Peach Bridal Bouquet


Wedding day is one of the most significant in human life. Naturally, I want to do everything at the highest level. Well, what is a wedding without flowers? Bridal bouquet is the main accessory of this day. He should not only perfectly approach the outfit, but also emphasize the solemnity of the moment. A successful solution will be a classic peach bouquet of the bride - it will be perfect for any color of the dress, emphasize the tenderness, romance of the moment.

Tips for choosing a wedding bouquet in peach colors

Peach color is very beautiful, but it has a special meaning. The Chinese believe that this color is a symbol of immortality, longevity, prosperity and the sacrament of marriage. In ancient Rome, it symbolizes a large marriage. And modern psychologists believe that such a color accent is able to give a feeling of joy and happiness, to cheer up. Is there any doubt that it is ideal for decorating a wedding celebration?

Harmonious bridal bouquet

Combination of colors and shades

A wedding decorated in one color is very rare. More often, the decor of the celebration combines two or three tones in harmony with each other. The style of wedding decoration plays a significant role during the selection of colors. For example, the shades of a classic wedding day will differ from the colors of the country celebration, and the ethnic wedding will be decorated in colors that are not characteristic of retro decor. For each specific style, its own combination of shades is suitable:

  • Classic wedding. Beige, white colors plus a peach will ideally fit into the overall image, the romance of this day is emphasized.
  • Retro or shabby chic. Combining peach with green, you emphasize the attrition and sophistication of style.
  • Fairytale wedding. For such a celebration, peach-blue hues are well-suited..
  • Provence or country. A wedding in such styles will perfectly combine pink with peach, colors emphasize simplicity, comfort.
  • Ethnic wedding day. A win-win solution would be to use a combination of peach with rich yellow or gold colors in the design of the celebration.
  • Vivid wedding - plum, terracotta, sapphire tones or rich red will help to brighten the image.

Choosing a style and color scheme, it is very important to ensure that not only the room is designed accordingly. All details must correspond, emphasize this style: invitations, table design, premises, young outfits, a bride's bouquet, other accessories. It is advisable to warn all guests in advance what style is chosen, asking them to look in accordance with it.

Shape and size of flowers

For a wedding day, you can’t buy the first bouquet you get. The shape and size of the bride's bouquet plays a significant role. The composition, the size of which is in harmony with growth, and the shape - with the dress of the bride will look best. Hemisphere and cascade forms are common. This is due to the fact that such bouquets are easy to hold, carry, transmit. In a cascade-shaped composition, flowers can be located close to each other or discharged, visually such a bouquet resembles an inverted drop. In the hemisphere, all flowers are located nearby, but in general it resembles a ball.

Forms of wedding bouquets for the bride

Forms of wedding bouquets for the bride

The bouquet will look beautiful if its size does not exceed 70 cm. It is important that it is not heavy - it will be inconvenient for the bride, because she will have to wear it for almost the entire day. The ideal size of a cascading bouquet is the distance from the thumb to the knee (the hand is pointing down), and for the hemisphere - 2/3 of the waist width is young. The diameter depends on the owner’s height and is about 20-25 cm. The density and structure of the bouquet is chosen in harmony with the pattern of the bride’s dress and her whole image.

Decoration accessories

To create bouquets, not only flowers are used, but also various accessories. Some are necessary to give the bouquet a suitable shape, others to prevent the flowers from wilting for a long time, and still others to decorate and complete the whole appearance. Without accessories, not a single wedding bouquet can be created. Even the most ordinary flower is decorated with ribbon or wrapped in packaging.

To design compositions, a tape is often used. It can be monophonic, with a strip in the center or along the edges, as well as with drawings. The bows of the shape of a butterfly or a ball will look good in a bouquet. They are also supplemented with clothespins or plugs with birds or dragonfly. The bouquet will be completed with beads, sparkles and other beautiful little things. When creating and decorating a bouquet, it is important to consider what boutonniere will be on the suit of the groom. They must be in harmony, complement each other..

What flowers to choose for a bride's bouquet?

The originality and beauty of the bouquet does not lie in the choice of unusual colors, but in how much they harmonize in the composition. Professionals seek to combine the appearance of the bouquet with its aroma. Strong pungent odors often cause headaches or allergies. When choosing flowers, do not forget about the age of the bride. Romantic flowers of pastel shades are suitable for a young girl. If a woman is older, then individually choose flowers.


Roses are especially popular in wedding bouquets. Since ancient times, these flowers were considered a symbol of love, bliss, perfection, wisdom and beauty. Of particular importance is the shape of the bud, the number of petals and color. So half-open or unopened buds emphasize the innocence and youth of the bride, and the peach color indicates modesty, warm attitude, gratitude and joy. A bouquet of roses goes well with different styles of dresses and is suitable for women of any age.

Many florists prefer to use peony roses or, as they are also called, English roses by David Austin. This type of flower has become very popular in Europe. They differ from traditional roses in the form of inflorescences, the size of the bud. The petals of this flower are uneven along the edge, cut like a peony. This rose expresses tenderness, but at the same time sophistication, so it has become so popular in the manufacture of wedding bouquets.

Wedding bouquet of roses


Peach bouquet of peonies bride looks great. This flower is a symbol of love. In China, they know about all its properties and symbolism, so no event can do without a peony. There he is considered «king of all colors». Peony is a spring flower, and a peach blossom will only emphasize its warmth and tenderness, will become a symbol of spring, a new beginning on this solemn day. Even Feng Shui experts recommend decorating the rooms with peonies to find a partner or make relationships strong.

Wedding bouquet of peonies


Giving preference to luxurious, magnificent, delicate and sophisticated orchid flowers on the wedding day, it is worth considering that it is not only beautiful, but also has a special meaning. Orchids symbolize love, wisdom, spring, sophistication, harmony and family comfort. In a bouquet, a flower symbolizes not only these qualities, but also large families. In these colors, all the symbols that will favorably influence family life are collected. But orchid is not only a positive effect on the environment, but also able to absorb energy.

Wedding bouquet of orchids

Photos - a selection of beautiful peach-colored bouquets

Harmonious bridal bouquet