Wedding Poems

On the long-awaited wedding day, the bride dreams of tenderness, romance. How to congratulate the bride and groom effectively, vividly - this question worries guests invited to a wedding celebration. Poems will help express the joy, tenderness that relatives and friends feel at such a moment. Poems as a recognition of high feelings from a loved one is an unusual, very expensive gift. And though you are confident in the comprehensive love of the future spouse, but, as a true woman, you will not remain indifferent when you hear the words dedicated to you and only to you? Beautiful moments of happiness will be remembered for many years..

Options for congratulations on the wedding of the bride in verse

Romantic, refined verses of the great classics; Sensual congratulations from relatives; gentle, affectionate words of a loved one in poetic form; sincere wishes of a happy life from friends - what could be more beautiful? The most important parting words spoken by parents will be support for years to come. The joint path of two hearts is thorny, and the understanding that you always have reliable support behind your back gives vitality.

Brides at the wedding

Peace, happiness, love, luck sometimes go hand in hand with disappointments and problems. And let the newlywed at such a solemn moment remember the warmest, most tender words of relatives, close people, so that the difficult moments of life encountered on the way, when there is no strength to go forward, overcome easily and confidently. Memories of affectionate, full of feelings verses - declarations of love for your spouse - will warm you like a ray of sunshine, fill with joy, reminding you of a happy wedding day.

Beautiful verses to the bride from the groom

And so our wedding took place only.
I married my dream.
It's sweet to me, even though everyone shouts: «Bitterly!»
I was born in a new capacity,
From now on, I became a man, a husband,
The owner of the family, «exponential»...
I really hope that I need
I will always be sure to her.
I promise to love her,
Always pleasing with care,
I will not give her sadness,
Well, when I come home from work,
Natively kiss softly
For happiness, for love, for affection
I will heartily thank,
So she lives like in a fairy tale.
May it always be true,
Will give birth to pretty babies,
And we will be forever, probably,
Happier than anyone else in the world.
Now I'm raising a veil
From the face of your destiny. Worried,
I tell the whole world
Her ... I love her alone!

Grooms read poems to brides at a wedding

I bowed at your feet,
Not able to look in the eyes,
Without a fight, I am slain by you,
Beauty captivated me,
Disarmed and crucified,
The smile of your tender lips,
Lover, crazy slave,
I will whisper love you!!!

When the light goes out in the window,
And the cool night will come,
You step barefoot to me
From the twilight of our bedroom!
Huge world of other people
Suddenly become small and distant,
Before your nakedness
There, in the twilight of our bedroom ...
I wonder every time
My lord lady lady,
How beautiful you are without embellishment
In the evening twilight of the bedroom.
And there will be thousands of nights
All this is repeated with us -
Rapprochement of bodies, the flight of candles
In the transparent twilight of the bedroom!..

I don’t know how so,
I am worthy of your love,
How could I achieve you
Forever a secret for me ...
You are my dream to me,
Cherished dream,
And you are in my arms,
I only love you ...
I will ask you,
So as not to be strict,
Cause you're so great,
Dear soul ...
And without different words,
I will say - you are a sweet dream,
How good that i
Was lit by you.

It is very difficult to meet happiness in life,
And not everyone is given love.
I'm captive of a strong passion of love
Turned out to be destined to mean!
Black eyes darling,
You hit me on the spot.
And congratulating you today,
I would only wish happiness!

Excellent hostess, mother, wife -
I always need you like the sun light!
You're born the only one to be,

And I live to love you.
I can do everything for you,
I will save your love forever!

When evil lies in wait,
Hopes are crumbling, oppression ailments,
How difficult if there is no girlfriend nearby...
But in this, my dear, lucky.
When you believe a craft
And give the soul to him completely,
Any failure every now and then
Beats cruelly. And lucky for me.
No matter how I return home,
And your voice and hand touch
Peace is brought to the soul,
I become myself again.

Spring works wonders in nature -
She lit the love in your eyes.
Spring wind in the heart peeped
And kindness towards opened?
You are like spring, bright and good.
All perfection - body and soul!
You gave me the radiance of the day and the light in the night.
Let you give my love!

Thank you for noticing
And I understood my feelings,
And without hesitation, she answered
Flow of love and warmth.
Thank you for sinlessness
On our way of life,
For our tenderness to bloom,
And it will bloom.
Thank you for the infinity of sweet and affectionate words..
Thank you for ages
I am ready with you!

Poems happy wedding day to the bride from guests

At this wonderful wedding
Today we, friends, are walking.
And the beautiful bride
With all our hearts we wish:
To have a happy family life
Formed from the very beginning.
To stay always cute,
I did not forget my parents.
Mistress so that was excellent,
To always love my husband.
He certainly warmed
Warmth, love in an evil cold.
And answered to be beautiful
He caresses his wife,
To smile with the clear sun
Always coming home from work.
Loyal to each other,
So that we don’t meet trouble.
Always supported each other
Both in joy and in sorrow.
Good babies to give birth,
You brought them together,
And you always lived without problems -
So that everything you need in the house.
For harmony to reign
From now on forever in your heart.
Problems to close
Forever in the family you door.
At this wonderful wedding
Today we, friends, are walking.
Oh, «Bitterly!» to the bride and groom -
We heartily congratulate you!

