Wedding waltz


During the festive banquet, guests look forward to the moment when the newlyweds for the first time as a husband and wife perform a wedding dance. As a rule, the newlyweds try to prepare well for this part of the event in order to perform beautifully and please those present with an elegant staging. A wedding waltz is perfect for a classic formal event – Ballroom dance, known around the world. A touching performance of a choreographic homer will win the hearts of guests, tell them about the sincere love of a dancing couple, give pleasant emotions to the newlyweds.

Which waltz is better to choose for a wedding dance?

In recent years, newlyweds around the world have been experimenting with unusual wedding dances for dance performances. – tango, jive, swing, surprise dance, rumba, but the wedding waltz remains one of the most popular. Refined movements and various figures of this classical dance allow creating a unique mood for the performance. There are two options for performing ballroom choreography – it is a slow and smooth waltz, rhythmic and fast-moving Viennese waltz. What type of dance to choose – depends on the wishes of the heroes of the occasion.

Beautiful spouses dancing movements

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese version of this dance is suitable for studying for those couples who already have some dancing experience, since it is performed at a fast pace and requires precise movements. If the future spouses, who have never before been engaged in ballroom dancing, want to choose this style for a wedding performance, then you need to spend a lot of time for training. To make all movements look beautiful, interesting, delight guests, you should use competent figures when creating a wedding waltz – it will help make a professional choreographer.

As a rule, before the wedding, the bride and groom need to come for at least 8-10 lessons, this is enough to make a simple but effective version of the dance. If you want to put the original Viennese waltz with complex figures, supports, then it may take much more time. The exact number of hours of preparation will depend on the preparedness of the future spouses and the duration of the number. An experienced choreographer will be able to immediately say how much time it will take for the couple to bring the couple's wedding arrangement to perfection.

Slow waltz

Slow Wedding Waltz – the second most popular wedding dance for a celebration after Vienna. The movements during this dance number are more gentle, smooth, and from this the whole production looks light and airy. This waltz is chosen by young couples who have little time for preparation (only a few lessons) or experience in dancing, and those who want to create a beautiful touching composition. The slow version is suitable for older people who, due to their age, cannot move as fast as young heroes of the occasion.

Despite the fact that the slow look of a waltz for a wedding is much easier to perform, future spouses need to try hard so that such a performance does not look boring. Due to the calm pace, the guests present will pay special attention to the clarity of movements, the position of the dancers' corps. Frequent changes of figures, support will help to make a slow waltz interesting..

What kind of music to choose for the dance of the newlyweds?

Music plays a big role in creating a unique mood for the wedding dance. Newlyweds need to carefully consider the selection of the composition, taking into account their own wishes, abilities. Many couples find a song for the dance number helps the choreographer, who comes up with a production for the heroes of the occasion. The look of a professional and his advice when choosing a composition will enable future spouses to perform a truly beautiful dance.

Some young people can calmly dance to the part of the waltz played on the piano, and someone needs a clear rhythm, bright accents to understand where the transition from one part of the dance to another is located. For future spouses, who find it difficult to harmonize movements with music, a professional will find compositions with a well-heard drum part: this way celebrators will be able to get in time. For a wedding dance, a couple can pick up music with words or a backing track for a famous song.

The classics for wedding dance are extremely popular: «Spring Waltz» French composer Chopin, waltz «Blizzard» Vivaldi, solemn compositions by Giuseppe Verdi, gentle Waltz waltzes, «Waltz of the Flowers» Schubert. Separately, it is worth mentioning the rich heritage of the compositions of Johann Strauss: after listening to the work of this composer, the newlyweds will definitely be able to find a suitable work. Even for the production, the Mendelssohn March can be used, which often sounds in the registry office, converted into a waltz.

Listen to Waltz tunes

If the future spouses do not know what composition to choose for the solemn dance number during the banquet, it is worth paying attention to several popular tunes. On the links below you can listen and download the Viennese waltz of Sarah Brightman «Child of the moon», famous Strauss work, Wagner waltz composition, «Waltz of the Flowers» Tchaikovsky and fairy tale music for the dance from the movie about Harry Potter.

A selection of beautiful wedding waltz

The first dance of the newlyweds – it is always a touching event. In order to look good during the performance, future spouses must spend many hours in intense training. Preparing for some couples can be a difficult test, but it will give an excellent result. – positive reaction of guests and wonderful memorable photos. If the heroes of the occasion forever want to capture the dance performance, it is necessary to hire a professional cameraman who will shoot video on good equipment, mount frames and burn to disk.

Inviting a video operator can be expensive, but the quality of the video will be much better than the free video shot by the guests of the celebration. A professional will install two or more cameras to record from multiple angles, and then use those frames for editing that will most emphasize the wedding dance.