Poems for parents at a wedding


A touching, important moment in the life of two people in love is the day of their marriage. But it is no less exciting and at the same time joyful for the parents of the bride and groom. They have been protecting, supporting, guiding their children from birth, and now they have waited for a blessed moment when they are ready to start a family. Reading poems for parents at a wedding is a great chance to express words of gratitude for the gift of love, affection, understanding, support in difficult times. This is what you can do for parents, because they will be incredibly pleased.

Beautiful verses of gratitude to parents

At the end of the wedding, when all the guests said their wishes, congratulations, the floor is given to the young. They can express their feelings, thank the guests who came on this solemn day. But special gratitude, beautiful words that come from the bottom of my heart deserve the most dear, close, welcome guests at the holiday - the parents of the bride and groom.

To prepare an appeal, poems, a thank-you speech for parents, the newlyweds should be in advance. At such an exciting moment, after the mass of experienced emotions experienced during the day, it will be extremely difficult to get together and say everything that was planned. Words will be forgotten, thoughts will be confused, therefore preparation is necessary. No need to rewrite, reprint long poems, read everything from a piece of paper, in which case the moment will lose all touchingness and sincerity. It’s better to memorize the words, and even if a few words or lines are forgotten - it's okay, parents will understand.

Bow to parents at the wedding

In preparing the words of gratitude, the spouses should remember that at the moment when they will pronounce them, they will already be a single whole - a new, young family. That is why it is worth writing a speech and then delivering it together, addressing both pairs of parents. There may have been some disagreements in the past, but take a step towards the meeting, so that after the wedding, being legal relatives, start all over again.

Thanksgiving verses from the mother-in-law from the bride

A wedding is not only a union of two people, but also the acquisition of new relatives with whom you need to make friends, to become a true relative. The bride on this day acquired a second mother - the mother-in-law, who, according to the rules of good taste, should say sincere words of gratitude for the wonderful son, for the fact that such a beautiful man, brought up in love and affection, henceforth became his beloved spouse, a faithful and reliable support. During such a speech, it is very important to emphasize that the daughter-in-law will do everything possible to make her husband infinitely happy - these are important words for every mom.

That mother whose son is dearer than the world,
More expensive than the sun means yourself.
To the mother who kept
His dreams, caring and loving.

Which praised and scolded,
Taught the kindest, boldest to be.
Which, not knowing, helped
Love him once.

It’s not possible for me alone, I don’t know.
But at that moment I am with him. And I'm alone.
I am the past, as I accept memory.
And my life is like a new spring.

And I want so sincerely, so subtly
Say what they don’t talk about.
What lights are burning in the eyes of a child,
What are some other eyes burning

Thank you for forgiving.
For comforting in difficult times.
For not promising anything
Empty. And for loving you.

Because he himself, sometimes not knowing
Only a word will say - and peace of mind in the soul.
Because he understands me that way.
And accepts as I am - such.

And if together we are dear
Go. Laugh together and be sad.
I swear to you that I will not be strict,
That I can always forgive him.

That I will try to be, as you, reliable,
And affectionate and kind and direct.
And in this life, joyful and complex
To love him, as I was given one.

And maybe later. I will believe.
Just like me, afraid of everything.
Quietly say: «I will not forget you.
Thank you for my husband»

I want to thank you today
Because you managed to become close to me!
For your son, for your love,
And may I be a daughter-in-law to you, and you, my mother-in-law,
But we found a common language with you,
I want to bow today to my mom,
Let mom not the first, let mom the second,
After all, you managed to become my mother!
I found the best adviser in you!
There is no bitterness or evil in your speeches!
And if there were disputes with us,
I want to ask forgiveness from you,
So that the word dashing does not offend you in the future!
I wish you to burn the sun in the future,
And kindle us with this flame again,
Inspiring Our Marriage Respect, Love!

Mother in law my dear you!
You're mom to me, not a stranger,
Raised a son for me,
And now we have a family with him.
Don’t worry about us yet.
Yes, and I will not hurt you.
I'm just shy how I'll see.
And it seems like not sweet,
And that I’m not a daughter, but a daughter-in-law
I wish you recognition,
Teach to live, your knowledge,
Without pride, as a gift I will accept
And I will live in harmony with you

Touching poems mother-in-law from the groom

Beautiful words spoken from the heart on the day of the wedding should be addressed to the mother of the bride - a newly made mother-in-law. Men, as a rule, are people far from romance and not everyone can speak beautifully, but on this day at least a few sincere words should be said to the mother of the bride. Indeed, only thanks to her merits, on this beautiful day you became the happiest person, having found your love. Thank you for bringing up such a beautiful, economic and complaisant daughter who will become a faithful companion of life, a joy in life.

