Lollipops - sweet bonbonnieres for guests


Everyone wants to make their wedding celebration as attractive and original as possible. However, if you have absolutely no idea how to diversify your wedding decor or design, think about how much you can do at home.!

The website will help you create wonderful DIY bonbonnieres. Sweet candies will be an excellent accent of the wedding celebration. This unusual idea will help you not only to show your culinary skills, but also simply create amazing souvenirs for your dear guests. Lollipops will have a transparent structure, so inside you can add an original decoration, in this case, rose petals and mint leaves. Such a filling is unlikely to be edible, but it looks amazing! Use all your imagination, and our step-by-step master class will help you realize your ideas. You can use any flowers: chamomile and basil, lavender and pansies.

Beautiful lollipops

Materials and tools:

  • 2 cups sugar;
  • 2/3 cup caramel molasses;
  • 2/3 glasses of water;
  • a small bottle of peach butter for caramels;
  • a small bottle of caramel oil with champagne flavor;
  • organic rose petals;
  • organic mint leaves;
  • cellophane packaging;
  • tape;
  • candy sticks.


: 45-60 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

So, it's time to start making fragrant lollipops with beautiful flowers inside. Prepare all necessary working materials. Make sure your flowers and herbs are organic. Also choose only quality ingredients for making caramels.

We will prepare the necessary materials
Tasty colorants

Before starting work, cover the pan with parchment paper. Now you need to prepare the mixture itself for future caramels. Pour sugar, caramel syrup and water into a saucepan and stir thoroughly over low heat. Use a candy thermometer to determine the heating level of the mixture. The optimum temperature should reach 148 degrees Celsius. Cook your mixture at that temperature for about 25 minutes. You should see the bubbles. Add a few drops of dye..

Add a few drops of dye

Keep stirring your mixture. Soon you will see many small bubbles. Be careful because the mixture is extremely hot..

Stir the mixture

When most of the bubbles disappear, you can begin to form candy. To do this, use a metal spoon. Simply pour a spoonful of the mixture onto the tip of the stick and let it harden for a while. Only then can you add petals or mint leaves. If you put the petals on hot caramel, they will quickly lose their beauty.

Pour the mixture onto sticks

After you put the decoration in the form of flowers or leaves in your caramel, it's time to apply a second layer of the mixture. Let the caramels freeze. Then disconnect the lozenges from the parchment paper. Sticks should be firmly attached to the candy. If your candy is slightly dull, simply hold it under a stream of warm water. Let the sweets dry before embellishing them..

Apply a second layer of caramel

After the candies have dried, decorate them with beautiful plastic bags and ribbons. Bonbonnieres for guests are ready!

Beautiful bonbonnieres are ready
Caramel with rose petals
Caramel with petals and mint

Application options

Wonderful lollipops will surprise and delight your guests. You can invent all kinds of ideas, as well as use special molds for caramel. Your guests will be satisfied with such an unusual surprise.!

Original do-it-yourself caramels
Fancy do-it-yourself caramels
Wonderful lollipops with flowers
Caramel Flowers

Thanks to the wedding portal, you will learn to see beauty in simple things, as well as create these things yourself!