Wedding hairstyle with false strands


On a wonderful wedding day, any bride wants to be the most charming princess, bewitching thousands of eyes. But what if your hair is not enough for a chic hairstyle, they are too short and will not have time to grow before the wedding, or thin, weak? For such girls, an ideal solution would be a wedding hairstyle with false strands. Additional strands are easy to use, give the hair a thicker, longer length, from which you can easily make any hair style you like.

How to choose the color of the strands

When choosing overhead strands, your usual natural hair color is taken as the basis. To make the hairstyle look organic, the strands should be the same color. To do this, take the overhead strand and attach to your hair. If you clearly see the difference, this color will not suit you..

Color palette of overhead strands

Which are better - artificial or natural

If you don’t want to do such a long and troublesome procedure as hair extensions for the sake of one wedding day, then just purchase overhead strands. False strands are divided into artificial and natural. Natural overhead strands are much more expensive at a price, but more practical to use. From them you can simulate any type of hairstyle, up to loose curled hair, and they will not be any different from your own. Natural false strands are freely painted in any color, perfectly washed and curled, which cannot be said about artificial ones. By weight, natural overhead strands are heavier than artificial ones, so it is not recommended to use more than four pieces at the same time so as not to burden your own hair.For fashionistas who dream of a romantic wedding hairstyle in the form of long loose curls, exclusively natural strands are suitable. Such a hairstyle will give the impression of excellent health and beauty of the hair of its owner. Delicate flowers woven into it look good. But, creating a magnificent hair, make sure that it harmoniously blends with your natural rare bangs. Choose natural overhead strands with uncut tips, shiny, vibrant. Their thickness at the top and bottom should be the same.

If the budget does not allow you to purchase natural strands, then we recommend choosing artificial ones. You can safely buy them if you want to make a high hairstyle, which requires a large volume of hair. For hairstyles with curled curls, it is better to immediately acquire curled overhead strands, since artificial ones are very naughty, they are not wound, and besides, they can melt under the curling iron. Keep in mind that faux strands will shine harder than your own hair. Choose straight or curled artificial false locks, taking into account the type of hairstyle chosen. We recommend that you first consult with a hairdresser and decide which patch rows you should buy. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, they will help create a real masterpiece!

Wedding hairstyles with false strands:

Retro style

Retro style is becoming fashionable in all areas of our lives. He did not bypass the wedding fashion. Retro style hairstyles are always original, luxurious, and fit well with a wedding dress. Simple, but very elegant, which came from the 60s of the last century, babette finds her fans in the 21st century. There are many variations of this hairstyle, but the main emphasis is on the volume on the crown or back of the head, created using a roller, fleece, gently framing the face, hanging locks. Babette hairstyle with false strands looks both with a bang, and without it. She looks great with a wedding veil, is decorated with a diadem or flowers.

Babette Style

The wedding retro hairstyle is also interesting, in which the bangs and the upper part of the hair are pulled up, fixed with a beautiful hairpin or flowers, and the lower part is slightly curled, combed.

Photo 13, 14, 15

Retro style

A similar styling option - a hairpin or flowers are fixed to the bangs, and the bangs along with the rest of the hair on the temples are curled into light curls. It has long been familiar to everyone, but from this the wedding hairstyle of a shell made with false strands that has not become less popular fits very well into a beautiful wedding dress. It is also called the French bunch. There are many bold interpretations of a classic shell: it can be laid on the back of the head, on the crown, side, and even diagonally.

Elegant and practical shell

If there are overhead strands, it is possible to leave the tail released from the shell and curl it with light waves. To create a romantic image of the bride, light curls are left on the face. Hairstyle makes the neck longer, thinner, making the silhouette slimmer.

Waterfall curls

Curls are extremely popular, they are present when creating 90% of wedding hairstyles. False curls fit differently, of which they simulate a huge number of different hairstyles, both classical and asymmetrical (curls on one side, long curls, Hollywood style), using classic and original partings. To get beautiful curls, curls on large curlers are usually used. A great addition to them will be braids, ribbons, hairpins, flowers.

Cascade of curls

High curls from natural hair

Classics always remain relevant, so if you like high hairstyles, do not give them up on your wedding day. In combination with open shoulders, a beautiful neckline, high styling from overhead strands will make you the queen. It should be natural, so do not use fleece and a large amount of varnish. Curls framing the girl's face with gentle waves give her a special elegant, romantic look. They are suitable for all women, go well with any wedding dress. Curls are made only from natural overhead strands, fixed with varnish, hair dryer.

High hairstyles from curls

Braids and braids made of artificial hair

A wedding hairstyle from braids with false strands, decorated with many intricate weaves, emphasizes the innocence, grace of the bride, her good taste. Perfectly complemented by the image of ribbons woven into braids, pearl strands, natural or artificial flowers. There are many ways to weave braids from overhead strands, simple and very complex, the bride will choose an option acceptable for herself.

Masterpieces from braids

The advantage of such weaving is that it is much more stable than rebellious curls, it remains for a long time in any weather. It’s better to choose a bridal veil, or attach it below the hairstyle so that it does not hide beautifully laid patterns.

Volumetric beam

Hairstyle volumetric bundle with false strands - a very elegant wedding hairstyle that goes well with a veil, beautiful braid, flowers. Hair is picked up from the face and shoulders, securely fixed to the back of the head with hairpins, clips, silicone rubber, braid, tape, and other accessories. With such a hairstyle, open shoulders, neck, and décolleté area significantly benefit. When using overhead strands, a smooth bundle comes out voluminous, beautiful. You can decorate the bunch with weaving, from this it will only become more beautiful. It can be neat, tightly assembled, or it can be careless, loose. Also popular is a low, fallen bunch, assembled on the back of the head, or a bunch laid with a flower.

Varied volume beam

Greek style

With the Empire style wedding dress, styling with laid on strands in the Greek style will perfectly combine. The bride, as if the Greek goddess descended from Olympus, will look perfect. There are many such hairstyles, of which stand out:

  • Braids of different types of weaving, collected below;
  • Hair styling, curled with curls, laid by weaving;
  • Curls fastened with ribbon or artificial flowers;
  • Highly raised bunches with beautifully curled, falling curls.

There are a large number of hairstyles in the Greek style with false strands, in which curls and braids are intertwined with fancy patterns, fit into beautiful patterns on the back of the head. Braids can be tight or loose, there is a lot of room for imagination, they are attached with beautiful hairpins, invisible. All this creation is decorated with a diadem or flowers. This hairstyle looks perfect with overhead strands, because the more volume, the more types of weaving you can build.

Greek image

Evening hairstyles with hairpins

False locks on hairpins (clips) will be extremely convenient for creating a wedding hairstyle. How they look shown in the photo.

Clips on hairpins

It is recommended to buy natural false locks. They are easy to clean, dye, and fit just like your own. You can create a wedding hairstyle with convenient overhead locks on hairpins in the form of a Greek braid with many interlacing and curls, or in the form of loose curls.

How the wizard does it, watch the video.

Examples of evening hairstyles made using false hairpins on hairpins, see the photo below.

Hairstyles from overhead strands on clips

Also, to lengthen the hair, giving them volume, you can use the artificial hairpiece. Here's what such hairstyles look like.

Using a patch chignon

Video: how to fix overhead strands yourself

Wedding hairstyles with false strands photo

Styling options for the bride

Gentle images

Using fresh flowers