Do-it-yourself stylish bouquet of the bride


Many couples for a long time do not adhere to traditional views and customs, have little faith in wedding signs. If you are not a superstitious bride and love a creative approach to everything your hand touches, you can try using the site to make an unusually delicate bouquet of hydrangea and roses.

According to tradition, it is customary for a future husband to buy a bride’s bouquet, however you can be more original - make it yourself.

There are big pluses to this:

  • You yourself can choose the right combination of flowers that will fit your wedding dress and the whole image.
  • You can choose absolutely any combination of colors and shades.

In our workshop, we used gentle tones such as ivory, pink and white. Such a bouquet will be perfectly combined with both snow-white and beige wedding dress.

As for the choice of flowers, here the main flowers are hydrangea and roses. These flowers are tender and bold at the same time. They will add bouquets of tenderness and at the same time give it extraordinary. All flowers individually can be bought on the flower market or ordered on the Internet. Thus, you can perfectly relieve stress on creative work on the eve of the wedding and raise your spirits by making your own wedding bouquet.

Beautiful bouquet for the bride

Materials and tools:

  • flowers (roses, hydrangea, eucalyptus, thistle, leaves from vegetables, etc.);
  • scissors;
  • rope;
  • wire cutters.


: 20-30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

In order to independently collect a bouquet of flowers, you do not need to complete special florist courses. All you need is to carefully follow the master class and maintain symmetry in the design of the bouquet. Focus on choosing fresh flowers, as your bouquet should last at least a few days..

Buy flowers to create a bouquet
Prepare the necessary materials

The bride’s bouquet should be small so that it fits comfortably in the hands. With the help of nippers or clippers, cut the long stalks of hydrangea to the desired length. Do the same with roses, leaving a slightly longer stem length so that the roses protrude slightly from the overall bouquet.

Prune hydrangea stalks
Shorten the stems of the rose

Using a rope, tightly connect the hydrangea stems. Due to the fact that the stems of this plant have many small flowers, the bouquet looks very lush and voluminous. Insert three roses in the center of a hydrangea bouquet. We chose pink and white shades that complement and decorate each other beautifully..

String hydrangea stalks
Insert in the center of the rose bouquet

Now that the main part of the bouquet is ready, it remains to decorate it with green twigs. To do this, we will use the stems of eucalyptus, on which there should not be a lot of leaves. Insert the stems of eucalyptus in several places around the bouquet.

Prepare Eucalyptus Stems
Insert eucalyptus into the bouquet

Another decoration of the bouquet will be a thistle, which will also add some green notes to the bride’s bouquet. Insert a few stems of a thistle in the middle of the bouquet.

Prepare thistle
Insert a thistle into a bouquet

Also, if desired, you can decorate the bouquet with green leaves from vegetables that have a slightly dull shade of green. Tie them tightly with a rope. Now it remains to tie the bride’s handle with a rope, so that it is convenient to hold a bouquet. Stylish bouquet is ready!

Tie the leaves with a rope
Tie the handle of the bouquet with a rope

Application options

Now you yourself have seen how easy it is to make a colorful wedding bouquet using the simplest plants and flowers. Such a bouquet will delight you even more, because you made it yourself. You can choose shades based on the style and colors of the wedding. Fashionable and stylish!

Fashionable hydrangea bouquet
Stylish bouquet
Roses in a bouquet design
Charming bouquet
Luxurious bridal bouquet
Cute hydrangea bouquet
Bridal bouquet
Original bouquet for a wedding
Fashionable wedding bouquet

The website advises you to always remain a creative person, because all creative ideas always look unique.