Ukrainian style wedding


Wedding celebration is an exciting, long-awaited and joyful day, which is obliged to bring a lot of positive impressions, unforgettable moments and sincere emotions to the newlyweds. But, in order to turn this holiday into a bright, energetic, extraordinary event, future spouses should give preference to thematic weddings. One of these weddings, gaining popularity, thanks to its colorful traditions and outfits, is a wedding in the Ukrainian style. These are folk motifs, incendiary music, funny customs and traditions, they will not leave indifferent the newlyweds and guests.

How to organize a wedding in Ukrainian style

Themed weddings require great preparation, knowledge of traditions, rituals, national characteristics. For the Ukrainian wedding, every detail and detail is important, which can convey the atmosphere of a real national festivity. Therefore, you need to start the organization by searching for a venue, a good host, choosing holiday dresses, music or finding professionals who organize thematic weddings, they will take all the organizational chores on themselves.

Ukrainian style wedding celebration

Finding the right restaurant is a crucial part in organizing a wedding in that style. It is desirable that this was a restaurant with national Ukrainian cuisine, decor. Modern high-tech, modern restaurants are not suitable for such a celebration, and if there is no opportunity to rent a theme institution, you will have to work on decoration material, as well as order a good catering service.

Wedding invitations should be decorated in bright colors that will indicate the Ukrainian theme of the wedding. The invitation can be decorated as an ordinary scroll, with the couple in love, dressed in Ukrainian national costumes, depicted on it. Name cards for seating guests can be made of the same type. Also, these may be invitations:

  • Decorated with national ornament;
  • With drawings of loaf, viburnum, rushnyka;
  • With the image of wheat fields, etc..

Ways to design wedding invitations in the Ukrainian style

The image of the bride should also match the triumph. The dress can completely repeat the national Ukrainian costume, and the abundance of accessories will only add color. Fresh flowers can be woven into the hair: poppies, cornflowers, marigolds. A beautiful wreath with colored ribbons can be dressed in loose hair - a symbol of female honor. For accessories, coral beads, bracelets, earrings are ideal. Makeup may be slightly brighter than usual:

  • bright lips,
  • long eyelashes,
  • blush.

The perfect wedding bouquet in the Ukrainian style is a mix of wildflowers, viburnum.

The image of the bride at the Ukrainian wedding

Ukrainian style wedding bouquet

Embroidery, harem pants are the most striking elements of a wedding suit for the groom. Harem pants should be bright red, and a wide belt serves as an addition to the image. The groom may confine himself to embroidered, linen or black dress pants. For decor, brightly embroidered vests of the Hutsul style are suitable. The main thing is not to be afraid to combine, complement your outfit with your details.

Options for groom's outfits for Ukrainian wedding

Ukrainian style wedding script

If you are planning a wedding in the Ukrainian style, you will have to observe many interesting, fascinating rites. It all starts with the ransom: the place where the bride lives is decorated with colored satin ribbons, flowers, fabrics with Ukrainian embroidery, fruit baskets. For the groom, the bride’s parents prepare interesting tasks and riddles in advance, and the bride herself is hidden among her friends, and the groom must pass a huge amount of tests to get to her.

Redemption of the bride in the Ukrainian style

Also, after the wedding ceremony, the parents of the young meet the bride and groom with bread and salt. The loaf acts as a loaf, which the newlyweds must bite off, and according to popular beliefs, who have bitten off a larger piece, he will lead the family. During the banquet, the most striking, unforgettable rite is considered custom. «choboty», the essence of which is that the son-in-law buys a pair of boots in advance and puts them on solemnly during the banquet. At the end of the ceremony, the son-in-law and the mother-in-law dance together to the cheerful, incendiary Ukrainian music.

We must not forget about such a romantic and touching tradition, which is called «transmission of a family hearth». The parents of the newlyweds light candles, the lights are extinguished in the hall, and the guests line up in a circle, holding unlit candles, everyone makes congratulatory speeches, warm words, escorting the young towards the new family. Ideal for competitions:

  • Karaoke with Ukrainian songs;
  • Competition for eating dumplings;
  • Dance competition for the best Ukrainian dance «hopak»;
  • Theft and ransom of the bride;
  • Contest «weaving wreaths»;
  • Theft of the bride’s slippers, etc..

Ukrainian wedding tradition - transfer of the family hearth

Room decoration in Ukrainian style

Decorating a room for a Ukrainian wedding is one of the most important organizational issues. To decorate the hall, you should choose colorful, warm colors that convey the atmosphere of a fun holiday. Clay pots, Ukrainian folk instruments, dried and fresh flowers, wreaths, satin ribbons will give a special zest to the decoration of the room.

Ways to decorate the hall for the wedding of the Ukrainian style

Tablecloths on tables can be made of linen, embroidered with beautiful ornaments, and real towels can be laid on chairs. Chairs can be replaced by long benches made of wood or beautiful wicker furniture. Tables should be filled with an abundance of Ukrainian dishes: dumplings, lard, home-made sausages, cabbage rolls and delicious Ukrainian borsch in pots. Do not forget about traditional Ukrainian drinks: kvass and vodka.

The decoration of the wedding table at the Ukrainian wedding

A wedding cake is required to convey the long-standing traditions of Ukrainian culture. For its proper design, bright colors, flowers of sunflower, poppies are suitable, and figures on the top of the cake should «to clothe» in Ukrainian folk costumes. In addition to the cake, the wedding table should be decorated with a festive loaf, which is considered a symbol of well-being and family happiness.

Options for a wedding cake in the Ukrainian style

Process video

Watch the video how the couple cheerfully and thematically celebrated the Ukrainian-style wedding celebration:

Ukrainian wedding is fun, romantic and provocatively. Bright national costumes give a special atmosphere to identity: an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. If you are looking for new ideas, then you should look for them somewhere in the old: old traditions, cultures, customs. Such a wedding will appeal to the newlyweds, their parents and guests. And the photos from the wedding ceremony will fill the family album and will remind you of this unpredictable, fun event.