Today is a holiday for you too,
With what I certainly congratulate
I want to thank you,
we are walking for you now.

You gave me happiness.
And here she stands with me.
We promise to live in peace
And for each other to be a mountain.

Thank you for being
I brought up the bride like that.
Raised in happiness and love,
In all problems helped.

Princess raised me,
She was only given the best.
and all cherished dreams
when could you have performed.

She will always understand, forgive,
Look in the eyes with love.
And it happens that flares up,
But little things are not grief for us.

Thank you for this hour
We have become a strong family.
May all adversity if that
All of us pass by.

Gratitude to the parents of the bride and groom

Parents are the most dear people who have made a very valuable gift - life, were with you in health and illness, overcoming all the obstacles and hardships encountered in your life together. At a wedding, it is customary to thank parents for their efforts put up in upbringing, for the restless nights and the sea of ​​joyful moments that they gave on their life's journey. Be sure to thank the parents of the second half, because thanks to them that day you together, you have found your love and consider yourself the happiest person in the world.

Parents, thank you, dear
Over the night those sleepless for us,
When with love in my heart, young,
The cradle was in the late hour ...
For that love, support and care,
What was given to us in childhood and always.
Being a mom and dad is the best job.,
What never bothers.
Thank you for the golden son,
For a precious husband, because no
The same reliable other.
Gave birth to happiness for me in the light!
Thanks for the unearthly baby,
For a wise and kind wife,
Attentive, sensitive.
I love her, as March spring loves.
Thank you for teaching us once.
Worthy of being human beings.
Love in hearts is always more precious than gold.
And we managed to recognize her.
After all, if not for you, then for both of us
Would not meet a Miracle on the way.
And now we will double our love
And fortunately we can find all the keys.
We hope for your understanding
And we will thank our grandchildren.
Thank you for your patience and diligence..
Love you, value and keep in your hearts!

Thank you for the shed tears,
For the nights you sat awake,
Protecting our peace and dreams
Late over the crib.

For the first breath, for the first smile,
For the first step we went through.
For birthdays, for the first mistake,
For all the surprises that presented.

For helping us up
And find the connecting thread.
And in a difficult time from life not to break,
What was not the question: «How to live further?»

You helped nibble granite science,
We were guided with a firm hand.
Thank you for everything: for pain, for torment,
For our happiness, peace over your head.

We are here today in this room.
Gathered for the birth of a family,
And, as once promised in childhood
We bring our bow to the ground.

Dad and mom are the main people,
The best people on this earth!
If you're around, I know what will be
Calm through life and me and you.

Your heat will warm the fierce cold,
Strong arms will always support,
Native heart when you fall ill,
He can cure you without difficulty.

May God give you long life, health,
Glitter, enthusiasm in happy eyes!
My relatives, thank you for everything!
We compose an ode for you in these verses.

The wind of change burst into our lives,
We fell in love, you supported us,
We want to protect you in return.
From anxiety, from unrest, from sadness.
In gratitude we will give you grandchild,
Five boys or five girls,
Let them bawl and scream,
Crawling out of his diapers.
Our thanks for the love
We can no longer express in words.
We are both your life and your blood,
We will stay with you forever.

During a thank-you speech it is inappropriate to use pathos words, high-sounding phrases, simple words that are understandable to everyone are ideal. The main thing is that they be sincere, pronounced from the heart and go from heart to heart. It is imperative that spouses make such a speech together. If one of the spouses is shy or embarrassed, the main part of the speech can be delivered by one of the newlyweds, and the second will simply add a couple of sentences at the end.

Video: poems to parents at the wedding of the bride

A wedding is a wonderful holiday filled with touching moments. One of them is reading thank-you poems to parents. For such a speech, the most affectionate, warm words, sincere verses and phrases are selected. They are able to convey the attitude, feelings, emotions, experiences with which the souls of the bride and groom are overwhelmed. But it is not enough to learn beautiful words, it is important to read them with sincere tears in your eyes and a voice trembling with happiness in order to convey all the emotions to the addressees. Watch a touching video where the bride reads poetry to her mothers: