Name inscriptions - we decorate bonbonnieres with polymer clay


Packaging bonbonnieres can be anything from a regular square box to a bag of jute fabric. The main thing is personal «signature», which will make each of the gifts unique. How to create this miraculous signature, the website will tell you in a master class.

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Materials and tools:

  • polymer clay;
  • glaze;
  • brush;
  • knife;
  • jewelry mounts.


60-120 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

We are making our foundation basis - harness. To do this, we take in equal parts red and white polymer clay. Colors, by the way, you can choose any. Knead each «Colour» and roll it into a rope.

Multi-colored ropes

Now we roll these two ropes into one two-color bundle.

We roll into one

We twist our tourniquet along the entire length, so that the red and white stripes alternate evenly. The tourniquet may slightly lump.

Make strips

Carefully roll out our rope in our hands so that it becomes even and smooth, like the famous striped sweets.

Uniform twisting

We make templates for our inscriptions. Ideally, the inscriptions will be the names of those to whom bonbonnieres are intended. But for example, take the word «peace». We type a word in a text editor, execute it in italics and print it. Spread our polymer «sweetie» according to the inscription. In other words, we repeat the word, only in bulk.

We spread according to the template

We transport the resulting inscription into the freezer and leave it for 15-30 minutes.

Shift «frozen» clay on a baking sheet and send to bake in the oven. Follow the time and temperature on the polymer clay packaging exactly..

After the specified time, we take out our product and allow it to cool. Try not to touch the inscription again. Hot polymer clay is very fragile.

When the inscription has cooled, cover it with a layer of glaze. This will give her a beautiful glossy sheen..

The decoration is ready. It remains only to attach attachments for jewelry or ribbons to it. In general, anything than you attach the inscription to the bonbonniere.

Finished decoration

Application options

Polymer clay can become the basis of not only red-white candy. All sorts of circles, labels, figures - as the fantasy tells. These fun glossy hand-made gizmos look great as ornaments - pendants, brooches, badges. This idea can also be taken as a basis for cards for seating guests.

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Idea from the wedding site these decorations can become the basis of your wedding dress code. Especially if you decide to organize a red and white wedding!