67.5 years stone wedding


Round dates from the wedding day are traditionally celebrated, but there are other anniversaries. One of them is a stone anniversary, a holiday for the family after 67.5 years from the date of marriage. Not all married couples manage to live so long together, live to a memorable date: you need to understand that this anniversary is celebrated when the couple exchanged nineteen. 67.5 years - a stone wedding is an important, joyful event not only for «newlyweds», but also all members of their family.

Ancient traditions and customs for 67.5 years of wedding

The main feature of celebrating a stone wedding is to create a special holiday mood. Due to the venerable age of anniversaries, organizational moments are assigned to the younger members of the family - children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren of the heroes of the occasion. It is worth considering that noisy feasts, loud festivities, provocative competitions will be inappropriate, because the guests are going to celebrate the union of two people who have lived together all their lives, who have overcome many obstacles together, without destroying their marriage.

Spouses after 67.5 years from the wedding day

Even a stone breaks down over time, gives cracks, but this will require significantly more time than 67.5 years. A family that has maintained its integrity and has not cracked over the years will be strong forever, and love will go away with the spouses. Today, both heroes of the occasion are in the company of people dear to them - children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, relatives. Family celebrates the triumph of love, the strength of relationships.

Stone wedding: how to celebrate an anniversary

Wedding anniversary must be made sincere. Surround with care, attention of anniversaries that they were comfortable, joyful. It is advisable to arrange a stone festive event at home for the heroes of the occasion, for this it is necessary to think over the thematic interior design. The name of the anniversary comes from the word «a rock», which becomes a symbol of strength, durability of the union of two hearts.

If possible, when decorating the premises, use decorations, as well as stylistic objects made of stone: candlesticks, decorative items. It will be possible to support the theme of the celebration with the help of a lit stone fireplace (if there is one).

Huge natural stone as a symbol of the anniversary

If you want to create a theme holiday, try to decorate the room in the style of those years when you met «newlyweds». Let the guests support your plan and come to the celebration of this wedding anniversary by choosing stylish clothes of long past years. You need to set the table with old family dishes, beautiful glasses, arranged statuettes and flowers look good. If there are dishes made of stone, it should also be put on the festive table. The video on the topic tells what interior items made of stone can be..

Visibly place a lot of old family photos, ask the anniversaries to tell about the events captured in the photo. Some family members will find it helpful as well as interesting to hear family stories. And the heroes of the celebration will be delighted to once again recall their youth, youth, their parents, even though more than half a century has passed.

Celebration script

Young family members - grandchildren, great-grandchildren - should take an active part in the preparation of the celebration. Someone in the family must know the history of dating «newlyweds», after all, silver and gold weddings have already been celebrated. Play this story as a theatrical performance for a stone anniversary, it will be very touching and pleasant for anniversaries.

The scenario of a stone wedding should also include performances of relatives and friends of the anniversary, because you are making a holiday for the venerable members of your family. Little great-grandchildren could recite poems about love, someone could sing a special song for anniversaries, someone play a musical instrument - that’s a great family holiday.

Speak at the celebration of Stone Anniversary with eulogies in honor of the anniversaries who have lived together for more than 67 years. Raising glasses, wish them good stone health - this is important for them. Also wish that their grandchildren and great-grandchildren could meet the same soul mates that they would not want to part with their whole lives.

67.5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

What to give for a stone anniversary

As a gift for a stone anniversary, anniversaries are encouraged to stop choosing natural stone products. The original gift will be a small stone of an intricate shape, on which the names of the anniversaries will be engraved. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren can create an interesting composition using sea pebbles.

Holiday gifts made of precious and semiprecious stones: beads, bracelets, rings will also be appropriate. Present interior items - talismans, stone vases, figurines. Donated items should symbolize the fortress, «stonyness» feelings of spouses.

Stone products as a gift for the wedding anniversary

If among you there are future newlyweds just planning to legitimize their relationship, ask the anniversaries to bless them. Remember that on this festive day, material values ​​fade into the background: this is a day of spiritual and spiritual holiday, when everyone enjoys communicating with family and spending time together.

Stone Wedding Greetings

The stone anniversary is the day when spouses are customary to wish good health, longevity, prosperity. In a beautiful toast, there is a desire to spend many more joyful and happy days in the future, to wait for the appearance of new family members, to take their place at the weddings of great-grandchildren. Congratulations in verses will sound beautiful and original.

An interesting half-year - 67.5 years - becomes another milestone in family life. Holiday on this occasion brings everyone together, makes you think about real values ​​in life, seeing such a wonderful example of anniversaries before your eyes.