Say thanks to natural cosmetics

A wedding is only once in a lifetime. And therefore, on this day it is necessary to make every effort to look irresistible, to captivate the eyes and cause the numerous "Oh, how beautiful you are!"

The bride should look one hundred percent, so you need to deal with your face long before the appointed celebration. To get started, sit back in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. Any flaws? Your skin is not as smooth and delicate as it was in childhood? This problem can be overcome by using not the most expensive modern cosmetics, but natural cosmetics..

Natural cosmetics are perfect for the skin. So, for example, the skin around the eyes is very delicate. Imagine what kind of panic you will be if you are allergic to a new expensive drug. Will you go to the wedding with puffy eyes? I suggest a different way: instead of a cream for the skin around the eyes, try using a one percent hydrocortisone ointment, purchased at a pharmacy. The result will amaze you.

On the wedding day, in the morning, take a bath, relax and polish your young body to become beautiful again.

As a tonic, use mineral water without gases. If you do not want to part with your favorite lotions, then try to dilute them with the same mineral water. Do not worry, natural cosmetics will not harm its quality in any way, but it will significantly increase the time of its use..

Body scrub is also easy to prepare: just mix honey and coffee. If you want to get a moisturizing scrub, then just replace honey with sour cream. Natural cosmetics not only helps to achieve the desired result, but is also very beneficial for the skin..

Instead of expensive branded face masks, try to make a mask yourself, guided by all known folk recipes. To create them, you will have enough inexpensive products that are in every home.

Soon you have to tighten your corset and have nowhere to become slimmer. But this does not mean that you can not worry about cellulite. Remember, today is your first wedding night, and therefore you need to get rid of this shortcoming as soon as possible. In the fight against cellulite, natural cosmetics simply cannot be dispensed with. It is recommended to rub a mixture of olive and five drops of any citrus oil during massage.

Many use baby cream as a hygienic lipstick. To give lip gloss, use olive oil. There are a lot of similar recipes, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment with natural cosmetics.

A gorgeous dress, an excellent hairstyle, light but perfect for the occasion, makeup, an incomparable manicure ... But do not you think that we have forgotten about something? The delicate fragrance emanating from the bride - what should it be? I will say it for sure, it must be unique. You must admit that it will be very disappointing if you specially acquire some of the most expensive perfumes on the occasion of a solemn event, and then find out that your witness smells the same.

In order not to allow anyone to overshadow the most joyful day of your life, make perfume yourself. In this case, your fragrance will be truly individual. So, let's start making.

To get a unique perfume, it is enough to turn to natural cosmetics: mix any cheap cream and essential oil with your favorite smell. Or let’s say another option: mix sea salt dissolved in hot water with your favorite oil.

Guided by these simple tips, you will perfectly cope with the role of the bride, will shine with your beauty, thereby giving a good mood to yourself, the groom and guests. And the first day of family life will forever remain in the memories.