Lemon color wedding


Every year there are more and more weddings, ideas for which are gleaned from Western traditions. These include the creation of a thematic celebration - an event, all the details of which are sustained in a single style. These are the corresponding outfits of the newlyweds, the decoration of the premises and other wedding paraphernalia. The lemon wedding will be forever remembered by those present as bright and «fresher» event. A unique festive atmosphere will help to create a variety of yellow colors in the interior decor, dress code and even dishes at the wedding party.

Images of the newlyweds in a lemon style

If future spouses are determined to play a lemon wedding, it is a great idea to dress in the appropriate outfits or use fruit details in your decoration. The bride can choose a snow-white dress, on the waist of which a bright yellow ribbon is tied, decorate her hair with artificial lemon slices, put on a yellow hat with a flower and lemon composition. Yellow shoes will look interesting along with a light outfit. Also, the hero of the occasion can choose a dress of a bright lemon shade to support the theme of the wedding.

Newlyweds outfits with lemon details

A suit of gray, brown or black color (this is a classic) with bright accents will suit the groom. It can be socks, a lemon-colored tie or a shirt matching the symbol of the event. The composition of the boutonniere should contain the same elements as the bouquet of the hero of the occasion: the appropriate components would be slices of lemon and other exotic fruits, lemon-colored flowers, as well as plants that contrast beautifully with them (red, orange, green). The images of the heroes of the occasion should be in harmony with each other, and the bright details should be combined in tone.

Wedding options in lemon color

A great opportunity to experiment with future spouses gives a lemon wedding. Thanks to the bright holiday symbol, the bride and groom can come up with unusual color combinations, creating a unique mood for the celebration. Gamma yellow as if «warms up» the room is therefore suitable for hot summers to emphasize sunny weather, and for harsh winters, when you want to forget about frosts, get a little warmth and comfort. With lemon color, it is easy for newlyweds to create both a gentle, pastel design, and bright, contrasting.

Invitations and guest cards

Be sure to take the time to develop the style of wedding printing: seating cards, invitation cards, guest menus, tables with table names. The main thing to think about is invitations. This is the first thing that guests will understand about the style of the wedding. Postcards can be decorated with drawings with lemon or can be made in yellow colors. Artificial lemon slices, ribbons, and beads of the corresponding shade are suitable as decor elements. If a wedding dress code is planned for guests at the wedding, this must be indicated in the invitation.

Invitation cards with lemons.

Seating cards are needed during the banquet: they will help each guest find their place. To improve the mood of those present and to display the theme of the wedding in this element, the heroes of the occasion may show imagination. Real lemons will look interesting, on which a skewer is attached with the name of the guest who has arrived, instead of classic paper cards with a stand. Bonbonnieres with the guest's name may also play the role of this accessory: organizers can put delicious lemon candies or fragrant lemon oil inside an elegant box.

Lemons instead of wedding cards

Away ceremony decoration

Now the visiting ceremony is becoming more and more popular, because the perpetrators of the ceremony can register a relationship in their favorite place with a beautiful landscape: in the park, in a country estate, on the beach or even in the forest. Lemon styling should extend to this part of the celebration. What elements need to be considered when decorating an exit ceremony:

  • Wedding arch. The bride and groom can decorate this nature registration element with lemon fabrics, yellow ribbons, creepers, flowers, as well as a citrus symbol of the event..
  • Chairs. Guest seats can be decorated with white fabric and lush lemon bows. Vine chairs, wooden benches will look good.
  • Carpet. The role of the carpet, which will be the culprits of the wedding, can play a narrow strip of yellow fabric or plant petals, matching in color.
  • Registrar's table. This detail of the ceremony can be decorated with falling lemon cloth, decorated with flowers, citrus fruits, vines, ribbons. Watch a video that shows how beautiful the yellow-lemon wedding in Goa looks like:

Banquet room decor

When organizing a celebration in the lemon style, the original decor of the banquet hall is of great importance, because guests will spend a lot of time there - sometimes the celebration drags on to 12 hours. First you need to think about which room design they prefer: bright or more gentle and calm. Here are some examples of the decor of a banquet hall for a wedding:

  • Yellow and white decor. The combination of a bright lemon shade with a calm snow-white color is suitable for a classic wedding. White tablecloths with yellow napkins can cover the table; lemon shades will look great against the background of white tulle. Calm and vibrant tones of yellow in combination with white will create an original decor.

Yellow and White Wedding Palette

  • Yellow-pink wedding decoration. For those who want to add bright colors on the wedding day, the idea of ​​designing a lemon event using another bright shade - pink, is suitable. It can be a pink-coral palette or bright fuchsia - the color saturation should be chosen by the heroes of the occasion, taking into account their tastes.

Yellow-pink gamut of a wedding celebration

  • Yellow and blue room design. This is an unusual and beautiful design style. Lemon colors combined with a deep blue tint will create an interesting atmosphere during the wedding, similar to the blue sea and the scorching sun.

Yellow and Blue Wedding

  • Yellow-red design of the banquet hall. If you want to create a mood of solemnity, joy and warmth, a combination of red and lemon shades when decorating a wedding will be ideal.

Yellow-red decor at a wedding event

  • Yellow-green wedding. Lemon and lime are two citrus fruits, reminiscent of each other in appearance, they are perfectly combined together, both on the festive table and in the decoration of the room. Lime green along with a lemon tint will create a feeling of freshness and warmth during the wedding.

Yellow-green wedding

Accessories for a festive table

Guests spend a lot of time at a wedding banquet, communicating with those present at the festive table, so it must definitely be decorated with lemon accessories. Newlyweds can safely generate a variety of design ideas using the citrus fruit itself or its color scheme. Here are some details of the decor of the festive table that will look good during the banquet:

  • Vases. The newlyweds can put bright yellow flowers in this glass accessory, as well as put sliced ​​lemon slices inside. Opaque yellow vases will look great.
  • Lemon treats. Slices of lemon with sugar or marmalade in the form of citrus fruit - all this will be a wonderful decoration of the wedding table while serving dessert.
  • Bottles with alcohol. Organizers can order wedding-style stickers or decorate alcohol containers with dried lemon slices.
  • Lemons. Fruits neatly laid out on the table will be an excellent wedding decoration in a lemon style.
  • Yellow balls. Helium-filled air accessories will create a sense of celebration and will cheer up those present. The main thing is that guests should see each other because of their abundance on the table.
  • Candy Bar. This is not quite an accessory for the festive table, but a separate table with refreshments for guests, on which you can place lemonade, sweets with citrus filling, lemon slices.

Wedding Table Accessories

The combination of lemon color with other colors

The heroes of the occasion, who chose yellow for the wedding, were lucky, because it harmonizes with many other shades. Such a palette looks great in combination with all the shades of pink - salmon, dark pink, fuchsia, raspberry. Lemon tone will create a fresh combination with light green, turquoise, mint, green. The room where lemon yellow will be used with orange, coral, red, brown or sand will be filled with special warmth..

The combination of yellow with violet and deep blue looks bright and unusual, and white-lemon gamma will give a special solemnity to the event. The banquet hall decoration will look elegant with the use of white, yellow and black colors. But with the latter, it’s important not to overdo it, otherwise the wedding may be too gloomy.

Photo examples of a lemon wedding photo shoot

An obligatory stage of the wedding is a photo shoot. To keep the original celebration in mind for a long time, the newlyweds should hire a professional photographer. The specialist will help you choose the right props based on the theme of the wedding, make warm, sunny shots. For example, as in the selection of pictures from wedding photo shoots in lemon tones.