Is a wedding program a business?

Whom you choose to lead - a professional host, best friend, acting student or witness, in principle, it does not matter. BUT under certain conditions. Firstly, on the eve you stipulate all your wishes regarding the wedding program as a whole, do not forget to dwell on particulars such as competitions, dances, ransom rites, etc. Secondly, the leader should be a person without complexes and master the art of improvisation 100 percent.

It still begins with the ceremony of redemption of the bride from the home of the parental home. It is this ceremony that sets the tone for triumph. Usually, the witness scenario and the young girlfriends come up with a ransom scenario. But here a number of subtleties: do not vulgarize and do not tighten.

Further, the program for the wedding can continue during the wedding walk in Moscow before or after the official registration in the registry office or weddings in the church. If a large company is traveling, and even for a few hours, then contests, entertainments and tricks can be very useful. Actually, why not think over the scenario of the walk - the treasure hunt at the prompts may very well come in handy. Or riddles before going to the next stopping place will entertain guests. In this case, a witness and a witness can take the role of leaders, and the subtleties and nuances (preferably, not all, so that the intrigue is still preserved), it is better to discuss with the bride and groom in advance.

The next stage of the wedding program is a meeting of the newlyweds at the threshold of the banquet hall, with bread and salt, parents and the whole honest company of guests, as expected. Here, a professional toastmaster already enters the role.

The ceremony with the loaf was completed, the newlyweds found out who will be the main in the family (who broke off a larger piece), and who will manage finances (respectively, with a smaller piece). Guests greet the newlyweds with kind words, wishes, bouquets of flowers (without gifts) and “pave” the way to the hall with rice, cereals, rose petals and coins. Further, everyone is solemnly invited to a feast. And at first the groom and the bride pass, their parents and only then all the others.

The party usually begins with a toastmaster; he makes an opening toast. Beautiful, solemn, but not for long. You can provide this business to parents. But usually people are very worried, so it's best to give the floor to a professional. Take your time, but do not delay, otherwise the situation runs the risk of getting out of control. The next toast is usually spoken by parents or the closest relatives. And, of course, encourage the guests to shout "Bitterly!". While guests satisfy their hunger, do not let them get bored; find out if the bridegroom is generous and the bride is a good mistress. Do not forget about the music. After some time, you can arrange contests. Start with very easy and laid-back. You still have time to draw the whole company into action.

After the sixth toast, guests can be given the opportunity to present gifts. Our advice: better not to divide the congratulatory part into several blocks! And do not bore the audience with reading telegrams and postcards. Just in moderation! After this, you can declare a dance program, which the newlyweds must undoubtedly open. It can be stretched to half an hour. And then invite everyone to the game block. Here boldly organize collective games. What is appropriate, you will tell the public mood.

The next part of the wedding program is a loaf. Wedding cake or loaf contribute towards the end of the evening. Someone leaves for this part the presentation of gifts and the declaration of wishes. As you like. Do not forget about the jokes, music and fun. We will distribute the first pieces of sweet to parents, elderly guests and children. The rest can be put up for auction!

Traditions are not originally Slavic - an abandoned bouquet and (or) a garter. After that, the newlyweds can go on their first wedding night or on a honeymoon. Here, too, you can carefully beat these actions. Toastmaster calls guests to the hall again. And after dancing, she invites to the table, which already serves hot snacks. Here, too, there will be many contests, draws, presentations of new “titles” and other funs. Both karaoke and table-topical themed songs that invite all guests to sing together are not excluded..

This is how the program for the wedding will be built. All these blocks will need to be decorated. And it’s up to you to choose which palette. Do you want more romance, sparkling fun and surprises. What should not be in your picture is dull and gloomy colors, sour and dissatisfied physiognomies (well, except when pronouncing the word: "Bitter!").