Throwing a bride's bouquet with ribbons - where did the tradition come from and how to do it right


A wedding is the happiest and most solemn moment in the life of every girl. In order for this event to leave vivid and bright memories, the young will have to make a lot of efforts, because the whole organization falls on her shoulders. As a rule, at the end of the evening a traditional throwing of the bride’s bouquet with ribbons is held. This part of the wedding feast is very popular among young unmarried girlfriends who dream of finding a life partner..

Where did the tradition to throw the bride’s bouquet come from??

It is difficult to answer where such a beautiful ceremony as the bride throwing flowers takes its roots. Each country has similar traditions. However, most versions have one similarity - for the first time the transfer from the bride to an unmarried girlfriend was carried out in the United States. But it is believed that the Americans borrowed this beautiful custom from Jewish weddings.

In antiquity there was no bride throwing a bouquet with ribbons. The girl just passed it to her friend. Over time, the tossing of flowers began and it is believed that the friend who caught the bouquet next will marry during the year. There are many useful things for unmarried friends of the groom. Catching the bouquet, its future owner stood near the bride and subtly hinted to her chosen one that she was ready to create a full-fledged family.

The tradition of throwing a bride's bouquet

How to throw a bouquet with ribbons?

If you don't like the classic throwing option, consider others. A great alternative is to use multi-colored satin ribbons. Thanks to this, the traditional ceremony that takes place at each wedding will become more unusual and interesting. Before throwing a bouquet with ribbons, the bride should conduct a little preparatory work.

Colored satin ribbons are taken in advance (you can use one shade, there are no strict restrictions), the number of which should correspond to the number of unmarried girlfriends. Every guest will not be able to participate in this wedding contest, because it is held especially for young girls, for whom marriage is very important.

The bride ties one of the taken ribbons to the flowers, and she just needs to hold all the others in her hand, but firmly so that the applicant does not understand that she has taken the non-attached. Then you need to invite the girls to take one ribbon in their hand, which they choose at random. Then the girlfriends simultaneously pull for them, and the bride releases a bouquet. He will go to that unmarried girl who chooses the right ribbon. Most importantly, tie the bouquet tight so that it does not slip.

How to throw a bouquet

There is another option for the bride tossing a bouquet with ribbons tied to it. The young woman takes a bouquet and ties all the ribbons on it, then the girl becomes in a circle (girlfriends should literally surround her). Each friend should take one tape, then the girls take a round dance to the slow music, and the bride at this time picks up scissors, picks flowers above her head and begins to cut the ribbons one by one. If a ribbon with a bouquet tied to her remains in the girl’s hands, this is a sure sign that she will soon become a bride.

The words of the leader before the throw

Before holding this competition, the facilitator can make a beautiful eyeliner, in which he will tell a little about the tradition of throwing a bouquet, what it means and in connection with which it appeared. During the story, the host must mention that the girl who received the main prize (bouquet) will find happiness and will marry her lover in the coming year. Leading can help the bride to conduct this ceremony.

How to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands?

If you decide to make a beautiful wedding bouquet yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • portbuketnitsa, which will not let the flowers fall apart at the most unexpected moment (you can buy it at any store for florists);
  • flowers for making a wedding composition;
  • organza or other transparent tissue that holds its shape well;
  • ribbon for tying the finished bouquet;
  • wire;
  • special floristic glue;
  • addition to the main colors (for example, twigs, leaves, twigs);
  • decorations for the finished bouquet (ribbons, beads or bows).

Once all the materials have been prepared, you can begin to create a wedding bouquet, adhering to the following scheme:

  • Take tulips (7 pieces) of a gentle pastel shade, panicums (5 pieces), scissors, pruner, thread and green floral wire, organza (soft pink), white beads with a diameter of 1 cm (15 pieces). You may need colored paper and a light cord to tie a wedding bouquet.
  • Cut a strip of organza (width about 30 cm), fold in half, cut into even parts (strictly in the middle). Make 4 such rectangular blanks.
  • Fold the rectangles in half, but not reaching the fold line, cut parallel stripes (width about 3 cm).
  • Using a wire, you need to form a small decorative bow. Then twist its legs together and fix the base. Make sure that one leg is slightly longer than the second (this is the stem for the future «flower»).
  • We strictly collect all the tulips at the same level and evenly place the stems of the panicum.
  • We place decorative organza flowers inside and on the sides.
  • Take a green lace and tie the stems together. Then we additionally knit the flowers a little higher, so that they do not lose their shape.
  • Using a pruning shear, slightly shorten the stems and remove all excess petals so that the bouquet takes on a beautiful shape.
  • In a circle we add previously cut green leaves.
  • We knit a wedding bouquet using a floristic thread, and on top we wrap it several times with a decorative cord.
  • We take a box with white beads and string a few pieces on the end of the cord (you need to make sure that they do not fall out), and then tie the lace itself at the ends.
  • It is worthwhile to make an understudy of the bouquet in advance, in case the first one is disheveled and becomes unattractive by the end of the day.
  • Self made wedding bouquet

    How many tapes are needed

    Many brides are most concerned about the question of how many ribbons will need to be taken. Here, the answer directly depends on how many unmarried girls you invited to your wedding. In order not to accidentally find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and not inadvertently offend a good friend, prepare in advance some more spare ribbons in reserve. Perhaps one of your married friends has already managed to divorce, but did not have the opportunity to tell you this news, or unplanned guests will arrive for the celebration.

    Length and color

    A wedding bouquet is the key to the competition, so it must be compelling. To diversify this traditional entertainment, you can turn it into a dance with your girlfriends. The most important thing is that the ribbons are not mixed up during the movement. It is worth considering not only the color scheme, but also the length of the ribbons. When choosing a color, consider the shade of the wedding bouquet and the style in which the celebration takes place. Each ribbon should be at least a meter long, but don't make them too long.

    Throwing a bouquet with satin ribbons

    At first glance, it might seem that throwing a bride’s wedding bouquet with ribbons is a very simple rite that does not require any preparation. But this is not so! The holiday should go perfectly, even without minor oversights, so think carefully in advance the entire entertainment program, including throwing a bouquet.