How to choose a car for a wedding

A wedding is a special event in the life of each couple. It depends on how carefully and thoroughly it is thought out, how memorable and enchanting the celebration will become, wedding photos, videos will be bright and rich. The success of the event largely depends on a correctly selected train of young people. A chic white limousine, an elegant convertible, a powerful jeep - whatever transport you prefer, it should harmoniously complete the image of a wedding celebration. Let's analyze the characteristics of each type of transport in order to facilitate its choice..

What to consider when choosing a car for a wedding?

Choosing a car for a wedding celebration depends on many factors:

  • wedding theme or style;
  • personal preferences and taste of the newlyweds;
  • cash deferred for travel expenses.

Choosing a wedding car

In every big city, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, there are transport companies that offer wedding car rentals. Car delivery for honeymooners and guests can actually be ordered through online stores. In order not to miscalculate with the choice of a wedding procession, use the following tips:

  • Before ordering a car, decide how much you are willing to spend on renting. The service charge is often hourly, prices vary depending on the chosen transport.
  • Select the appropriate shipping company. To do this, select several options for companies, find out how long they work in the rental sector, compare their catalogs and price lists, see reviews of each company on Internet sites and forums.
  • Check with the transport company all the financial issues. Find out the minimum and maximum rental time, the amount of the advance payment, the rates for extra time, whether there are fines or penalties for damage or damage to vehicles.
  • Discuss the appearance of the driver. In order to maintain the solemn spirit of the holiday, a strict suit must be worn on it.


Variety of Wedding Cars

When choosing a car for a wedding, pay attention to the appearance of the vehicle. Even the most expensive model may not fit into your event and look just awful due to poor care of it. If you make a choice on the Internet, do not be too lazy to go and look at the car before the holiday. Often what you see in the photo may not be true. Inspect the technical condition of the vehicle so that on the most important day for you there are no unexpected breakdowns.

Type of car

The choice of cars is huge, consider the popular options:

  • Retro cars. Suitable for weddings with an unusual theme: in the gangster, vintage style. Inexpensive fashion options– «Volga», «Victory» or «Gull», foreign cars of bygone ages will cost more - Burnley 59 years old, Ford Mustang 67 years old.
  • Cabriolet. An open elegant car always looks luxurious and spectacular at a wedding celebration. However, this option is suitable for summer events..

Cars for the wedding: retro and convertible

  • Jeep. The SUV is a novelty in the wedding fleet, it is popular among modern women of fashion, it will be appropriate for weddings that take place on country estates, and for walks in mountain or forest areas. But keep in mind that it’s uncomfortable to get into such a car, so the bride will have to abandon the lush dress and high-heeled shoes.
  • Limousine. A chic, roomy car for stylish brides who prefer traditional weddings. In the cabin of such a car will fit not only the newlyweds, but also several pairs of best friends. In the limousine you will find simply royal service: telephone, bar with drinks, champagne, TV, music. A novelty in wedding fashion is a jeep limousine. The only drawback is the length of the car, so choose a route without narrow roads.

Car for the wedding: jeep and limousine

  • Auto vip class. The most expensive transport, the new expensive brands of 2016, in which everything was thought out to the smallest detail for a comfortable ride: air conditioning, comfortable seats, a spacious lounge. The dimensions of a representative car are smaller than limousines, therefore this transport is more maneuverable, but emphasizes prestige, wealth of the newlyweds, their high position in society.
  • Auto business class. Transport is intended for businessman and business people. The business car models are comfortable, elegant, and the most daring design solutions and advanced technologies are used for their production..

Wedding Cars: VIP and Business Class

  • Auto economy class. Inexpensive foreign cars and cars of domestic production are suitable for modest weddings. They are uncomfortable, but the cost of rent is much lower than others.
  • Minibus. When choosing a wedding car, it is important not to forget about the guests. For a small number of people, a pair of minibuses with 18-20 seats is suitable. If there are more guests, choose a more spacious transport, such as Isuzu or Mans.

Car for the wedding: a minibus and a budget car

Interior size

Depending on the splendor, the size of the bride’s dress, her figure, it is worth choosing the size of the interior of the wedding car. If the wedding outfit is not lush (in the evening, vintage style), any type of car will do, even with a narrow interior. For silhouette dresses «Princess» or trendy styles with a long train, you need a spacious lounge, in which it is possible to sit comfortably and not worry that some piece of clothing is crumpled.

Spacious interior in a car for a wedding

Car color

The color theme of the wedding procession depends on your preference or the color scheme of the celebration. Often young people choose a transport in a classic color: white (as a symbol of purity and femininity of the bride), silver (shine and chic), black (to contrast with a young white dress), red (the bride can feel like an original woman). In the wedding video and photo, it looks beautiful when the shade of the car is combined with any detail of the wardrobe of the bride or groom: a bouquet, a wedding dress, the color of a tie, shoes or a young shirt.

Color variety of wedding cars

Possibility of registration

A number of transport companies prohibit the use of many jewelry on cars. Therefore, before you buy the scenery, check about the possibility to decorate the car in the style you need. Large wedding transport companies, in addition to rental, sell entire collections of ready-made accessories for decorating cars. Some provide them for free, subject to the rental of expensive cars. This is much more profitable, because the car will be able to drive up to you already in a decorated form.

Options for decorating a car for a wedding