Mistakes of girls in relations with men


Women are more often subject to introspection and self-criticism. But in a relationship, it often happens that a girl does not want to look at herself from the side and relates all the problems in the pair to the guy’s wrong behavior. Today the team of the portal Wedding.ws wants to talk with you about the mistakes that girls make in relationships with men. Let's determine why the strongest and most loving couples are destroyed. Together we will figure out what can affect a man’s feelings, and what kind of mistakes women make in relationships, both at the very beginning and after living with a partner for many years.

Correct relationship errors
Girls mistakes in relationships

The main mistakes of girls in relationships

It often happens that a lady cannot answer the question, which is why there is a couple of discord. It seemed that everything was fine, there were no quarrels, and now she learns that her beloved wants to leave. Or you have been together for a long time, but the guy is not getting married and is in no hurry to make an offer. In this article we will analyze all the basic mistakes of girls in their relations with guys. On the items we list what love can kill even in the strongest and happiest couples. You will only have to analyze your behavior and understand whether these main mistakes of girls in relationships relate to you personally.

Always together

This mistake is especially characteristic of girls at the beginning of a relationship with a man. You want to be always and everywhere with your beloved. You are reluctant to let him go on gatherings with friends, drag him along with him to meet with a girlfriend, and do not understand that he needs personal free time and space. This is a huge mistake. Not only because the guys really need time for themselves, including, but also because being constantly close by and adjusting to his interests, you lose yourself. And thus you risk becoming uninteresting for him, losing the riddle.

Everywhere to be near

For me he will change

This mistake is peculiar to young girls and ladies who have seen the appearance. Often women like to look at their man through the prism of their own expectations. It seems to them that, thanks to the power of beliefs, a man will necessarily change all his habits and will fully meet the needs of the second half. This is not true.

The moment you see your man’s flaw annoying you, you must clearly understand that, most likely, this will not go away. And here you do not need to build illusions and unconditionally convince yourself that for your sake he will change everything. Just try to understand if you can live with it and accept it as it is right now.

Relationship Mistakes

Seem rather than be

Girls usually make this mistake at the beginning of a relationship. And it is especially relevant for couples whose acquaintance on the Internet took place recently, and in reality these two hardly saw each other. Women try to disguise all their character traits, which they seem imperfect, and be as ideal as possible. A man should know about your damn thing, whatever she is.

Maybe your excessive emotionality will seem to him even sweet. And you will hide and suffer in yourself. Or, perhaps, there is something with which he definitely does not agree to put up. You can hide it for a month or two, and then what? Then he will still recognize you for who you are. And may be disappointed. Be yourself from the very first days.

It seems better than it really is

Desire to please

This behavior is possible at any stage of the relationship. It seems to you that if you do everything he wants, then he will always be with you for sure. And this is definitely the wrong approach! The most battered, but very true expression: «A man is a hunter and he loves to conquer».

If from the first days you will please him in everything, forgetting about your own desires, you will quickly get bored with him. Will you be comfortable? Of course! But whether you can remain desired - most likely not!

To please all husband

How to fix mistakes that already exist in a relationship?

Is it possible to fix a mistake in a relationship? You need a clear plan of what to do in order to build relationships in a couple, how to behave if you feel that the fire in the relationship begins to die out, no matter how long you are together. We have collected tips for you that can help you get closer to each other, hear your man and correct the main mistakes in the relationship.

Correct relationship errors

Do not be silent!

If you see that the man misunderstands you, then you do not need to pout your lips or just go to another room. Let him guess? Not guess! Speak! Tell him that you would like to be together more often or, conversely, you need personal time. Tell him that you do not have enough of his care, and in what exactly do you see its manifestation.

Do not be silent in a relationship

Down with independence in everything!

Favorite mistake of girls at the beginning of a relationship. If you understand that you have taken too much on yourself, and this only makes your claims accumulate, discard this burden. Make a proposal to the man to share household chores. Delegate to him the payment of bills or something else. And stop giving out your favorite phrase: «I myself!»

Help from a husband in a relationship

Jealous less!

Not to mention the fact that jealousy eats you up yourself, and it would be worthwhile not to do this at all, at least review this trait by half. Become more confident in yourself. Think about why you are jealous of what you are not sure. Take care of yourself. After all, so many scandals in pairs of any age occur due to jealousy.

Jealousy in a relationship

More freedom!

When a man begins to feel that you are not tying him to his leg, he will begin to devote more time to you. After all, he will also be interested in what you do in this free time, why you want to stay without him. And in general, personal time has not hurt anyone. Read and develop in order to like him and yourself.

Freedom in relationship

More positive!

Review your attitude to life and your behavior. Everyone loves people who enjoy life. We are drawn to positive, friendly and happy people. Become one and your man will always want to be with you!

Positive in relationship

The portal told you what mistakes the girls make, both at the beginning of a relationship, and having been together for a long time. Perhaps, having worked through all the mistakes, you will understand how to push a man to the wedding, and why he still has not decided on this step. We are not telling you that you must give up your beliefs and redo your character! With the help of our tips, you will only become more confident, calmer and happier!