Watercolor invitation cards: stylish and gentle


Each bride is nervous and worried about how the celebration will take place. Of course, I want the wedding to be played at the highest level, and the guests received a lot of pleasure. In order for everything to go perfectly, you should take care of a lot. However, these concerns can be quite enjoyable. Make some wedding accessories with your own hands to immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere and get rid of anxious thoughts.

First of all, you should make sure that the guests receive invitations to your celebration and do not forget about the date of your wedding. You can read about how to make beautiful wedding invitations on the portal www.articlewedding.com.

Wonderful wedding invitations with a decor made by watercolor paints will cheer guests up. To make such cards is very simple at home. You can not only enjoy the process of making cards, but also save a lot of money, since the purchase of all wedding accessories is very expensive.

The design of each invitation will turn out to be unique and in its own way. Your guests will definitely not forget what day your celebration will take place. You can also use such cards as entrance tickets to your wedding.

Wedding Date Cards
Fashionable Wedding Cards

Materials and tools:

  • thick watercolor paper;
  • watercolor paints;
  • thin and thick brushes;
  • sticky liquid.


: 45 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

To make wedding invitations, you will need a special liquid that is used to leave some surface on white paper. It protects the paper from staining. After you paint the cardboard with watercolors, the sticky mass is easily removed from the paper. Such a tricky technique will allow you to write on paper, as well as highlight the date of the wedding..

We will prepare the materials

At the first stage, prepare the cardboard that you will color. It is best to choose thick white or ivory paper. Now you need to use a brush to put an inscription or date on paper using an adhesive liquid. Gently write down your initials or the date of your wedding, let the liquid dry.

We will prepare a cardboard
Apply the initials
Let the liquid dry

Dampen the brush with water and swipe over the paper. Use your favorite watercolor colors to create a unique picture. Stick to the overall color scheme of the wedding! Do not worry about your inscription or date - they will not stain. Dye your cards and let them dry a little.

Wet the cardboard with water
Let's start coloring the cardboard
Paint the cardboard

Now you need to remove the adhesive mass from our cartons. To do this, just pinch it with your finger on one side. Gently pull. The mass will slowly come off the paper, leaving a clean white surface underneath. You will get very original cards for guests that will remind you of the upcoming significant day. Sign the cards on the back and mail them to your guests. Lovely and vibrant invitation cards ready.!

Peel off the sticky mass
It turned out cute cards
Sign cards

Application options

You got very original invitations that guests will certainly enjoy. Watercolor is very easy to work with. If you get the wrong picture, you can easily wash it off.

If you are familiar with drawing techniques at a higher level, you can paint beautiful drawings with paints that suit the style of the wedding. Also try to use a similar color scheme that you will use in the decor of the wedding hall.

On the cards you can also write some warm words to the guests. If you have the time and desire, you can draw a real map of your celebration, which will indicate the most important events that will take place on your significant day.

We draw watercolors on postcards
Watercolor wedding invitation
Watercolor wedding invitation
Watercolor Wedding Accessories
Watercolor invitation
Watercolor wedding invitation
Watercolor wedding invitation
Watercolor wedding invitation

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