Evening makeup (makeup rules)

evening make-up intended for any celebration and should emphasize your sophistication, elegance, brightness regardless of whether you are going to a friendly party or to a romantic dinner by candlelight. You should look flawlessly. According to the rules of makeup for the evening type, saturated bright colors should be used, which are designed so that your eyes and lips look more expressive in subdued or artificial light.

remember, that makeup is an element of the overall image, emphasizing the individuality of a person, as well as his mood and attitude to fashion. Makeup, of course, should be in harmony with the dress and the adjacent accessories, and, of course, with the nature of the planned evening. Below we will offer some tips on the correct application of evening makeup.

The most important secret is a properly selected foundation, since tonal products even out the complexion, allow the makeup to stay fresh longer, smooth out various defects on the skin. According to the rules of makeup, the basis should be a correctly selected corrective. The foundation is applied by point movements, then it is shaded from the center of the face to its edges, on the frontal part from the center to the temple, on the rest - from top to bottom. In order for the product to lay down in a thinner and more even layer, it is better to use a wet sponge for its application.

Now you need to eliminate the oily sheen and fix the base. To do this, use powder, preferably crumbly, because by its texture it is finer and can give the skin a natural silkiness. Golden shade of powder will be the most ideal for evening makeup.

Work on the face always continue with an eyebrow. If in everyday life you do not use a pencil, then according to the rules of evening make-up, eyebrows should be emphasized, then they will add refinement to your appearance. A neat appearance of the eyebrows can be given not only with a pencil, but also with shadows. When choosing a shade, you should focus on hair color.

With the skillful use of shadows, you can emphasize the shape of the eyes, as well as their expressiveness. For evening makeup, shadows with a pearlescent shade are more suitable. Before applying bright shadows, you must first use light shades. The border of shadows needs to be carefully shaded to achieve a smooth transition between them. A more elegant evening make-up will look when using liquid eyeliner.

The final touch in eye makeup is mascara. To make the eyelashes long, thick and fluffy, powder them before applying the mascara, and apply the mascara itself from the roots to the tips with smooth movements.

According to the rules of evening makeup, lips should also look seductive. To achieve this effect, use rich rich colors: bright red, scarlet, cherry. But in this case, eye makeup should not be difficult. And if you still decided to focus on the eyes, then the lipstick should be bed tones.

Lastly, blush should be applied. They will give the appearance a complete look. The color of the blush of evening makeup should be more saturated than daytime. If you want to emphasize your sexuality, choose shimmering shades and apply them on the highest part of the cheekbones, and to give the face a fresh look, use dark pink tones.

See how simple it is? It turns out that to achieve the most exquisite result, it is enough to know just a few rules of makeup and you will undoubtedly always be confident in your perfection.