Guests read poetry to the bride at the wedding.

Today they give you flowers
And the songs don't stop.
How to the beauty queen
There is a groom to the bride!
Beautiful as love, she,
And tenderness in a meek look,
Embarrassment warm wave
It flooded out of place,
No life is better than triumph,
The day will not be forgotten, -
Fate intertwined with fate -
Stop a moment!

We wish you good and wonderful days.!
May hope always come true
And the soul is getting warmer,
> And the light of love, exciting and gentle,
Let it illuminate brightly every hour,
Life will be filled with joy, smiles,
And all that we wanted now,
Of course, it will come true!

May the sun in the sky be for you
Always, always laughing.
Let your dream come true,
Let life be fun.
May the one you like,
Will always be with you.
May life smile upon you
Happy fate.

Make the room comfortable so that your husband comes home,
I was absolutely satisfied with the decor and my wife.
Learn to cook tasty, make such a salad,
So that in it the leaf of cabbage is as good as grapes.
You meet a husband with a smile, gently pat your head,
And learn not to remember old mistakes.
Do not drink, do not angry spouse for various things.
You are a wife and you are a friend, not an old saw.
But don’t be completely simple. If the husband is a big couch potato,
Then, removing thin chips, sometimes cut it.
If you sometimes disagree with the opinion of your spouse,
Stay in the shadows like a twig.
Slowly, gently turn the course of events.
But spend part of the budget on perfumes and tailors,
If a woman is dressed, the husband is satisfied, like a groom.
Always be right in everything. Your husband is the head of the house,
And take the role of the neck for yourself, turn it with your head.
So that your family paradise is not boring, gray, dark,
You always follow this code smartly and accurately.!

Falls on shoulders,
Like a cloudy veil.
Remains this evening
In our memory always.
Dressed up bride surrounded by girlfriends,
And they cannot find places
Fingers of thin, delicate hands.
Two fates connected - two rings,
To be inseparable hearts,
Two roads forever intertwined into one,
To live forever!
Like sunset last in may,
Girl's cheeks are burning.
What happens to face
White girl's outfit.
The bride is so beautiful in him,
So mysteriously bright,
What we believe is not in vain
This day she was waiting.
Falls on shoulders,
Like a cloudy veil.
Remains this evening
In our memory always.

It may be trite -
After all, so it was clear to everyone,
That your eyes are beautiful,
That your soul is crystal.
This may be inappropriate -
Once again remind,
That today you are a bride,
Tomorrow you are wife and mother.
That the bride is youth,
It is tenderness and confusion.
And the wife ... She needs humor,
Sacrifice, Patience.
Do not take verses for flattery,
But you have it all!

You went to the circle of guests under the veil,
Blinded the dresses with whiteness, -
Like a sweet cherry color
Showered on you in spring.
The walls of the house lighten from you.
How your wedding dress is good,
How do you dance smoothly, weightlessly
You swan with a snow-white swan!
A day, only one day will serve you
This dress is your white...
Foam wash will replace the foam of lace -
Baby underpants ... tablecloths ... linen...
Just don't be sad about it, remember,
As for gray hair
There will be whiteness and winters and lightnings,
Seagulls, white-boiled wave.
Need heart to heart lean,
So that happiness is not poor
Your life to conscience page
It remained white, without a spot.
To come true in both large and small
All your high dreams,
So that he will accompany you all his life,
White color of today's veil.
(A. Kurchayli)

And shine can not hide the eyes already,
And smiles do not hide lips.
You are getting married today
And she invited us a long time ago.
You are wearing an elegant dress
Gently press flowers with your fingers
What can I wish for you
In this difficult, happy moment?
Your groom is attentive, dear
Generous to the affectionate words.
I want him to love you
Like today, not a year, not two!
So that friends need him
Without taking your heat,
So that by name and not by husband
You called him more often!
I would not consider it a punishment
Make him dinner
And I would wait as if on a date
And worried, long no!
Well, if doubt breaks in,
say he or not
Or the first cooling
Like Ladoga ice come
First time with different eyes
You look him in the face
And you go to cry to mom,
And consult with father.
And then I ask you to remember
This dress, these flowers
Your eye shine today
Sweeping the whole world!
These joyful worries
Hearts beat, he is mine, he is mine!
And then, halfway on her own
Turn around and go home!
Do not give for gossip food
Suspend your doubts
No light brighter and cleaner
This very first love!
And as an honor, and as a proud name
Try to save her
Between their peers,
sorry, not often talk about it!