Wedding glasses with a colored leg


Detailing in the decor allows you to achieve amazing style and grace. Glasses are an important part in setting a wedding table, because guests will not part with them throughout the evening. Stylish glasses will tell about the delicate taste of a young couple and their desire to think through the wedding to the smallest detail.

One of the simplest, but nonetheless effective ways to decorate wedding glasses is to coat their legs with paint. On transparent dishes, paint with effect looks good «metallic». So, the glasses look more stylish, modern and neat. How to achieve this effect, says in this article..

Wedding glasses with golden legs
Metallic style wine glass

Materials and tools:

  • glasses
  • effect paint «metallic» (for convenience, purchase in a spray can);
  • dense paper tape or adhesive tape (the material should not get wet and leak paint, but should easily peel off from the surface);
  • newspapers.

Materials for making glasses with colored legs

Detailed instructions:

Wash the glass. Wrap the neck of the glass with newspapers and fasten them to the leg with tape. Leave the part of the leg to be painted open..

Wrap a glass with newspapers
Tape newspapers on a glass

Spray paint onto a glass. Do not apply paint at close range. Keep a distance of 40-50 centimeters to achieve a more even coverage.

Spray paint onto a glass

Repeat the same procedure with the remaining glasses. Wait until the paint dries, and only then carefully remove the tape from the glasses.

Leave the glasses to dry

Wedding glasses with colored legs are ready!

Ready-made glasses with colored legs

Application options

In a similar way, you can draw various geometric patterns on the glasses. It all depends on how you close the glass walls with newspapers and scotch tape, suggests the wedding portal

An interesting option is glasses with symmetrical patterns. In addition, you can paint over not the entire leg, but only its base, if we are talking about «squat» glasses for cognac or martini. Using special acrylic paint on glass, you can draw additional decorative elements on the walls or write the date of the celebration.

Glasses decorated in style «metallic» look dynamic and modern. They are suitable for stylish weddings, devoid of old prejudices and customs. Such glasses are perfect not only for a wedding party, but also for hen parties and a party on the second day of the wedding. In this case, other objects can be decorated with paint, for example, decanters for soft drinks, transparent fruit vases, and ice cream cones..

If you plan to have a color wedding, pay attention to paint on glass. The above technique will brightly decorate the glasses with the selected color, making the wedding more themed and stylish.

Glasses decorated with a symmetrical pattern
Paint Service
Glass with a shiny leg
Glass decorated with golden paint
Glasses with multi-colored legs
Elegant wedding glasses

Glasses with colored legs are a spectacular wedding accessory. Decorated in style «metallic», they make the holiday more modern and dynamic. And to make such an accessory with your own hands is not difficult.