Bridal cap for the bride - wedding cap models with photo


Bridal cap

Recently, modern brides are increasingly abandoning veils in favor of original accessories that can effectively emphasize the creativity and personality of their possessor. The bridal cap is an original version of a festive headdress, the perfect choice for a stylish feminine girl. Elegant hats are usually made of delicate lace material or tulle. Similar accessories are adorned with lush fabric flowers, stones, ribbons, feathers and other decorative elements..

Decor ideas for the wedding cap "bridal cap"

Traditionally, the image of a beautiful bride is associated with others with a luxurious white dress, a lush veil. Nowadays, young girls prefer not only unusual wedding dresses, but also bright original accessories. Of particular popularity are the neat elegant bridal cap, decorated with elegant lace, artificial flowers, pearls or, for example, beads. Such a piece of clothing is perfect for a restrained vintage style, as well as for Hollywood glamor..

Openwork lace wedding cap

Openwork headdress will be a spectacular accessory for the bride who wants to emphasize her modesty, femininity, charm. The delicate lace fabric framing the hair of a beautiful girl looks incredibly refined, sophisticated. If you wish to dilute the festive toilet with the original «zest», but you don’t want to lose the innocent look inherent in a classic wedding robe, an openwork cap will be an excellent choice for decorating your hair.

Lace hat for a feminine bride

With large fabric colors

Wedding bridal cap is increasingly decorated with spectacular fabric colors. Such an elegant accessory with a lush bud will make the image unusual, but at the same time incredibly feminine, bewitching. A headpiece decorated with a flower on the side is perfect for retro style. The appropriate style of dress and makeup will help to fully reflect the theme of the wedding celebration.

Fabric flower - spectacular decor of the bride’s beanie

Beaded or beaded

The bride’s graceful holiday cap embroidered with sparkling stones, beads, and beads will ideally fit into the glamorous style of the holiday, designed in the spirit of old Hollywood. Such a bright spectacular accessory cannot be left without attention and the enthusiastic looks of the invited guests. Unusual headdress - the choice of a bold creative nature who wants to emphasize his individuality, extraordinary.

Hat with rhinestones for the bride

Feather Decorated

The hat, decorated with lush feathers, will surely appeal to bright confident girls who are not afraid of daring experiments and original solutions. A spectacular accessory with feathers obliges you to choose the appropriate given theme for the outfit. All details of the image should complement each other, reflect the style of celebration. Feathers in the decor of the wedding hat - a stylish accent that emphasizes the tenderness, femininity of the hero of the occasion.

Feathers in the bride's headdress

Bridal Cap Hoop

Bridal cap are often performed in the form of hoops. This is a great alternative for brides who do not want to abandon the traditional wedding accessory - veils. The accessory in the form of a wide rim, richly decorated with elegant lace fabric, stones, rhinestones and beads, will be a wonderful addition to the delicate image, pay attention to femininity, sophistication of the hero of the occasion.

Bridal cap in the form of a hoop for the bride

What hairstyle is suitable for the headdress "bridal cap"?

On their wedding day, every girl wants to look perfect. Many brides a few months before the momentous event begin to carefully choose a festive dress, makeup, hairstyle. If you decide to decorate your look with an elegant bridal cap, pay special attention to the selection of a suitable styling. To do this, scroll through themed catalogs with holiday hairstyles. In many ways, the choice of styling depends on the appearance and style in which the headpiece is made.

Vintage style is especially popular. Feminine retro styling will be a great complement to the thematic image. An elegant veil, a hat of tulle or lace decorated with elegant fabric flowers, rhinestones, and beads will help to emphasize the chosen style. The ideal hairstyle for a vintage wedding is flowing locks to your shoulders, short curls or neatly tied hair in a low asymmetric bun.

Photo of wedding caps "bridal cap"

A wedding hat is an original stylish accessory that will be a wonderful addition to a vintage look. The rich variety of design decisions in relation to this festive headdress will allow each culprit of celebration to choose an option that matches perfectly with a wedding dress. Hats are made of delicate airy tulle or ornate lace, decorated with decorative elements - from lush flowers made of fabric to shiny stones and rhinestones. Look below a photo selection of stylish models of wedding caps and choose a style for yourself.