Wedding glasses with chalk writing surface


At such iconic events as a wedding, the labels on the accessories always look amusing. Thanks to the inscriptions on the glasses, you can not only indicate the places for guests at the gala banquet, but also leave a pleasant personal message for everyone. Such decoration of glasses as inscriptions and patterns made with paints looks good, but subsequently such accessories are unlikely to serve as anything more than a souvenir.

Glasses with a special coating that allows you to apply labels with chalk - a modern, practical and multi-functional idea. Once you have worked on the manufacture of the accessory, you can use it during various events. Inscriptions in chalk are easily erased, asserts the website And each time you can vary the content of the inscription depending on the case. Tempting, right? How to make such a modern accessory is described in this workshop..

Glass with chalk writing surface
Modern wedding glasses

Materials and tools:

  • glasses
  • special paint on which you can write in chalk (preferably in a spray can);
  • Newspapers
  • paper or other tape;
  • a piece of chalk.

Materials for chalking

Detailed instructions:

Wash the glasses thoroughly..

Wrap the walls of the glasses with newspapers (to protect the glass from getting paint on it). Fasten newspapers to the glass with tape.

Wrap glasses with newspapers

Spray paint on a working surface of a glass. Leave the glasses to dry completely..

Spray paint onto glasses

Now on the glasses you can leave inscriptions in chalk. Wedding accessory is ready!

Ready glass with the inscription in chalk

Application options

The wedding portal notes that the technique for making such a wedding accessory is extremely simple. The only difficulty is the purchase of special paints. Nevertheless, it can be found in specialized stores for designers or ordered online. Paint can be selected in different colors..

A great idea is to make glasses with a surface on which you can write in chalk, not only for the bride and groom, but for all guests. So, you kill two birds with one stone: decorate the glasses and make cards for seating guests. These glasses look stylish and modern at any time of the year and in almost all types of weddings (except for purely romantic).

You can also draw other utensils, such as cups or decanters, with a chalk surface. Use them for bachelorette parties and after-wedding parties. If the cup is filled with sweets, it will serve as an original bonbonniere.

Glasses with the names of guests at the wedding
Name glasses with chalk inscriptions
Stylish glasses with chalk inscriptions.
Practical glasses with inscriptions
Original do-it-yourself wedding glasses
Chalk cups
Stylish glasses with a surface for inscriptions in chalk

Glasses with a surface for chalk inscriptions are a modern and multifunctional wedding accessory. The technique of its manufacture is simple. And the result will decorate many family holidays and friendly evenings..