How to choose an umbrella for a wedding?


The history of the umbrella is rooted in ancient times. Already in the 5th century in ancient Greece, women used umbrellas as fashion accessories. Ten centuries later, European fashionistas strolled with umbrellas in the palace parks. And in the 19th century, inventive Chinese found a way to make the umbrella water-repellent. Since then, umbrellas have mainly been used to protect against rain. Nevertheless, this accessory has not lost its appeal to stylists who create more and more new models of umbrellas. And brides can take them to a photo shoot or decorate or a holiday.

Lace umbrella

The most popular type of umbrella at weddings is lace. There is nothing surprising. It perfectly complements the image of the bride, especially, along with a lace veil and dress trim. Such an umbrella is well suited for romantic and themed wedding photography (vintage or historical).

Wedding lace umbrella

Funny umbrellas with prints

For the bride and groom with a sense of humor, the wedding portal can recommend bright multi-colored umbrellas or models with fun prints. Such accessories will make the photo shoot fun and exciting. Using «serious» and funny umbrellas, have fun at a wedding photo shoot, tell stories. A good option - joint frames with guests.

Wedding Umbrella

Chinese paper umbrellas

Chinese umbrellas perfectly decorate the wedding, as well as photography. They can arrange buffet zones or exit registration. They are good for summer photography, when thanks to the sun, you can draw silhouettes. In addition, such umbrellas are exotic enough to use at theme weddings..

Chinese umbrella for wedding

Personalized umbrellas

Trying to personalize everything? Want to express yourself creatively at a wedding? Do it yourself or order unique umbrellas according to your designs. For example, write your own names, initials, words on an umbrella «love» or «thank», date of celebration, etc. These accessories are original. Use them both in photography and in the design of the wedding hall.

Personalized Wedding Umbrella

Transparent umbrella

An ideal option for wedding photo shoots is a transparent umbrella. It is quite unusual, so it looks good in photographs. He will allow the photographer to experiment with staged shots, choosing the most original scenes. This will make photos look like frames from a movie.

Transparent umbrella for a wedding photo shoot

Fabric Umbrella

The original item is a voluminous fabric umbrella. It can be ordered at specialized wedding accessories stores or made with your own hands. To do this, you need to purchase several flaps of fabric, twist them and sew them on an umbrella, preferably white. A fabric umbrella will make photos unusual. It is good for bright colors weddings..

Umbrella made of fabric for a wedding

Small dessert umbrellas

Small paper umbrellas make it easy and fun to decorate the wedding. They are inexpensive and colorful, which makes them especially convenient for use in wedding preparations, the site is sure. Use them to decorate desserts, drinks, bonbonnieres, planting cards, and flower bouquets on tables. They will make the holiday more original, joyful and stylish..

Dessert umbrellas for wedding decoration

Large garden umbrellas

Are you planning to organize a wedding in the garden? Umbrellas, large, garden ones are also useful here. They will shade tables and make the banquet more comfortable. A good idea is to use umbrellas of the same color as the greens in a given period of the year. Then the umbrellas will become as if transparent. On the other hand, when arranging a color wedding, it is worth giving preference to bright umbrellas corresponding to the chosen shades.

Garden Umbrellas for Wedding Decoration

Umbrellas are a convenient and colorful accessory for a wedding. Choose the style that is most suitable for the style of the wedding. And then it will turn out to arrange the holiday in an original and colorful.