Unique decoration for martini glasses


Depending on the upcoming event, theme and category of guests, martini glasses can be decorated in different ways. The original decoration of the glasses will help guests not to mix up where whose glass is and give the holiday a special atmosphere.

The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com offers you the next master class on decorating wedding martini glasses. We look and try to repeat!

Wedding Martini Glasses

Materials and tools:

  • martini glasses (if you plan to serve other alcoholic drinks, then choose the appropriate wine glasses);
  • colored crayons;
  • cardboard;
  • buttons
  • medical alcohol;
  • brush;
  • paint for coloring a blackboard;
  • a knife or other sharp object;
  • screen tape;
  • pencil;
  • paint container.

Material List

Detailed instructions:

First of all, we will create the basis for drying glasses. Circle in pencil the shape of the base of the glasses on the cardboard.

Circle the base of the glasses

Then stick four buttons into the outlined circle on the cardboard. This will provide an elevation on which the glasses can dry dry..

We stick the buttons into the cardboard

Now you can prepare the glass for staining. To do this, wipe with alcohol the area where you plan to apply the paint. Before applying paint, make sure that the alcohol is dry..

Wipe the base with alcohol

Stick the screen tape on the leg of the glass to the level where you will apply the paint.

Fasten the screen tape

Apply paint to the surface of the glass with a thin layer. Depending on the color of the paint, you may need to apply several coats..

Apply paint to the base of the glass

If you do not want to paint the thickness of the base, then remove excess paint with a napkin or finger, each time after applying another layer.

Eliminate excess paint

We place the glasses on the drying surface for about an hour between the application of each coat of paint. To save paint and prevent it from drying out in a container, place it in a tight-fitting bag. In addition, after applying each coat of paint, brush.

Drying paint layers
Application of several coats of paint

After the ink has dried, it is necessary to remove the screen tape. Use a sharp knife if necessary.

Screen Tape Removal

The next step is very important. Place the glasses on a baking sheet with the base up in an unheated oven. Close the door and set the timer to 350 degrees. Hold the glasses in the oven for 30 minutes. Then turn off the oven and let your glasses cool completely. The product is not recommended to be washed within the next 72 hours.

Drying glasses in the oven

The next step is to make crumbs of candy. Take 8-10 stick-shaped candies and place in a bag. Close the bag and crush the candy with a heavy object. Use any method convenient for you to grind candies.

Grind the candy

Transfer crushed sweet crumbs to a plate.

We shift the crumbs on a plate

Next, you need to process the entire painted surface of the base of the glass with white chalk. Apply shtrishki and blend them.

Apply white chalk

To make color crayons convenient to write, sharpen them on a piece of paper.

Preparing Crayons

Now is the time to write. Selecting crayons of certain shades, put names, wishes and other inscriptions.


Very few steps are left until the decoration of the glasses. There are many ways to moisten the rims of glasses. For example, this can be done in water using a sponge or wiping the edges with slices of fruit. In this case, we will use water. Pour some water into a separate plate and dip the rims of the glasses. After wetting the edges, dip them in chopped sweet chips.

Moisturize the rims of the glasses
Dip the headbands into shavings

Martini glasses are ready! Serve the glasses on the table, pour your favorite martini and enjoy the symbiosis of tastes.

Serving Martini in Glasses
Decorative sweet martini glasses

Application options

As mentioned earlier, glasses for martini or any other drinks can be decorated differently depending on the orientation of the celebration. Glasses, the instructions for which were presented above, can be used not only at a wedding. Having changed the decor, martini glasses are suitable for a beach party or for a dinner party, or maybe a bachelorette party. The inscriptions on the glasses can serve as a kind of guide for guests..

Glasses can be issued as registered «pointers» for seating guests or numbering the place of each guest, which is recommended to do on the website www.articlewedding.com. After completing the gala banquet, give glasses to each of the guests. Let such a pleasant trifle leave fond memories of your holiday.

Bright and sweet holiday to you!

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