Places for a wedding walk in Moscow


A wedding walk after registration of marriage has become an integral part of the festive event. At this time, you can make a lot of colorful and memorable photos, videos. Special attention must be paid to route planning. The choice of places for a walk will depend on the location of the wedding palace, the restaurant in which the banquet is organized, and on the time of year.

List of places for a wedding walk in Moscow: photos

If you are having your wedding in Moscow, you are in luck; it is a beautiful city with a unique history and amazing memories. On its territory there are a huge number of places for walking newlyweds, which are characterized by incredible picturesque and original architecture. To have time to visit a maximum of attractions, pre-compose a route from several popular places.

If you have a wedding in rainy autumn or winter, give preference to indoor facilities. For example, a variety of trade and exhibition halls or covered bridges are ideal. And in the summer, stop your choice in open places - museum complexes, old estates, beautiful sites. Consult a photographer with a route that will help you choose colorful places for wedding walks and photo shoots..

Wedding in Moscow

Manor Kuskovo

The real pearl of Europe and a great place for a wedding photo shoot is the Kuskovo estate. Here is a palace with a large number of pavilions, unique sculptures, and next to it is a picturesque pond, a well-kept old park, which amazes with its beauty at different times of the year. On the estate there is a beautiful greenhouse, grotto, church.

Entrance is paid, an exception is made only to the newlyweds and their witnesses. Separately, you will need to purchase special coupons for video or photo shooting, which should be taken care of in advance. It is forbidden to shoot indoors, but even the old facades will make the wedding trip unforgettable. At the entrance, the guard carefully monitors that visitors do not bring alcohol and food.

Kuskovo manor for a wedding walk

Manezhnaya Square

Manezhnaya Square, an architectural complex erected in 1817, is very popular among newlyweds. It is very close to the Red Square, and on the opposite side is adjacent to the Historical Museum. Incredibly beautiful architecture is located here - decorative balustrades, squat trading premises, sculptural groups that were erected at the end of the 20th century, the Moscow Museum of Archeology. This is just the perfect place for a honeymoon and photo shoot amid a variety of interiors.

Manezhnaya square for a wedding walk

Red Square

This place is traditionally popular as an option for a honeymoon for many honeymooners. Here is a huge selection of ancient architectural monuments that are suitable for a photo shoot - St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow towers that can send you to the distant 15th century. The architectural ensemble is located almost in the center of the city and has a very convenient location. Beautiful photos will turn out against the backdrop of the Intercession Cathedral, which fascinates with the incredible beauty of ancient architecture.

Red Square for a wedding walk

Well, is it possible to visit Red Square and not visit the main store of the GUM country? On its territory you will take many colorful photos. Be sure to lay flowers at the Eternal Flame, visit the observation deck, Bolshoi Moscow Bridge, where the video operator will make a production shoot of the spouses. In the background there will be a picturesque river, in which the Kremlin wall is reflected, and a unique panorama of the capital.

GUM for a wedding photo shoot

If the style of “Dandies” was chosen for the celebration, the Kremlin is one of the famous sights against which such wedding photo sessions are held. The square itself was made of pavers, but in the photo it looks especially elegant. The bride’s white dress matches perfectly with the red walls of the Kremlin and the multi-colored domes of the cathedral. Beautifully lit by lanterns, this place magically looks in the evening.

Red Square in the evening

Red Square is surrounded by a unique architectural ensemble, so it gives wide scope for creativity. If you decide to hold your wedding in the winter season, this street is perfect for a photo shoot. During the New Year holidays, this area turns into a large skating rink in the open. But then you have to rent skates, because its length is more than 500 meters.

Museum-Estate «Kuskovo»

This is not only unique, but also a very romantic place for a wedding walk, which once belonged to Count Sheremetyev. The refined palace of the museum-estate "Kuskovo" captivates with its unique architecture of the 18th century. The building is surrounded by a beautiful park, as well as a pond, the expanse of which reflects the delightful ensemble of the estate - tall columns, clear lines, stucco molding made in the style of classicism. The wedding photos will certainly preserve the luxury and nobility of the estate.

Museum-Estate Kuskovo

A museum is open here for honeymooners, where you can hold a wedding photo shoot. Do not forget to get permission to shoot in advance so as not to be in an uncomfortable situation. Only in this case, for the ideas of the wedding photo shoot, you will be allowed to use pieces of furniture. The interior of the palace contains a lot of ancient elements, but special attention should be paid to a wide luxurious staircase, as well as ramps, which were decorated with sphinx figures.

