Wedding hairstyles with fleece


Spectacular volumetric hairstyle is perfect for the image of the bride. She gives the girl’s look more elegance and emphasizes the solemnity of the moment. Bouffant wedding hairstyles can be made on the basis of hair bun, braid, ponytail or loose hair. What features should be considered when creating such styling? How to choose the right accessories for bouffant hairstyles?

Options hairstyles with bouffant

Voluminous styling is done on hair of different lengths, because they give the bride's image a certain lightness and airiness. A voluminous hairstyle can be created from straight or curled strands. The bun or loose hair with a pile on the parietal part of the head looks elegant on the bride. This type of styling can be effectively laid or slightly disheveled. There are several fleece techniques that are used to create hairstyles:

  • For volumetric laying use pile in the root. The essence of the technique is that a strand is pulled with one hand and combed in a circular motion towards the roots.
  • To create a boucle (originally stacked curls), use a pile on a strand. Layings made using this technique look spectacular and beautiful. In this case, comb a strand from the root along the entire length up.

High hairstyle babette

For a vintage wedding, the bride is perfectly fit for a feminine, beautiful styling of babette. This voluminous hairstyle can have many variations. To create it, take the following steps:

  • Hair from the top of the head and temples is combed forward, and the rest is collected in the tail.
  • It is combed and made out in the form of a roller with the help of hairpins..
  • Separated upper strands are combed into the root and wrap a bunch of them.
  • The babette is fixed with studs and varnish..
  • If desired, the bangs can be left and combed sideways or divided into two parts and laid in different directions.
  • You can decorate the babette with a rim, ribbon or hairpin.

Babette for the wedding

A bunch of fleece and curls

An unusually romantic, festive bride will look with a bunch of curls. To create this hairstyle do the following:

  • Hair is wound on a curling iron.
  • From the area of ​​the temples, the strands are pulled forward.
  • In the area of ​​the crown is given volume. It is fixed with a hairpin.
  • Then they put curls on the back of the head in the form of ringlets and stab them with hairpins, invisible.
  • Use lacquer to fix styling.

A bunch with a pile and curls for a wedding

Bouffant Shell

The shell of hair loved by women in the past can be a wonderful decoration for the bride on their wedding day. It is easy to do it yourself. To do this, you need to comb the strands all the way, lay them on their side, twisting them in a spiral inward. Then be sure to spray hair with varnish. The shell can be fixed with decorative pins decorated with pearls and flowers. Such a bright accent will give the bride a special solemnity. Originally, the shell will look bright with a diadem or rim with rhinestones.

Bouffant Shell

Bouffant front with flowing curls

Curls are great for creating a festive image of the bride. Falling ringlets will make the bride and groom tender, feminine. It takes a little time to create a beautiful styling with loose hair. First, shape the curls with the help of forceps, after applying the spray on the hair to increase the volume. Separate the strands in the crown, at the temples and comb them. Then fix them with a hairpin or invisible. In the end, sprinkle with varnish, which is especially important during the windy season in bad weather to preserve the beautiful appearance of the bride.

Hairstyles for wedding with fleece

Braid on the side with fleece

Romantic, cheeky braid looks on the basis of fleece. Such a hairstyle will be to face courageous and independent girls. Creating a braid begins by adding volume to the hair at the roots, while each strand is fixed with varnish. Further, the upper hair is smoothed to give a neat look. From voluminous strands weave a low loose braid. It is slightly stretched across, making it wider, flat. Spit and volumetric crown are sprayed with varnish. In this hairstyle, simple weaving can be replaced by «fish tail».

Fleece braid for brides

Bouffant tail

Plain «horse» a tail from hair can be turned into a wedding hairstyle by making a voluminous crown. This styling, decorated with beautiful accessories, is perfect for a wedding. The magnificent crown and tail can give the bride and groom a little saucy, but cute look. To independently do this hairstyle, observe the following sequence of actions:

  • first, the hair is separated in the parietal area in a circular parting and stabbed,
  • the remaining strands are collected in a high tail and fixed with an elastic band (so that it is not noticeable, wrap the base of the bundle with a small amount of hair),
  • further comb the strands on the crown and beautifully lay back to the base of the tail, securing with invisible.

As a wedding hairstyle, the tail is suitable for brides with long hair. And if a girl with an average length of strands wants to make such a tail, then she can use artificial hairpieces.

Hairstyle ponytail

What accessories will fit a bouffant hairstyle?

Volumetric styling goes well with a veil. It can be mounted on the head under a beam assembled according to the babette principle. Veil is suitable for lush styling with loose curls. In these cases, the image of the bride can still be supplemented with a diadem or tiara, but these accessories should be in harmony with the wedding outfit and the general style of the bride and groom. If you chose a braid on the side for the wedding, then the ribbons woven into it or fixed flowers, shiny stones will make the styling irresistible, original.

Hair Accessories

Accessories in vivid or artificial colors harmonize well with wedding volumetric styling. A comb with buds is ideal for decorating a low wedding bunch. He will make the bride more elegant, romantic. It is better to choose a comb not with large flowers, but with a small decor. The rim with buds will look great on collected and loose curls.

Hairpins decorated with pearls and rhinestones will look great at the base of a bundle of curls. For voluminous shells and collected curls, decorative hairpins with flowers or mother-of-pearl beads are suitable. Lush wedding hairstyles - perfect for a vintage celebration. In this case, the retro style is emphasized by a silk headband. Beads, rhinestones or embroidery can be used to decorate it..

Wedding Hair Accessories

Video: how to make a bridal hairstyle

Retro-style is relevant in modern wedding fashion, so hair-based hairstyles are becoming popular again. It’s easy to make voluminous hair styling on your own hair on your own. This process will take a little time, and loose strands will take on a more festive and feminine look. With the help of small weaves, you can create a glamorous rim from the side strands..

For thin, curly or straight hair, voluminous wedding styling is suitable. On its basis, you can make a braid on its side, which will give the girl a romantic, slightly bohemian look. She will radically transform the image of the newlywed, making her more feminine and beautiful. If you want to know an easy way of retro styling, then watch the video:

Photo of wedding hairstyles

Bouffant makes a woman more romantic, majestic, therefore, looks great in the image of a bride. But for independent creation of magnificent wedding hairdresses it is necessary to know some secrets:

  • First, you need to wash your hair. This will allow the styling to last longer, because the absence of a greasy film on the strands will make them light and well-kept in shape..
  • Secondly, after washing, blow dry the hair with your head tilted forward. This will help create volume at the roots..
  • Thirdly, do not comb wet locks. It is better to dry them before this procedure, otherwise the hair may become brittle and lose its beautiful appearance.
  • Fourth, remember: when combing, you cannot make sudden movements.
  • Fifthly, it is not recommended to comb a lush styling, and it is better to wash your hair to remove it.
  • Sixthly, a special thick comb will help to do the fleece correctly. Stylists recommend using a tool to create lush patches on the head, in which long and short cloves alternate. At the end of such a comb is a fork for styling.

Wedding hairstyles with fleece