Wedding bouquet of freesia and spray roses, callas, eustoma (photo)


The bride’s bouquet is an important element in the wedding image. A well-chosen attribute will emphasize the design of the dress and the beauty of the future wife, and will complete the chosen style. If you want to add a twist to your composition, then use rare flowers, such as freesia. A wedding bouquet of exquisite freesias will be a real addition to any look, as they are gaining more and more popularity due to the amazing variety of smells and shades..

What a flower?

This extraordinary plant was introduced to Europe in the 18-19 century, its native country is South Africa. Now it is mainly grown in greenhouses and greenhouses of the Netherlands. Previously, freesian flower arrangements could only be afforded to people of the upper class, which is why they are still considered a sign of aristocratic taste..

Types of freesia

There are almost 200 varieties of this inflorescence, and the color scheme is simply amazing: pale white, cream, orange, bright purple. You can choose a shade for any image and style. The plant also has a magnificent, strongly pronounced fragrant aroma that everyone will like.

Freesia bride bouquet options

A combination of white flowers will become a classic version of a wedding bouquet of freesia, it will be suitable for a wedding in a traditional style, it will complement the style of any wedding dress. Combine these elegant inflorescences, composing different colors: white and red, bright purple with cream and orange.

Experienced florists can also harmoniously add other plants to the composition. Freesia look great with roses, peonies, lisianthus, lilies. Since they have a bright aroma, they should not be interfered with the smell of perfumes or other strongly smelling plants. The design is better to use minimalism. For a successful completion, decorate the wedding composition with ribbons, beads.

Arrangement for a wedding with aristocratic flowers

Mono-bouquet of white freesia

The ideal variation of the wedding arrangement will be the choice in favor of white freesia. Such a bouquet is strict and aristocratic in its simplicity and does not distract, but even emphasizes the beauty of the bride. The white bud is a symbol of tenderness, purity, purity, fidelity. Flowers can stand for more than 10 days, so they can stand one wedding day without problems, while maintaining a fresh, beautiful view without portbuketnitsa.

Composition for the bride in white

Bridal bouquet of freesia and spray roses

Rose has a reputation for being the queen of flowers, which means it will become an appropriate addition in every bouquet. Shrub roses are more delicate, smaller than usual in size, they harmoniously fit aristocratic freesia, forming an excellent duet. Compositions with light scarlet roses, softer with pastel-colored roses will look bright. Arrange the wedding bouquet according to the general style and atmosphere, approaching the celebration perfectly.

Attribute for the bride with a spray rose

Combination with eustoma

Eustoma, or as it is also called, lisianthus, a wonderful representative of the flower family of far abroad. Loving florists call it the French rose, which speaks of elegance, beauty - inherent in this outlandish flower. The tandem of freesia and eustoma is magnificent! They are similar in their tenderness, they contrast in form. Clear, strict lines of form and soft buds look chic together. With color options also don't be afraid to experiment. Breeders brought out many shades of these amazing flowers, which gives a choice for a more whimsical bride.

Wedding bouquet with eustoma

Wedding bouquet of freesia and callas

Callas are known for their original form, an abundance of rich juicy palette. Composition with callas is a combination of opposites and contrasts, it looks spectacular. Oblong, with sharp endings, calla lilies and delicate delicate freesias will complement each other. The colors of the wedding bouquet can also be played in contrasts - dark purple callas with freesias in bright colors. Or vice versa, picking up everything in the wedding one color, for example, in white, is gentle and stylish.

Flowers reveal large inflorescences and never single buds. Such wedding flowers will be a sign of the birth of a new, future large family. This flower is considered a symbol of trust, serious intentions. Given by the groom, they mean mutual trust in each other. Such a bouquet will become a stylish element in any wedding photo, and the bridesmaids will look forward to catching this magnificent attribute of the wedding.

Beautiful bouquets of freesia (photo)

Beautiful composition with freesia