A wedding bouquet of carnations - the meaning and symbolism of how to make and arrange with your own hands (photo)


There is a certain bias regarding the use of carnations for decorating wedding accessories. Someone believes that these flowers are given only to men, since in ancient times they were woven into a wreath for the winner. Other girls consider cloves simple and uninteresting, therefore, do not present them in the form of wedding flowers. But in vain! A bouquet of lace buds in the hands of the bride looks great. This accessory will decorate the image of the newlywed, emphasize her tenderness and originality. How to choose a bouquet for the bride?

Design options for wedding bouquets of carnations

A bright red bouquet of carnations will look amazingly against the background of a white wedding dress. It will be especially appropriate if there are scarlet elements or accessories in the bride's dress. But the most popular among brides are white, pink, cream buds for compositions. For young newlyweds, a wedding accessory with a little buds will be an ideal option. Such tender flowers emphasize the purity, innocence of a young girl.

Older brides are better off picking full-bloomed buds for the wedding ceremony. Depending on the height of the girl, there may be different design options for the wedding bouquet. Miniature brides will look cute with small Shabo buds. And for newlyweds with a model appearance and high growth, flower arrangements of a round shape, as well as drop-down options, are suitable.

Arrangement with roses

If spray roses and carnations are the bride's favorite flowers, then they can become the basis of a beautiful and elegant accessory for the bride and groom. Traditionally, roses are the favorite flowers of florists for creating wedding compositions; they have amazing beauty and nobleness. If they are combined with carnations, it will turn out original and spectacular. Flowers in a wedding bouquet will look interesting both in one tone and in shades that are compatible with each other.

Roses and lace buds in the hands of the bride and groom

Combination with lisianthus

Delicate and romantic lisianthus look a bit like roses. This similarity gave them a second name - the Japanese rose. Lisianthus can be of different shades. Especially effective with carnations are cream, white, pink, and lilac Japanese roses. Lisianthus will add special beauty to the composition. The combination of Japanese roses and lace clove buds is perfect for young brides, because it emphasizes their purity and tenderness.

Red lace buds for a wedding

Mono-bouquet of white or red carnations

Looks great classic monophonic composition. If it is formed using only white buds, then it will emphasize the romantic image of the bride. And if it is a monochromatic red composition of carnations, then playing in contrast with a snow-white outfit, she will emphasize the bright and sensual image of the bride. Making a plain floral accessory for the bride and groom is simple: for this, form a round bouquet of flowers, cut the stems, tie the base, wrap it in green or black corrugated paper, fix the wrapper with a satin ribbon in tone.

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The meaning and symbolism of carnations in the bride's bouquet

Is it worth paying attention to the prevailing attitude to lace flowers? Judge for yourself, because these flowers were created to give joy to people with their delicious shades and shapes. Does it matter to modern man that Roman mythology ascribes to carnations the image of sad flowers? The answer is obvious - no! Therefore, if you love these flowers and want to use them to create a wedding bouquet, then you should not pay attention to prejudice.

In the Western world, a completely different attitude to these colors. It is popular to use carnations for decorating wedding events and creating a bridal bouquet. Interestingly, from Greek to Russian, the word «clove» translates as «divine flower». Therefore, some consider it the personification of love in the broad sense of the word. For florists, carnation is a symbol of female love, fidelity, freedom, honor.

Bride with carnations in a bouquet

Choosing buds of different shades in the composition, you can express your feelings and mood:

  • White carnation is a wish for success to all guests.
  • Pink flower petals symbolize the tender love of the mother for her children, so it is customary to give it to mothers.
  • Striped buds give to express failure.
  • One flower in a bouquet indicates consent or response «Yes».
  • For a bride with the qualities of a leader, it will be appropriate to choose a bright bouquet of red flowers.
  • Pink buds are suitable for a charming optimist.

Tips for choosing a wedding bouquet

There are over 300 varieties of carnations. However, only the Chinese, Turkish and garden variety of the flower is widely used for compositions. Carnations can be of different palettes: white, yellow, red, pink, lilac, two-tone. For a wedding bouquet, combinations of the following shades are well suited: red and pink, dark purple and lilac. The white bouquet looks especially festive and gentle. However, flowers of this shade quickly fade, especially in winter.

White, pink or scarlet buds are unusually well combined. These flowers will look spectacular not only in the hands of the bride: they are perfect for decorating a banquet, arch and other elements of the wedding hall. Combine them with green twigs, roses, craspedia and gypsophila. Often they are used to create round bouquets. To create an interesting composition, florists sometimes use only flowers without stems - they are tightly connected to each other. The result is an original wedding accessory.

Do-it-yourself master class on decorating a bouquet of carnations

Want to have original wedding flowers at the wedding? Make a bouquet yourself. So you will create a wedding accessory in which there will be a piece of your heart, soul. And this will give a special charm to your creation, and also convey through it your festive mood to the groom and all guests at the celebration. Looking at your wedding photos years after the wedding, you will be pleased to see the floral masterpiece that you created on them. You can tell an interesting story about its design to your future children.

The following plants are required to create a wedding flower accessory: lilies of the valley, twigs of myrtle, Turkish carnations, white hyacinths. We cut the stems of all the flowers, and instead of them we insert the floristic wire. This is due to the fact that the stems are thicker than the wire and when forming a composition with a large number of flowers, its handle will be too thick, uncomfortable. The wire bends well, which allows you to set the composition elements in the desired position. Materials and tools for creating a bouquet:

  • Carnations - 11 pcs..
  • Lilies of the valley - 15 pcs..
  • Hyacinths - 10 pcs..
  • Myrtle Myrtle - 5 pcs..
  • Floristic wire - 45 cm per flower.
  • White satin ribbon - 1.5 m with a width of 1.5 cm.
  • Scissors, glue, floral paper.

The process of creating a flower arrangement:

  • It is best to do the composition a few hours before the ceremony. Freshly cut flowers must be put in water for 3 hours before forming a bouquet.
  • We take a clove, cut off her stems below the bud by 3 cm.
  • With a wire (45 cm) we pierce the stem at the base of the flower.
  • We stretch the floral rod through the stem so that its ends are at the same level.
  • We wrap the stalk-wire with a floral tape tape, starting from the puncture site and down to the end of the rod. Wrap the rod several times with tape. So we do the imitation of the stem.
  • We take lilies of the valley, remove leaves from them. We form them in bundles of 3-4 pcs. We wrap them with a floristic rod, and then with special paper. We leave the leaves with lilies of the valley to form a bouquet.
  • We collect in a bunch of 11 prepared carnations in the form of a heart. This must be done very gently, because these buds are too fragile. When you put them together, you will notice voids in the composition.
  • We fill the empty seats with prepared bunches of lilies of the valley, hyacinths, twigs of myrtle. After that, we insert the leaves of lily of the valley into the voids of the bouquet. So we get a composition with outward directed flowers. We connect the stems with a special floral ribbon.
  • The base of the composition is wrapped in a spiral with a satin ribbon (1.5 cm wide). We fix it with glue, as well as decor.
  • Photo of beautiful wedding bouquets for the bride from carnations

    Delicate and romantic, bright and passionate, pastel, original - carnation flowers attract the attention of florists and form the basis of many wedding arrangements. Having become popular for a very long time, this flower does not lose its qualities even now. One of the main advantages of the plant is the fact that the buds for a long time retain freshness and beautiful appearance. This means that the bouquet in the hands of the bride will not fade at the end of the celebration..

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