How to decorate a wedding room with your own hands


Wedding traditions do not limit the venue of the celebration exclusively to the banquet hall and the registry office. According to customs, the wedding begins in the bride’s house, where the groom and his comrades and guests come to make a ransom, after which they take the girl to register the marriage. On this day, the bride's room should be decorated no less beautifully than the banquet hall. Especially nice if the wedding decor is done by the hands of the hero of the occasion.

Wedding room decor with flowers and pompons

How to decorate a room with your own hands

Decorate the bride's ransom room with available materials: for example, flowers, petals, candles, garlands, fabric, ribbons, balls, pompons. Such a wedding decor will look natural and laid-back, and the low cost will be a bonus, eliminating the need to go to bridal salons in search of finished jewelry, as well as full compliance with the girl’s expectations and design. Do-it-yourself decoration is at the height of fashion, the main thing – make it tasteful.

Wedding room decor: rope swing and pompons


Air balloons – it is a classic accessory for decorating events, it will never go out of fashion, because it represents lightness, joy, colors of life, a holiday as such. The decor element itself has not sunk into oblivion, but the methods for decorating it have changed significantly..

  • The bride’s wedding room will look more stylish if the balls are not just attached to the walls, curtains and doors, but filled with helium and released into «free flight» under the ceiling.
  • If the girl’s bedroom is spacious, helium balls can be fixed from below at any distance from the floor or furniture, preferably randomly, at random, so that the newlywed’s room is sufficiently filled with them. In large rooms, hearts or connected rings can be laid out with balls.
  • If the newlywed's room is small, then helium balls can be attached «bunches» a few pieces to a specific area of ​​the room – to the dish on the table, to the bed, flowerpot, dressing table or any other suitable place.
  • Balls can be laid out festive garlands, figures, words, paintings, wedding arches around the doors, spirals around the railing of the stairs, if the bride’s bedroom is located on the second floor of the house.
  • Wedding balls in the girl’s room should not be too colorful, if this is not in the design of the whole wedding. Ideal use 2-3 colors.
  • The decoration of the bride's room for the wedding with balloons can be combined with other materials and decorations: serpentine, ribbons, fabric, flowers or paper crafts.

Decoration of the bride's room with balloons

Garlands of hearts

Wedding garlands with hearts – the most romantic decoration that will suit any interior and room style. These are long threads (ropes or ribbons) on which hearts are attached, cut out of paper, foil, cardboard, fabric or any other material. They are made easily and quickly, and the atmosphere that these cute decorations in the room create is ideal for a wedding celebration. Wherein:

  • Wedding garlands with hearts can be hung both vertically and horizontally. Vertically – in the doorways or in the bride’s room itself from the ceiling to the floor. Horizontally – under the ceiling along the walls and windows.
  • The size, shape, and color of hearts may vary. You should not use too large a palette (if this is not included in the general idea of ​​designing a celebration), it is better to take 2-3 colors or various shades of any one. Suitable for the bride's room will be cherry, raspberry, red, pastel shades of pink, white, blue. Wedding hearts can also be made of paper with a pattern, for example, with the image of a musical staff, ornament or blurry silhouettes of the desired palette.

Making wedding garlands with magazine paper

  • Hearts can be complex work, with flowers, sparkles, beads, crystals laid out along the rim. But, as a rule, the less sloppiness in them, the more direct and organic they will look. It's better:
  1. Cut them out of colored paper or thick cardboard, over which stick heart-shaped pieces of fabric.
  2. Fold in a heart-shaped strip of paper or lace sealed with glue.
  3. Cut hollow hearts and interlock them like mating rings.
  • The easiest and most convenient mounting option – string (regular or decorative), because they will not distract attention from the general appearance. If the wedding is decorated in a marine style, then thin ropes of white color can be used instead of threads. For vertical garlands in the room, dense threads or fishing line are good. It is better to stick figures to ribbons or fix them indirectly: to the hearts loops, hooks or rings, which are then strung on ribbons.

Paper garlands of hearts for the room of the bride

Crepe Paper Pompoms

Pompons – these are voluminous paper flounces (crepe, packaging, papyrus paper is used), which are used for room decoration. Such original decorations for the bride’s room look expensive, but are easily made at home using inexpensive material. The bride can decorate her room with them, hanging along the walls, on a window or under the ceiling, arranging them in wedding garlands that can be hung horizontally, vertically, around the doorway, stair railings, fixed on the floor near the baseboards, lining the way for the groom.

