Types of marriage: marriage of convenience, fictitious marriage ...

Everything in our time is moving and changing. Many are trying to build their lives in a new way. This also applies to types of marriage. At first, the type of wedding was the union of the young rite, after which they were husband and wife, then the wedding rite appeared in the church, only after which marriage was considered legal

. After some time, the traditional wedding was almost gone, and the wedding remained, and then the young people began to register relations in the registry office (all about the traditional wedding). To date marriage is considered legal, which is registered with the relevant state bodies.

The process of marriage is directly the ceremony of solemn registration of marriage. In our country, it is held in the registry office or in the Wedding Palace. A marriage is concluded in the presence of two people who want to register their relationship, at least two weeks after the application is submitted. A marriage may be concluded provided that both persons have reached the age of marriage - eighteen years.

Let's look at what types of marriages are..

So, church marriage is a marriage sanctified by a particular church. In most countries it has legal force, and in some it serves as the only legal form..

There is also a civil marriage - this is one that is registered with the registry office without the participation of a temple or church. Often people call civil marriage simple cohabitation. In fact, this is not true, since the joint life of a man and a woman whose relations are not registered with state bodies can be correctly called actual marriage.

The morganatic type of marriage is marriage between people of unequal position. Now this concept exists only in the laws of some countries..

But temporary marriage in few states is recognized as legal and has its own legal force. Both parties determine the duration of such a marriage among themselves, after which these data are entered into the marriage contract. Upon the expiration of the marriage contract, all legal relations between husband and wife are considered invalid.

We all know fictitious marriage concept - This is the legal registration of marriage without the intentional creation of a family. It is for the necessary obtaining of benefits related to social status from the state.

There is such a type of marriage as polygyny, when a man is simultaneously married to two or more, but not more than four, women. Such a marriage is concluded by a man directly with each woman separately..

The opposite type of marriage, that is, when a woman is married to two or more men, is called polyandry. Such a marriage is quite rare. Mostly the people of the Hawaiian Islands or Tibet. Here the reason is obvious: demographic situation.

Takes place in our world and group marriage. This is when several women and several men live together. This type of marriage is sometimes called the “Swedish family”, although the Swedish nation opposes this definition..

Gay cohabitation is called same-sex marriage. In most Western countries, as well as in some countries of South and North America, between same-sex people there is the possibility of marriage. In these countries there are even churches that recognize homosexual marriage. In the rest of the majority of states, including Russian-speaking, such marriages are not registered and are not recognized at all.

Modern society invents and develops new types of marriage. Most often, they are based on something primitive. Which of the forms of marriage is considered correct, is decided exclusively by everyone for themselves. The main thing is to be happy, but that it is not happiness that does not destroy our planet.