Wedding Attributes


Each holiday has its own attributes and traditions, without which the triumph would not be complete. It is difficult to imagine a birthday without a birthday cake with candles, March 8 - without a bouquet of the first spring flowers, and a new year without a Christmas tree. So for a wedding - an important, grandiose celebration in the life of every person, there are certain wedding attributes, without which it is almost impossible to imagine holding an event. Invariable attributes include: rings, loaf, invitations, bridal bouquet.

Attributes for a wedding photo shoot

What is a wedding without a photo shoot and a professional photographer who will take great pictures as a memory for many years? And to make this process brighter, more interesting, funny, fun, fun and colorful, unusual items should be prepared. They can be made independently or rented. Attributes for the wedding that are used during photography include:

  • Lacy fabric umbrella;
  • A variety of beautiful signs with inscriptions (for example, «I love you», «Just married» other);
  • Soft toys in dresses of the bride and groom;
  • The bride's bouquet;
  • Openwork beautiful fan (to create a romantic image);
  • Rose petals, as well as various beautiful fresh flowers;
  • Glasses, a mustache on a stick and other original, interesting accessories.

Photography Accessories

An exhaustive list of attributes cannot be announced, for each pair they will be different, depending on what the spouses believe in, how they wish to celebrate their event. Some newlyweds, in this matter, pay tribute to modern fashion. Wedding attributes that are popular and common in the modern world:

  • Wedding invitations;
  • Wedding rings;
  • Loaf;
  • Towels (there are several of them: the one on which the newlyweds become legs in the registry office; with which they tie their hands; under the loaf);
  • Wedding glasses;
  • Rice, wheat, sweets, money (trifle) - they sprinkle with them the newlyweds so that their life is rich, happy, full of plenty;
  • The lock that the newlyweds hang on a bridge or a tree of love.

Wedding traditions and attributes

Wedding invitations

Invariable are considered an invariable attribute for a wedding. These are small beautiful cards with which you invite guests to your celebration and notify them of a specific place, date, time of the event. Invitation cards come in the form of cards (standard invitation cards), and such cards will not be difficult to make on their own; video clip invitation; invitation with photo young and others. They can be completely different, it all depends on the theme of the celebration, the wishes of the newlyweds and their tastes.

Celebration Invitations


Wedding rings are a must for every wedding. Even in ancient Rome, the groom gave the ring to the bride's parents as a sign that he had serious intentions, and he could provide for his wife and family. Much later, the newlyweds began to exchange rings on the day of the wedding celebration. They symbolize endless love, loyalty and devotion to each other. Wearing rings, the couple make a silent vow to live in love, fidelity and understanding.

Wedding rings are bought from precious metals - silver or gold. Moreover, the design of the ring is absolutely irrelevant, because the main thing is that the spouses like it and fit perfectly in size. And for those who follow traditions, choose ordinary absolutely smooth gold rings, so that your spouse’s energy circulates freely around the ring, making family life carefree.

Wedding rings

Wedding loaf

Customs associated with a wedding loaf:

  • An ancient tradition in Russia is considered to cook, serve a loaf of salt for the wedding. They are greeted by the young, thereby introducing bread and salt into their family life;
  • According to custom, a loaf should be baked by a married woman who is happily married. Baking it, she shares her family happiness with young spouses.
  • Decorations for the loaf: pigtails, cones, figures of swans or pigeons - symbols of love, wealth and prosperity;
  • According to beliefs, it is believed that the spouse who bites off a larger piece of loaf will be the head of the family.

Loaf: wedding attribute

The bride's bouquet

An integral attribute for a bride is a wedding bouquet that the groom gives her after the ransom ceremony. The girl spends all day with him; he will come in handy during a photo shoot. By the end of the evening, the bride throws her charming bouquet to her unmarried girlfriends. According to the legends, the girl who will catch the bouquet will marry in the near future. Recently, brides have been trying to save their wedding bouquet for themselves, because often they use a understudy bouquet to throw girlfriends. You should think about it and take care in advance..

Bridal bouquet: wedding attribute

Wedding glasses

Glasses at the wedding, the newlyweds pick up the celebration style (theme). This can be elegant dishes on a thin leg for a glamorous celebration, or wooden glasses for a wedding in the Ukrainian style. Often spouses buy two pairs of glasses, one of which is broken for good. From the second pair, they drink champagne all evening, after which they store for many years.

Wooden glasses for a wedding

Glasses are not difficult to make on their own, decorating them with lace, ribbons or «dressing up» in the clothes of the bride and groom. They will look beautiful with painted pigeons, hearts or simply tied with pretty ribbons. If it’s not possible to make glasses with your own hands, then acquiring them in a bridal salon or store is not a problem. Their selection of glasses is simply huge - for different tastes, preferences, cost.

Glasses: wedding attribute

DIY wedding paraphernalia

Most wedding accessories the newlyweds can do with their own hands, investing in each thing a piece of their soul and doing everything the way they want. The main thing is a little free time, desire and imagination. And the process of joint creativity will bring the spouses even closer, give them a lot of positive emotions and pleasure. A few ideas - what future spouses will be able to do on their own:

DIY Wedding Attributes

  • Wedding invitation in the form of a beautiful bright or delicate card made in the style of quilling, scrapbooking;
  • Original video invitation: removing a video clip or making it from photos;
  • Unusual and memorable will be a sweet invitation in the form of chocolate or a box of chocolates. Make a cover from your photographs, add the date and place of the celebration;
  • Wedding glasses, decorating them with ribbons, drawings or half beads, rhinestones;
  • Accessories for the photo shoot: make plates with inscriptions, sew soft toys, dressing them in the clothes of the bride and groom, or tie a wedding umbrella;
  • Elegant wedding bottles with champagne, which should be wrapped with ribbons, pasted with photos of a couple in love or imitate the clothes of young.

Wedding photo attributes

Wedding Attributes