What is a civil marriage?

Everyone knows that supporters of civil marriage are mostly men. Fearful of losing their independence, they adhere to "civilized relations accepted around the world." Of course, printing in the passport is more suitable for dubious women, who in this case feel more confident and calm.

One type of marriage - civil marriage began to be practiced in Western countries, and today such relationships are becoming more common with us. With each passing day, more and more couples come to the conclusion that before registering a relationship in a registry office, you just need to live together for a while, since before you bind life to a person forever, you should learn it more carefully and look closer.

To some extent, such a relationship has many advantages, since human freedom is a certain period of extension of the romantic stage, so necessary for any couple in love. On the other hand, there are negative features of a civil marriage, since such a marriage is not considered legal, and with a “divorce”, the cohabitants are deprived of the right to share joint property. According to rumors, our deputies are thinking about making a decision establishing the status of civil marriages. But as long as this law is not translated into reality, in order to avoid the loss of any of your own property, you should take care of this in advance by recording all purchases and expenses with checks. In this case, a person has the right to cool what belongs to him. From this we can conclude that it is much more reliable to still have a stamp in the passport. But not every man agrees with this. In this case, the main thing for a woman is not to put pressure on the psyche of her partner, but try to choose the right approach. For example, you can interest a potential spouse with constant unobtrusive conversations about a long-awaited wedding or about the delights of a honeymoon or honeymoon. For a man with an analytical mindset, try to put everything clearly on the shelves. Explain that you want to be confident in your relationship, feel secure. Many men are very fond of becoming defenders of the weaker sex. A partner who cares about the opinions of others can be taken precisely by what relatives, friends, and colleagues will think. In addition, a career today is better for married men, and such people are more likely to be hired. Apparently, this is due to the fact that the stamp in the passport indicates the ability of a man to bear a kind of responsibility. Strong arguments will be phrases that you have long dreamed of giving birth to a child from a beloved man or taking his last name. In marriage, every man in his right mind wants to have his own children (you can read about children at the wedding here), but if your lover says that he is not ready or does not know if he wants to become a father, it's time to think about it, the right one did you make a choice.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you want to live in a civil marriage in order to get to know each other better. Perhaps thanks to this decision, your relationship will become even stronger and stronger. True, this applies only to the case if you will act deliberately from the very beginning. For example, before agreeing to live together, determine the approximate time for cohabitation, or from the very beginning agree that if everything goes well, then you will get married in a year. Do not be sure that talking about a wedding scares men away. Of course, they are cautious in their nature, but for when a man agrees to live with you, he unambiguously decided for himself that relations lead to the creation of a family, maybe for the time being unofficial. Therefore, after some time, speak boldly about your desire to change your last name.