During a wedding walk, it is worth visiting the Dutch house, which fascinates with its beauty. It almost completely preserved the original decor. Do not forget to visit the Italian House - this is a unique architectural monument, which gives a chance to plunge into the chic era of the distant 18th century. You can make beautiful photos in the Stone and American greenhouses. Against the background of the snow-white dress of the bride, exotic flowers look bright. Another place not to be missed during a wedding walk in Kuskovo is the Grot Pavilion, which retained the decoration of the 18th century.

Museum-Estate «Ostankino»

When making a route for a wedding walk, you need to take into account the time allotted for the photo shoot. Almost always it is limited, and I want to make more beautiful photos as a keepsake. Therefore, it is worth visiting the estate museum «Ostankino», which impresses with its beautiful architecture. This magnificent palace, once owned by Count Sheremetyev, was erected in the distant 18th century, but was able to preserve all the beauty and unique decoration of those times.

Ostankino Manor for a photo shoot

The colorful walkway in the park leads to the old palace, which contains sculptural compositions, paintings, as well as unique graphics. There is a great chance to capture the beauty of the architectural ensemble surrounding the estate, which is well preserved, on the wedding photo. Of greatest historical value are the Egyptian and Italian pavilions.

There is a theater on the estate, the stage of which can be an ideal place for a colorful photo shoot of the newlyweds, as well as complement the wedding walk, leaving fond memories. Around the palace there is a small picturesque park area with linden alleys. Be sure to take a picture of yourself in the park against the background of old decorative marble vases, statues-germ.

During a wedding walk in the park you will not pass the arbor-temple, made in snow-white tones, which is located on a small hill. Rising to it, you will see most of the Ostankino estate. Do not forget to walk along the modern part of the park, on its territory there are snow-white shops that can become a great place for relaxation and beautiful photos.

Photosession in the park of the Ostankino estate

Vorontsov park

This is an amazing place that you should definitely visit during a honeymoon. On the territory of the Vorontsov Park there are many old trees, against which the newlyweds should take pictures - unique copies of linden, elm, oak. There are not only picturesque alleys, but also restored buildings of the 18-19th century, a unique cascade of ponds.

Photosession in Vorontsov park

Botanical Garden named after Qitsin

A wedding walk in the Botanical Garden will give not only colorful photos, but also an unforgettable experience. This is one of the largest parks in all of Europe, it contains unique expositions of subtropical, tropical plants, as well as arboretums, cultural, ornamental plants. The Botanical Garden has a rich collection of exotic cultures, the landscape changes literally every 200 meters - instead of the majestic groves, romantic ponds appear on which the couple can ride a boat.

Photosession in the Botanical Garden

The main building of the garden looks very beautiful and elegant - the columned view is replaced by a mirror pond, which reflects the amazing beauty of plants. Here you can make a pleasant wedding walk, take a lot of amazing pictures, and the blue sky background will make your photos bright and beautiful. The park is uniquely beautiful at any time of the year - pleasant landscapes, fresh air will make the photo shoot unforgettable.

Where to go for a walk in winter or in the rain?

If it snows or rains, don’t worry that the wedding trip will be ruined. Even at such a time, there are many places where you will have the opportunity to conduct a gorgeous photo shoot. Many newlyweds choose GUM for a honeymoon in inclement weather, which does not need additional advertising. They are attracted not only by magnificent architecture, but also by the mass of interesting interior details.

The bridges of Bagration and Andreevsky can be a wonderful shelter for newlyweds in rainy weather, as well as serve as an original interior for creating vivid photos. If you are attracted by the atmosphere of hotels, you can arrange a photo shoot during a wedding walk in one of the selected places. But if you want to hide from prying eyes, it is better to book a room in advance. A good option would be shooting in a chic wedding limousine.

Unusual places for walking newlyweds

Do you want a wedding trip to be remembered for a long time? Then, perhaps, you will like some unusual option from this collection:

  • If your wedding is held in an aristocratic style, opt for an art gallery, theater or museum.
  • Most couples choose large shopping centers for their wedding walks. On their territory there is simply a huge number of diverse places of entertainment, where you get positive, colorful photos.
  • Book for a wedding walk not a chic limousine, but a tram or a trolleybus, and ride with the guests around the city. But don't forget to decorate your vehicle with wedding accessories.
  • Another interesting option for a honeymoon is an amusement park. Take a ride with the photographer on a Ferris wheel, slides, swings, an autodrome and other attractions that will not let you get bored not only for young but also for invited guests.
  • A wedding walk on the roofs of buildings will be remembered for the rest of your life and will leave a lasting impression. Having made this choice, you will get not only colorful pictures, but also examine the beauty of the city from a bird's eye view. However, so that everything goes smoothly, pre-plan the wedding route, consult with the photographer, remembering to visit all the selected places and determine more suitable places before the celebration.