement in the event, and the veil will acquire a playful subtext. The shade of blue is combined with dresses of all models and styles - from classic to thematic, and does not make the image of the future wife unnecessarily extravagant. Looking at the photo selection below, you can see how spectacular the wedding veil of a heavenly hue:

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