Bridal makeup your own hands


On such a significant holiday as a wedding, every girl wants to look perfect. An integral part of the image of any bride is wedding makeup. Make it quite realistic with your own hands. You should first practice, try various variations, and then choose the option that will be best in harmony with the dress, accessories and facial features. To do your own wedding makeup, you must also take into account skin tone, eye color, hair color. It is worthwhile to understand in more detail the basic rules and techniques for applying make-up..

Rules for applying wedding makeup at home

Delicate wedding look with an emphasis on the eyes

To make a wedding make-up on your own, if desired, will turn out for any bride. The choice of the perfect make-up depends on the style of the girl and the image in which she will be at the wedding. It can be both strict and gentle, romantic. Do-it-yourself makeup should be combined with the chosen dress, accessories. Experts do not advise doing too bright makeup, which on such a romantic holiday will look frankly vulgar.

Facial skin cleansing

First of all, before applying a wedding make-up with your own hands, thoroughly cleanse your skin. To do this, use a scrub or peeling. After that, treat your face with an alcohol-free tonic, apply a daily moisturizer. Then you need to wait a bit until the product is absorbed, making the surface of the skin more even. Only after that start applying foundation.


The foundation is recommended to be applied with a sponge, due to which the matting agent will lie down evenly. Apply the cream with light patting movements. Do not forget about the neck, décolleté. Otherwise, there is a high probability of obtaining the effect of a contrasting mask on the face. To fix the foundation, use powder. Powder with a puff, and remove excess makeup with a large brush.

Eyebrow correction

Even an elegant, delicate look will be corrupted by inaccurate eyebrows. Particular attention should be paid to this area of ​​the face, because eyebrows can transform any make-up. Correction should be carried out in advance. To make eyebrows sharper and more expressive, color them with a pencil or special eye shadow with a brush. Blondes should choose a light shade of brown, redhead - brown, brunettes - dark brown or black.

Eye makeup

Sensual makeup for the bride

After eyebrow shaping in the process of applying wedding makeup, you need to go to the eyes. It is often not so easy to make a make-up eye with your own hands the first time. It will not be superfluous to first familiarize yourself with photo and video tutorials on applying professional wedding makeup. The color of the shadows in each case should be selected individually. Each shade should be applied with a separate brush. Specialists strongly recommend using only waterproof mascara..

To give expressiveness to the eyes, to make them more effective, use false eyelashes or special beams that are attached to the outer corner of the eye. After the artificial eyelashes are firmly fixed, paint them with mascara. Finally, lightly curl them using special eyelash curlers.

Cheekbones and lips

Do-it-yourself wedding makeup involves the use of blush to help hide flaws, emphasize the dignity of the bride’s face shape. It is preferable to choose natural shades that are as close as possible to the natural complexion. Apply blush with a large brush on the upper protruding area of ​​the cheeks. A shimmering powder with a light pink tint applied to the cheekbones, forehead, and chin will help make the skin lighter..

The choice of lipstick or glitter color for wedding makeup depends entirely on the bride's preferences. Some girls want to emphasize a charming smile with a rich red or cherry color, while others plan to focus on their eyes. The main rule for choosing lipstick or gloss for a wedding make-up with your own hands is that cosmetics should be as resistant as possible. In this case, the lipstick should also be moisturizing so that the lips do not look tight..

Features of make-up depending on hair color

Before you start applying makeup yourself, you should decide on the appropriate make-up option. To do this, take into account the shade of the eyes and the white dress, as well as the color of the bride’s hair. Professional makeup artists on this account have proposed several basic rules, guided by which, you can make the perfect wedding make-up yourself.

For blondes

Gentle make-up for the blonde

Evening makeup for a wedding for a blonde is feminine, delicate, or, for example, bright and spectacular. As a corrector, cream powder of a shade that is as close as possible to the bride's skin color, but one tone lighter, is ideal. Owners of blond curls should give preference to blush of a cold pink color. Eyes are recommended to be highlighted with emerald eyeliner, which must be carried out along the lower eyelid. To decorate the inner corner, you should use lilac shadows..

To visually enlarge the eyes, apply a beige shade with reflective particles under the eyebrow. Such a trick will help to make the look more feminine and expressive. At the same time, experts recommend emphasizing the outer corner of the eye with shadows or a shaded khaki pencil. As noted above, only high-quality, lasting cosmetic products should be chosen for bridal makeup.

For brunettes

Wedding makeup for brunette

Do-it-yourself festive makeup opens up a wide variety of various variations for girls. In the color aspect, brunettes are advised to give preference to natural shades that are as close as possible to natural colors. Pearl or gold shades will look great. Girls with fair skin should use light shades that need to be applied under the eyebrows..

For red-haired girls

Original make-up for the red-haired bride

Burning red-haired beauties fit any gamut of colors in makeup. Red-haired girls got a unique opportunity to choose both warm and cold colors when applying make-up with their own hands. In this case, the main thing is to choose the right intensity of the shades so that the wedding makeup does not look defiant. Natural colors will look charming. Usually red-haired girls are bright, therefore, do not need additional accents.

DIY step-by-step photo tutorial on wedding make-up

To begin with, it’s worthwhile to figure out the right lighting. Do-it-yourself professional makeup is best near the window or under a fluorescent lamp. Clean your face thoroughly with a scrub or peel. Remember to moisturize your skin with day cream. Only then proceed with applying the foundation, corrector and concealer.

Apply foundation

  1. Properly selected foundation is the key to successful makeup. It should be moderately light, but also dense. Experts recommend the use of light foundation based on water. Apply the product using a sponge or fingertips. Be sure to distribute the cream on the neck and décolleté.
    Correct the shape of the face
  2. To highlight the sculptural face, use tonal creams of different shades. With the help of light and dark shades, they adjust the shape of the nose, cheeks and chin. Apply a light shade under the eyebrows, on the tip of the nose and chin. Use concealers, concealers to remove circles under the eyes. With redness and pimples, a green corrector will help to cope..
    We fix the tonal foundation with powder
  3. When creating wedding makeup, use powder. This cosmetic product will help remove the oily sheen that appears on problem areas of the face. Make-up artists recommend to keep powder with you during the festive evening in order to be able to timely correct the make-up.
    Adjust the shape of the eyebrows.
  4. Eyebrows are an important component of any make-up. Previously, before the solemn event, the eyebrow shape should be corrected. In the process of applying holiday makeup, gently draw eyebrows using special eyeshadows or a finely sharpened pencil along the hairline.
    Apply the foundation under the shadows
  5. Apply a foundation on the entire eyelid, powder it a little, and then evenly distribute the shadows of a light beige tone.
    Apply eye shadow
  6. Apply dark shadows to the outer corners of the upper eyelids, as shown in the photo. In this case, a saturated smoky shade is used. Choose any color of shadows that suits your look. The main thing is that the tone is intense. After that, apply some shadows on the outer corner of the lower eyelid, carefully blend the resulting arrow.
    False eyelashes will help to make your look more expressive
  7. Use false eyelashes or special bunches. Such a small accent can significantly transform the wedding makeup, making it more effective and festive.

Video: Master class on applying wedding make-up at home

The video below offers a detailed tutorial on applying evening makeup with your own hands. The video offers a visual introduction to the technique of applying a wedding make-up of eyes and lips for blue-eyed brides. As you can see from the video presented, it’s real to do beautiful make-up with your own hands..