Wedding hairstyles with braids


A successful hair styling is able to decorate the bride, perfectly complement her image and the chosen style. Not only the girl’s appearance throughout the solemn day, but also her mood depends on the choice of hairstyle. After all, fragile styling, which does not stand the test of festive celebrations, can spoil the fun of the newlywed. Wedding hairstyles with braids - a great choice for those who want to shine throughout the wedding without looking at the strength of the created styling.

Options for wedding hairstyles with braids for long hair

Many girls, in search of the best wedding look for themselves, opt for hairstyles with elements of weaving. If before braids were an indispensable attribute of schoolgirls of all ages, then modern wedding fashion dictates new trends, offering brides to braid their hair in elegant romantic braids. Braid-based styling looks feminine and cute. This hairstyle keeps its shape well throughout the solemn day, and you do not have to worry about its safety during a walk or photo shoot.

Hairstyles with weaving elements for a wedding

Scythe Waterfall

Classic braids are performed by alternately binding three strands. But there are other varieties of braids, for example, a braid-waterfall. The essence of this hairstyle is that not three strands are woven into the braid, but two. The third strand remains falling, which creates the impression of a flowing stream. Hence the name «waterfall» or «cascading waterfall». The hairstyle looks especially gentle and romantic. On long strands, a waterfall of hair in combination with large curls creates volume and splendor.

Sometimes stylists recommend braiding not one braid-waterfall, but making a twist of two or three wicker compositions. Weaving is performed not only horizontally from temple to temple, but also diagonally. The ends of the hair are left falling, twist them into curls or form a bundle on the back of the head. Such a hairstyle requires special decoration, because to complement it with a wedding veil will be problematic. It is recommended to crown the head with a miniature diadem, decorate with an artificial flower or themed hairpin.

Wedding braid waterfall on long hair

Greek braid on its side

Brides who organize a thematic celebration or want to look like the goddess Aphrodite should look at the Greek braids. The creation of such a hairstyle begins with weaving a classic three-strand braid, which is decorated on the side or on the opposite side. A variant of such styling is similar to the Greek laurel wreath, which beautifully frames the head.

Girls with thin, weakened hair are recommended to weave in a free technique, slightly pulling the locks from the center of the braid. During operation, strands from the opposite side of the head are alternately woven into the composition. To maintain the Greek style, the braid is decorated with a satin ribbon, hairpins with pearl beads or dwarf roses. Greek style wedding dresses and accessories will complement the look..

Braid on the side for the bride

Hairstyles for medium hair

There are many wedding hairstyles with braids. They are ideal not only for long, but also for medium length hair. Depending on the desired appearance, you can choose the appropriate styling. Hairstyles go well with any shape of the face. Due to the volume created due to the volume of the hairstyle, it will be possible to hide some of the physiological shortcomings of the bride and emphasize her merits.

Braided hair turning into «bun»

Hairstyle with a braid rolling in «bun», Ideal for romantic, tender natures. The styling looks restrained and stylish, it will perfectly maintain its integrity even after an active walk, riding on a swing, and a dynamic photo shoot. Hair on both sides is braided into braids (openwork, classic, voluminous, French), after which they are connected to the back of the head in «bun», beam like.

The bundle is made openwork from braids or based on straightened hair. Place it in the occipital region or at the height of the crown. For such a hairstyle, you should choose the right accessories. A great solution would be to use a miniature hat with a veil. If you decide to complement the wedding image with a veil, then it is recommended to fix it under «bun», at the base.

Laying the bride: braids and bun

Openwork braid

Openwork weaving is popular among modern brides. It gives the image solemnity, originality, sophistication. The concept of openwork weaving means the type of technique in which thin strands are pulled from the braid. Thanks to the stretching of the hairs, a beautiful openwork pattern appears at the wedding hairstyle. The ends of the strands are woven into a braid, laid out in the shape of a flower, a bundle or wound with curls.

When creating a wedding hairstyle, a spikelet is weaved in the center of the head, which is directed to the back of the head or made offset to the side. There are other options for hairstyles, which combines the simultaneous weaving of several braids. A delicate hairstyle looks gentle and feminine, complemented by miniature flower buds, beads, hairpins with rhinestones and stones. An airy openwork braid makes the look of the bride unique and cute.

