Wedding Makeup 2020


The face is the main thing in the wedding image. The bride has to spend the whole day in the spotlight, so she needs to take care of a competent make-up that emphasizes the beauty of her face. Wedding makeup in 2014 is both naturalness and brightness, and their competent combination.

Wedding Makeup Options

Whatever the trends in the wedding make-up, any girl should consider that he resembles her color type. The color of the skin, face, hair - all these are important factors when choosing. Make-up should not only make your face even more beautiful, but also harmoniously combine with a dress, hairstyle, accessories.

Makeup Options

For brown eyes

Brown eyes themselves have depth and expressiveness, so the classic options are perfect. Black eyeliner, the right tone and lipstick will be the perfect solution for brown-eyed beauties. Shades of opal, coral or cream are best for the skin of the face, but there are almost no restrictions on the choice of shadows - only orange and pink color should be excluded (they «pay off» Brown eyes).

Brown-eyed bride


For green eyes

The owners of green eyes have many options in choosing shadows - these are lilac, gold, purple, copper, heavenly, green shades. If you want to choose a vivid image, experiment at home with the one that will look most profitable. The foundation should be matched to skin color and taken into account when choosing shadows. Best if the lipstick is light.

Note: Blue will make green eyes fade..

Green-eyed bride and groom

For blue eyes

Owners of such a bright and beautiful color should focus on the eyes. Tenderness, airiness - these are the main rules for blue eyes. To emphasize their natural beauty, pink, raspberry shades are suitable for shadows. Violet, green gamma, indigo will help to give the blue eyes look of insight and showiness. Blue-eyed brides should avoid black eyeliner, which will make the look heavy. The best solution is gray or brown. Shades of coral and salmon pink will look good on the lips..

Blue-eyed girls

For gray eyes

Gray-eyed brides are lucky because any palette suits their neutral color. If you have gray eyes, feel free to experiment, but do not forget to choose the one that suits your look.

Gray-eyed young

For blondes

Blondes, thanks to their fair hair, can create a gentle image for a celebration. In this they will best be helped by shadows that are suitable only for such a color type: gray, flesh. Lips will help emphasize delicate pink and coral tones. Fair-haired girls need not be afraid to use bright saturated colors.

Newlyweds with blond hair.

For brunettes

Brunettes are most suited to deep, dark or calm colors. Lipstick should be selected under the skin, but there are no restrictions. But shadows will best emphasize hair if they are in a plum, green or warm blue palette - without flashy shades.

Dark haired women

Nude Makeup

The main trend of wedding makeup in 2014 and the whole wedding look is naturalness. The popular nude-make will help you look your best. Despite the fact that it looks natural, to create it you need a lot of decorative cosmetics:

  • The tonal foundation that makes the skin perfect is the main thing in this make-up.
  • Shadows, mascara.
  • Powder blush.
  • Pomade.
  • Eyebrow pencil.

The main condition that all elements must meet is light tones that will merge with the skin and emphasize the natural colors of the body. The creation of a make-up in the style of new is best entrusted to a professional makeup artist to ensure the correct application of cosmetics. Ideal for the summer season..

Nude images

Smoky eyes

Such a fashionable evening style smoky eyes became a real hit in the wedding make-up. It is slightly different from the evening. If you are going to a celebration, dark shadows should not be applied to the entire eyelid - it is better to shade in the corners. The eyeliner contour should be thinner, and false eyelashes or voluminous mascara will provide an expressive look. Do not focus on the lips, on the contrary, it is better to tint with pale lipstick. Brides should pay attention to the shades of brown, golden hues. Fine glitter options.

Bright Smoky Eyes

Bright makeup and lips

For brides who want to add a little color to their delicate look, makeup with bright lips is one of the main trends of 2014. The bright colors of lipstick go to all the girls, the main thing is to choose the right one. Choose a shade according to your color type, but it is better to abandon the acid colors that can make the bride look vulgar, and avoid the classic red.

Girls with bright lips

DIY makeup

When it’s not possible to turn to a stylist, the bride can train herself to create her own wedding make-up. In the video, the technique of applying wedding makeup:

Master class wedding makeup for red hair:

Romantic image:


Wedding makeup with rhinestones in the Greek style:

Expert Advice

Some expert advice on bridal makeup 2014:

  • So that the lipstick is not too bright, it can be slightly «whip» with a napkin or fingers.
  • Wine shades are especially popular now. To give lipstick lasting stability, you need to apply a pencil on the entire area of ​​the lips, and then cover it on top. Only a pencil is suitable for dullness, but in this case the skin of the lips should be perfectly moisturized and smooth.
  • Brides should carefully consume fatty foods on their wedding day - there is a risk that they «eat away» lipstick and make the color less saturated. In extreme cases, you need to carry it with you.

The bride is the embodiment of beauty, elegance and tenderness. Wedding makeup will help her ideally support this image, if it is chosen correctly.

What trends did you like this year? Share your celebration makeup ideas in the comments.