Luxurious invitations for bridesmaids


A wedding is a wonderful, amazing and exciting event, not only for the bride, but also for her friends. After all, they all do together, I am sure the site There is no way to do without their advice!

Together with the bride, the bridesmaids choose the most beautiful wedding dress for her, select the appropriate restaurant, decide what style the celebration will have, a thousand kilometers go in search of suitable wedding accessories. So why not give your beloved friends a cute surprise - a do-it-yourself invitation? !

Invitations for Bridesmaids
Two invitation options

Materials and tools:

  • brooch with pebbles;
  • adhesive paper for printing;
  • red and pink cardboard;
  • samplers with toilet water;
  • tape;
  • adhesive paper with rhinestones;
  • scissors;
  • towel;
  • glue;
  • awl;
  • transparent decorative pebbles;
  • black invitations packaging boxes.

Materials for invitations

Detailed instructions:

Print the invitation layout on pre-prepared paper.

Invitation layout

Write on the invitations the names of your girlfriends.

Write the names of girlfriends

Gently cut each invitation in a black line.

Cut the invitation line

Stick on the red cardboard printed blanks for the invitation. Cut off excess cardboard, leaving 3-5 cm from the edge.

Stick the prepared fragment onto the cardboard

For witnesses, use pink cardboard to stand out from other bridesmaids..

Use pink cardboard

With the help of an awl, make a hole in the center of the bow on the dress so that you can fix the brooch there.

Make a hole

Attach a brooch.

Attach a brooch

Put your invitations in a black box.

Put invitations in boxes

Let's deal with samplers with eau de toilette. Cut the red ribbon so large that you can tie a bow on the lid of toilet water. Put the decorated toilet water probe in the invitation box.

Toilet water preparation

Put some transparent pebbles in the invitation box.

Put pebbles in a box
Cute girlfriend invitations

Stick on the box lid a pre-printed blank with the girlfriend's name.

Stick on the box lid a blank with the name

Seal the invitation box on the sides with adhesive paper with rhinestones.

Seal the invitation box

Wedding invitations for bridesmaids are ready!

Cute girlfriend invitations

Application options

Such an invitation option will delight your girlfriends, the wedding portal believes. In addition, their black-and-white-red color scheme can be a definite clue for your guests that you decided to organize a red-white or black-and-white wedding. Or maybe you can arrange a wedding in a stylish tricolor «black + white + red». Then such invitations should be a must-have accessory for your celebration..

Invitations for Bridesmaids
Wedding invitation
Invitation for girlfriend
Invitations for Bridesmaids
Invitations for girlfriends

This luxurious idea for making wedding invitations with your own hands can be used for other occasions, such as a bachelorette party. Or in the same way invite to the wedding not only bridesmaids, but also other people close to you - parents, sisters, etc. It is only necessary to change the invitation text! Believe me, your guests will be wildly delighted with such a wonderful sign of attention.!