Openwork braid for a wedding

French braid

Another original way to create a wedding hairstyle is to braid your hair according to the French braid principle. The styling looks spectacular and fashionable, it suits wedding dresses of any style and cut. When weaving according to French technology, additional locks on both sides are gradually woven into the main three working strands. Want to make your hair voluminous and voluminous? Then, before starting work, it is recommended to sprinkle the curls with a styling agent and make a small pile along the entire length. In this case, the braid will come out lush and airy..

An unusual and stylish hairstyle with a French braid will come out on the contrary. Weaving begins to be performed from the occipital zone towards the forehead, the hair is combed forward. The ends of the curls are laid out in a bundle, under which a wedding veil is fixed. If desired, a satin ribbon, pearl string or other accessories matching the style of the bride are woven into the braid.

Wedding hairstyle french braid

Wedding hairstyles from braids for short hair

Scythe is the prerogative of not only long-haired girls. The weave looks great on short strands. To create beautiful wedding hairstyles with braids on short hair, you do not need to increase curls or use hairpieces. It is recommended only to choose the type of styling that is suitable for the structure and length of your hair, and then you can shine at the wedding in a romantic way.

Rim-shaped pigtail

A braid in the form of a rim is a classic of wedding hairstyles. This style for the wedding day is chosen by many brides. If your strands are short, then the braid-rim will bring brightness to the image, and exquisitely styled hair from the back of the head will give dynamism. The hairstyle is suitable for any wedding outfits, whether it is a classic style or a shortened youth cut.

Weaving begins with the temporal region, then continues above the forehead, and then move to the side of another temple. The remaining non-woven strands are wound in small curls or laid in the style of a creative mess. Hairpins inlaid with stones or beads will help to give solemnity. The veil is placed on top, trying to fix it along the rim.

Wedding Pigtail Bezel


Want to feel like a princess at the wedding, your dress is made in the appropriate style and the perfect shoes for the outfit are selected? It is only necessary to complete the image with a suitable hairstyle. The princess should have a crown on her head. You can crown your head for a wedding day not only with a diadem, but with a thematic hairstyle like a braid-crown.

When creating a hairstyle, strands are braided into a braid around the entire circumference of the head. Weaving technique is different. To make the hairstyle strong, keep its shape well throughout the day, use the classic technique of tight weaving. And to give femininity and festivity, the braid is woven according to French technique, pulling out some locks. Such an openwork crown will look unique and fabulous. Sometimes a crown is made of two or even three braids.

Scythe-crown for a wedding

Braid on bangs

A woman with sophisticated facial features is recommended to choose a wedding hairstyle with braids that will help to open the face, emphasize its merits. This will help weaving on a bang. A variation of this styling is a bohemian braid. It is perfect for celebrating a retro wedding or a hippie celebration. They complement the styling with a thematic accessory, for example, with a beautiful feather or bandage.

Combine the braid on the bangs will be possible with different types of styling. So, it goes well with loose, wound curls. Sometimes loose strands are collected in a bundle or continue to weave an openwork or Greek braid on the side of all available hair. A beautiful hairstyle with a braid on the bang will come out beautiful. To do this, free from weaving curls are collected on the crown of the horse’s tail, shell or laid in the form of a flower.

Wedding hairstyles with a braid on a bang

Video: a selection of wedding hairstyles with weaving

Wedding hairstyles with weaving elements are a hit of the season. Want to look stylish and fashionable at your wedding? Choose a styling in which braids will be present. Such hairstyles perfectly emphasize your femininity, romanticism, create a festive mood for the whole event. A great variety of hairstyles with weaving will allow each bride to find a suitable styling. The video below shows a lot of beautiful and original hairstyles with pigtails for a wedding. Choose the option that is ideal for the style of your wedding dress.

Photo of wedding hairstyles based on braids with and without a veil

Pigtails perfectly fit the solemn image of the bride. They bring notes of playfulness, romanticism and idleness. Hairstyles with braids complement a veil or other wedding accessories. But there are options with weaving elements for those girls who decided to abandon the use of veils at weddings. Having chosen one of the options, ask your hairdresser to conduct a rehearsal to make sure that the decision is correct. The photo selection below will help you choose a beautiful and unique styling..

Original styling brides with weaving