Wedding Organizational Matters

A wedding is a significant event that requires solving a host of pressing issues. The organization of a wedding, whatever it was, has always been a difficult process, therefore it requires special attention and approach.

Once, according to tradition, the wedding was played by the bride's parents. This was due, first of all, to the fact that it was the bride’s parents who provided the young dowry, and her husband took her for life guardianship and provision. At present, the organization of the wedding falls on the shoulders of both families or one that is more affluent.

As a rule, if you plan to play a wedding at home, then it is held in the bride's house. Time has only made its own minor adjustments. The cost of preparing and holding the wedding is paid by two families. And the main burning issues throughout this organization are the level of wedding and the share of cash costs for each family.

You should also pay special attention to the questions: how many guests to invite and whom exactly to invite? Indeed, to a large extent, the scale of the wedding and the budget will depend precisely on these issues. Ideally, it was not bad to invite an equal number of guests from the bride and the groom. This will avoid resentment and reason for endless gossip..

The organization of the wedding, perhaps, will take the greatest amount of time, since the success of the whole wedding as a whole will depend on good planning.

As a rule, rather according to tradition, after the registry office and weddings in the church, the newlyweds go for a walk around the city: lay flowers at the monuments, conduct photos and videos. Parents, in turn, go to a restaurant or home, preparing for the arrival of guests and young people after a walk. The place and time of arrival of the bride and groom is strictly agreed.

Further, when all the guests gathered, the young ones are already there, the wedding evening begins with a feast, games, gifts, congratulations, etc. Of course, at the entrance of the young, parents are greeted with bread and salt, and after all they are placed at the tables. The organization of the wedding also covers aspects and locations of guests at the tables. There are many options for accommodating guests: families, young people, people aged, etc. The main thing is that nobody was bored.

The first glass and toast, according to the wedding tradition, is declared by the father of the bride. Then guests can go to the young, present gifts, flowers, greetings.

There must be a toastmaster at the wedding, you can hire a person from the outside, or you can find a person "capable" among your friends and appoint him the host of the evening. The main thing is that he be cheerful, savvy, with a good sense of tact.

At the end of the festival, young people can leave without saying goodbye, but recently, young people remain until the very end. It happens that young people go straight from the wedding on their honeymoon, and the time when the bride changed her outfit was used for maternal instructions. Now, young people before the wedding have the opportunity to seek the advice of a sexologist, psychologist, lawyer, etc..