To make such a wedding decoration, you will need paper, satin ribbon (for fastening the product, the pompom is also attached to the garland or wall / ceiling / baseboard / objects in the bride's room). Progress:

  1. Cut the paper into 20 by 20 cm squares. You should get 5-10 sheets per one pompom. The sizes of the squares may be different, the larger they are, the larger the decoration.
  2. Put the paper on top of each other, put it in one accordion, the width of the bend of which is about 2 cm.
  3. Fold the product in half, use scissors to make the corners more rounded, do not cut the bend point completely.
  4. Expand the accordion, the result should be a kind of bow or butterfly.
  5. Center the product in a narrow place. Leave the ends of the tape the length that allows you to hang the pompom to the desired height.
  6. Spread the decoration and hang it!

The technique of making pompons for wedding decor


Candles – A great option for decorating a wedding in the dark (although this is rare, because festivities start at the bride’s house in the morning) and in the cold winter season, when the light is associated with warmth and comfort. The bride can make the darkened atmosphere in the room artificially by curtaining the window with blackout curtains and turning off the light or darkening a certain part of the room (corner, bed, table, niche) – in this setting, the lights will look especially bewitching. Even in the bright bedroom of the bride, candles will look romantic, so it is appropriate to use them at any wedding.

Wedding room decoration with candles

  • Small flat candles will be appropriate to place in transparent bowls with water or flower petals.
  • If you are afraid of a fire, replace real candles with electric ones. – they will look no less spectacular.
  • Arrange them in the shape of a heart or inscription in the darkened area of ​​the bride's room.
  • Large candles will look great in shots (cylindrical glasses) or glasses of the desired diameter.
  • Place shots and large candles in groups of several different sizes.
  • Decorate candles with ribbons, flowers, sparkles, other decorations.
  • Make your own wedding candles by choosing the right colors for yourself.


Wedding decor of the bride’s room with a fabric looks original, it is simple in design. As decoration fit: tulle, lace, satin, silk, organza, crepe, taffeta, guipure. It is better to hang transparent fabrics from the ceiling, creating the atmosphere of a wedding tent, and drape the walls more densely. In addition, decorative elements (pompons, flowers, bows) can be created from them or existing objects (balls, lamps, lampshades) can be decorated. Unusual things will make the bride's room unobtrusively elegant.

Fabric room decor for bride

Rose petals

Rose petals – The fastest way to romance a bride’s wedding room. For these needs, it is better to use inflorescences of all shades of red, white and pink. It is better to work with reds in contrast, placing them on the surface (floor, table, dish) of light shades (best of all – beige). Pastel pink and cream petals look good in composition with objects and a surface of a similar tonality, but a little lighter shade.

Petals can be scattered in transparent dishes, on the floor, table, bed of the bride, they can be laid out the heart, inscriptions and wedding signs (for example, two rings). They combine perfectly with candles, fabrics, garlands creating the desired atmosphere of romance and natural, delicate beauty. However, such an ornament will not be stored for long without water, and therefore the bride should find out from the florist how to extend the life of flowers or decorate shortly before the arrival of the narrowed.

Decoration of the room of the bride with petals

Other options for decorating a room for a wedding

  • Room decoration with fresh flowers – A quick and beautiful way to decorate the premises with the gifts of nature. They are placed in vases of various heights and volumes in different places of the bride's room. It is better to use flowers of 1-2 shades of one or more species. Bouquets should be magnificent in relation to their capacity, there should be a lot of them in the bride's room.
  • Wedding flags – gather in garlands, can be of various shapes, sizes and colors. The main thing is that they look harmonious with the decoration and furniture of the bride's room. Such flags should be the same in tone, should be placed horizontally along the wall or the entire room.

Wedding flags for room decor

  • Garlands of crystals, stones, glass beads, light bulbs and shiny elements look very impressive, stylish and festive in the room. They are strung on a thread, tape, fishing line manually. Each part can be fixed at any distance from each other using knots.
  • Photos – printed in large and small size, framed – they will tell the guests the love story of the newlyweds and decorate the walls of the bride’s room at the time of the ransom and after it.

Bride Room Decor: Giant Flowers

Photo ideas – how to decorate a wedding room

Thinking about how best to decorate a room for a wedding, the bride should take into account her taste preferences, room options (size, lighting, decoration, objects, furniture), the nature of the design of the wedding as a whole, the amount of free time and money. Having estimated all these factors, you can develop a unique wedding decor that is most suitable for your home, and you can get ideas for inspiration from the photos below.

Photo of the decoration of the bride's room for the wedding

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