Do-it-yourself bright poppy boutonniere


Imagine a colorful field of life-affirming poppies. Energy, positive, fire, passion! If your chosen one is this, then you can have no doubt in choosing a key flower for the groom’s wedding boutonniere.

The wedding portal notes that the poppy boutonniere will turn out sunny and catchy. She immediately attracts attention. Get the basic floristic materials for making the boutonniere, and you can make the accessory yourself. How to make a neat and attractive boutonniere, is described in the master class.

Do-it-yourself bright poppy boutonniere
Groom with poppy buttonhole

Materials and tools:

  • poppies;
  • greens, stems, buds, etc .;
  • floristic wire;
  • floristic ribbon;
  • decorative tape;
  • pins
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Materials for making boutonnieres with poppy seeds

Detailed instructions:

Choose a beautiful blooming poppy. Trim the stem, leaving about 5 centimeters for the buttonhole stem.

Trim the flower leg

Fasten the floral wire on the flower. This will give the boutonniere the desired shape. The first method of attachment is to wrap the wire around the stem several times, evenly distributing along the entire length of the legs. The second is to thread the wire through the stem and carefully «push», until it hits the base of the flower. This is quite difficult, since there is a high probability of damaging the flower itself.

Thread the wire into the stem

Wrap the leg with floral tape. The wire should be under the tape.

Wrap the stem with floral tape

Pass the wire through the base of the leaves. The wire should run on both sides of the central vein of the sheet.

Thread the wire into the sheet
Lower the ends of the wire

Lower the ends of the wire and wind them with floral tape.

Wrap stems and wire with floral tape

Connect all the elements of the boutonniere. Decorate the accessory with buds or buds. This is a creative process. Have fun and create your own boutonniere decor. Connect all the details with each other with a floral ribbon. The wire will help give the desired shape to the buttonhole..

Form floral arrangements
Connect parts in a boutonniere

Fill the buttonhole leg with decorative ribbon. Fix the ends with glue.

Make the accessory fit

Accessory is ready!

Ready boutonniere with poppy seeds

Application options

A colorful boutonniere with poppy seeds looks life-affirming and sunny. This is a great choice for hot summer weddings. A similar boutonniere is suitable for a wedding in red. She will look more original than roses or even gerberas. In addition, the site offers to make a poppy buttonhole for a themed wedding «The Wizard of Oz», recreating the atmosphere of a fairy tale in the details of the holiday.

If desired, a real living flower can be replaced with an artificial flower. This option is suitable for weddings in the colder season. Using the technique described in the master class, you can make a bride's bouquet of poppies, which will make a magnificent pair of the original boutonniere. Positive and bright floral decor in the images of the bride and groom is guaranteed.

Do-it-yourself bright poppy boutonniere
Do-it-yourself bright poppy boutonniere
Do-it-yourself bright poppy boutonniere
Do-it-yourself bright poppy boutonniere

Poppy is a bright and original choice for the groom’s buttonhole. He will make the image more energetic, positive and fiery. Boutonniere with poppy seeds looks great at summer weddings, adding warmth and energy to the celebration.