Live music or a disco?


Musicians or a disco? Pros and cons.

About a dozen years ago, the question regarding the choice of musical accompaniment would have been resolved unambiguously, and the choice would have fallen on the musical ensemble. Then there was simply no alternative to “live music”, since audio recordings on reels and cassettes could not compete with either the sound quality or the meager repertoire. But today the situation is completely different.

Thanks to new developments in the field of technology, it was possible to significantly increase the level of sound recording quality (MD, CD), technical and lighting equipment made it possible to achieve efficiency.

The influence of time was reflected not only in the music, but also affected the banquet rooms for the wedding. Perhaps everyone can remember the large halls for more than 100-150 people, and weddings were then held for 40-50 people. Often in such restaurants there was a division into a banquet hall and a common place where they went out to dance.

Now the number of restaurants for weddings, cafes and banquet halls has increased significantly, not to mention their diversity. At present, it is easy to find a cozy little nest suitable for you, as well as a large banquet hall for 100 or more people, depending on wishes and requests.

Musical accompaniment. Who and what to choose?

As a rule, there are three options for musical accompaniment of the holiday..

  • "Live music" does not use soundtracks. Often the ensemble includes: drummer, bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, singer, etc..
  • Musical ensembles (2-3 people), which are analogous to "live music", use phonograms and electronic technical means (synthesizer, drums-machine, MDS). The composition of the ensemble: keyboard player, guitarist and singer, or keyboard player / singer.
  • Disco (without musicians) conducted by DJ.

Disco for a wedding as well as musicians for a banquet has its pros and cons.

The advantage of "live music" with the participation of the ensemble has a certain sounding energy, which allows you to create the appropriate atmosphere. Such a pleasure will cost you from $ 600 and above. It should also be noted that such a team has nowhere to stay in a small restaurant.

Today, a greater number of musical ensembles use electronic technical means, which allows you to reproduce the sound of missing instruments. Plus this type of musical accompaniment - the ability to get a harmonious, high-quality reproduction. The cost of such ensembles is half as much - $ 200-300.

The advantage of a disco at a wedding is that the modern musical repertoire is unlimited and is rapidly changing. Remembering and reproducing everything is simply not realistic. Therefore, recording studios often use sound effects that are very difficult or impossible to reproduce live..

In addition, many musical ensembles work with outdated material that is not able to "get" the audience, despite the good play of musicians. Also, they cannot work in non-stop mode. Therefore, a disco at a wedding is a competitive product that literally "steps on the heels" of musical ensembles.

Taking into account the corresponding dance "active" repertoire, good quality of reproduction, sound and lighting design, a disco at a wedding is much more effective than a musical ensemble.

"Who pays, he orders the music"

At the wedding, an audience of 20 years old is going to the elderly. The best option would be to use the "golden mean" - a musical ensemble in conjunction with a disco.

This combination will make your wedding comfortable for both you and your guests..

It should be noted that no record can replace a "live" game. Performing traditional wedding hits ("7-40", "Barynya", "Gypsy" and many others) can be safely entrusted to a musical ensemble, it will cope with this task like no other . Also, with the participation of the ensemble, various song contests can be held..

A disco at a wedding will be a good acquisition for young people. A disco is a wide field for activity, the most diverse "active" repertoire, playback quality and non-stop mode

Thus, you can please yourself, guests, and make your holiday - the wedding an unforgettable, unique and truly colorful event that will be remembered for a long time.