How to make wedding bouquets from sweets


Every bride wants to look great on their wedding day, so the girls are carefully working to create a festive look. As a rule, they begin to prepare a few months before the celebration, choose a dress and accessories ... Then comes the time for selecting and ordering a wedding bouquet. This important attribute of the solemn day attracts attention, reflects the character, taste preferences of the bride. An unusual alternative to the classic flower arrangement was a candy bouquet.

What are the wedding bouquets of sweets?

A wedding bouquet made using the same or different candies is an interesting solution that will attract the attention of guests. The original version of the accessory is suitable for girls who are allergic to pollen, as well as those who organize a celebration according to a certain style. For example, this solution will ideally reflect a childhood wedding, designed to remind guests of a carefree time. This option of celebration can symbolize the farewell of the newlyweds with a single life..

Composition of sweets for the celebration

There are many options for wedding bouquets of sweets - these are beautiful mono-bouquets with expensive Raffaello, Ferrero, funny colored compositions with candy, bouquets of custom-made chocolates. Future spouses should think about ordering wrappers for sweets with their initials - it will turn out to choose a color palette, style, arrange everything according to the general decor of the holiday. There are many options for this bouquet, so each bride can find a suitable.

Great candies for the bouquet will be chocolate figures depicting the newlyweds. Various bouquets adorn such bouquets: these are beads, rhinestones, pearls, real and artificial flowers, floral nets, paper.

Handmade bridal bouquet from Raffaello sweets

What should be the bride's bouquet? If you are planning a beautiful classic wedding, mono-bouquets will be an excellent solution - for example, with candies of ferrero and Raffaello. Raffaello is best suited for a wedding, because they are combined in color with a white dress of the hero of the occasion and with the main decor in beauty. This sweet treat is good because it will delight the eye for a long time, until its owner wants to finally enjoy delicious coconut sweets.

Raffaello composition for the celebration

There is a widespread belief that at the end of the wedding evening the bride will have to say goodbye to her accessory, but this is not necessary. Make a stand-in bouquet for unmarried girlfriends, which will be a pleasant gift for the winner. So you will please the guests of the wedding with an interesting tradition and keep the festive bouquet with you for a long time - even after a month he will be able to remind you of the wonderful day of your wedding.

It is worth noting that there is no candy that adorned this important attribute of the celebration. It is unlikely that the composition will look beautiful if it is discovered that there are several treats missing, and instead the opened wrappers will show off.

Gift bouquet of flowers and sweets in a basket

Wedding bouquets from different sweets will be a wonderful option not only as an accessory for the future wife, but also as a gift from dear guests. This attribute will become a memorable event during the holiday, and after the celebration will give the bride and her husband delicious memories. An unusual gift will certainly be appreciated, will cause a lot of pleasant emotions if the bride has a sweet tooth.

Wedding arrangement for the bride

Bouquet of sweets wedding ship

A magnificent wedding bouquet in the form of a beautiful ship is a beautiful symbolic gift. This present is suitable for newlyweds arranging a holiday with a marine style, as well as a metaphor meaning a wish for an easy joint journey.

Wedding ship made of sweets

Poppies, roses, crocuses, tulips in a wedding bouquet

Perfectly wedding bouquets of delicious sweets complement red and yellow poppies, delicate crocuses, elegant roses. The bride can make all these elements herself, armed with sweets, corrugated paper, several other elements and free time. If a girl decided to create a bouquet herself, you should try to make a few «dress rehearsals», and the best attempt to leave for a wedding day.

How to make a beautiful wedding bouquet with your own hands: step by step instructions with photos

The most beloved flower of a wedding bouquet is rightfully considered roses. These elegant plants emphasize the delicate, sophisticated nature of the bride. Not only live plants look great and delight the eye during the celebration, a girl can create a pink accessory on her own using several tools and round chocolate candies.

Candy bouquet for narrowed

The master class will help the hero of the occasion to make an unusual holiday decoration. What is needed for such a bouquet:

  • Favorite Chocolates.
  • Corrugated paper green and other selected shade for the bud.
  • Wooden skewers.
  • Wicker basket or other base.
  • Styrofoam.
  • Scissors.
  • Other decorative items to choose from.
  • Scotch.
  • Glue.

When all the tools are assembled, it's time to start creating a wedding accessory. Step by step instructions with photos:

  • Take your favorite sweets, use tape to attach them to wooden skewers. Make sure they hold tight.

Sweets on skewers

  • Then take corrugated petal paper for work: cut blanks that look like natural petals. If you find it difficult to improvise, search the Internet for pictures of the petals of living plants..

Corrugated Paper Petals

  • Next, you need to create the basis of the future pink bud. Cut a sheet of corrugation 10 by 18 centimeters, stretch with your fingers, as indicated in the picture. When everything is ready, fix the base of the bud with tape.

Making a bud

  • Take the cut petals, glue them with adhesive tape in a circle around the bud, creating rose flowers.

Fastening the bud with tape

  • Spread the petals, gently fold the corrugated paper down a few millimeters to get a beautiful pink flower. It’s important that you see the bonded candy in the middle.

Corrugated paper rose

  • When the bud is ready, the next stage of creating the flower begins: pasting the skewers with green corrugated paper to hide sloppiness, as well as give the flower with candy a finished look.

Rose with stem for composition

  • The last stage: fixing the flower in a foam basket or on any other workpiece. Carefully make sure that the flowers hold tight, do not «squinted» and did not fall, otherwise during a stormy wedding day, a bouquet of sweets will cease to have a presentable appearance.

Decorate such a bouquet according to your desire. Use all sorts of details for the decor that you like: pearls, bows, floral mesh, colored rhinestones, etc. Show your imagination by creating a sweet masterpiece with roses - and it will become a bright, beautiful decoration of the holiday.

If you want to diversify your bouquet, dilute the composition with other plants. What you need to create a crocus flower:

Corrugated Paper Crocus

  • Corrugated paper in green and a different shade for a bud.
  • Wooden skewers.
  • Pyramid-shaped sweets.
  • Wire.
  • Scotch.
  • Scissors.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • To create future crocus petals, use scissors to cut strips of corrugation five wide and up to twenty centimeters long.

White Corrugated Crocus Paper

  • Twist the cut strips in the middle, bend in half.

Paper curl

  • Firmly hold your fingers on the fold line, then straighten the corrugation, form a petal of crocus.

Creating a Crocus Petal

  • With iron wire, secure the candy base to the top.

Purple sweet on a skewer

  • Attach the petals of the resulting plant to the candy wire.

Making Crocus Bud

  • Wrap the base of the bud with green corrugation, and then the whole wooden skewer.

Crocus bud

  • Cut leaves in a shape similar to those you see in the photo, then gently glue one or two sheets to the finished flower.

Crocus for a wedding arrangement

  • Crocus for a wedding bouquet is ready!

You can easily improvise, creating unusual compositions, using both bright and gentle, pastel colors for the celebration attribute. The choice of shades of corrugated paper will depend on the general gamut of decor for the festive event. Create mono-bouquets using step-by-step instructions or arrange several plants at once: it will look great. Use unusual shapes: for example, make a bouquet of hearts.

Video master class: a bouquet of sweets and corrugated paper

Wedding bouquets from your favorite sweets are a great way to stand out and make the wedding even more interesting. The bride can order a similar decoration in the confectionery or create an attribute on her own: the main thing is that it reflects the theme of the holiday, in harmony with the elements of the newlyweds' outfits. For a more illustrative example, watch a fascinating video that details how to create different types of plants for a bouquet with sweets: