Beautiful images of star brides 2020

For fans, the idol wedding is always an important event. And therefore, it is always interesting for us to spy on how the triumph went, to see what image the star brides chose.

But not all celebrities arrange large-scale holidays. Many of them try to hide an important event until the last moment! The portal for brides suggests recalling what the star brides of 2019 looked like and what secret weddings of the stars surprised. Perhaps you will take some elements of the image of brides.

Star weddings 2019
Star Brides 2019
Star brides

Star weddings: brides 2019

Celebrity weddings are always expensive, beautiful and with a twist. The images of stars are often taken as an example by young couples: girls pay attention to hairstyle, makeup, accessories and details of the dress; guys look at stylish images of the groom, bypassing the classic suit. What did the star brides surprise in 2019?

Regina Todorenko

For the wedding, Regina chose two dresses from the brand Edem. Both outfits are thought out to the smallest detail and are completely different from each other. Experts estimate the cost of one dress from 750 thousand rubles. Therefore, we can safely say that Regina had one of the most expensive star dresses.

Star wedding Todorenko and Topalov
Wedding of Topalov and Todorenko

At the ceremony, Regina wore a crepe silk mermaid-style dress. The dress with a deep neckline is embroidered with beads, glass beads and sequins. The romantic look was emphasized by lace trim and a cape made of transparent mesh, which was decorated with beads in the form of diverging rays.

Wedding image of Todarenko
Star weddings 2019

The second dress, in which the bride danced the first wedding dance, made the girl feel like Juliet: a bodice-corset, which was embroidered with embroidery in the style of the 16-17th century, flared sleeves from translucent fabric and a loose skirt in two layers emphasized the romantic mood. Wedding Dresses Todorenko plans «keep eternity» and pass on to the future daughter.

Star Bride 2019
Photo of the star bride

The girl refused a complex image. At the ring exchange ceremony, Regina had a tail gathered at the back of her head, and after that - tacked strands with her hair loose. The image was complemented by soft makeup and discreet accessories.

Nastya Kamensky

The wedding of Potap and Nastya Kamensky entered the top 5 star weddings in 2019 in Russia. For many fans, the news was a pleasant surprise..

Nastya also had two dresses. At the wedding ceremony, the girl chose a luxurious dress from the brand Galia Lahav (Israel), which was decorated with guipure and hand embroidery. The fitted style and deep neckline emphasized the figure of the bride. The image was complemented by a high bun with strands near the face and soft makeup.

The girl put on the second dress already during the festive party. A translucent organza bomber jacket was thrown over a white dress without Kamensky decor and finished with massive Buffalo sneakers. Light sporty bow was complemented by loose hair, which perfectly fit into the wedding image of a star.

The image of the star bride
Star bride photo

Ksenia Sobchak

One of the most scandalous star weddings of 2019 in Russia is the triumph of Ksenia Sobchak. She prepared 4 dresses for the wedding. The bride came to the registry office in a dress from the Greek designer Christos Costarellos and Jimmy Choo shoes. The outfit was made of translucent fabric with a deep neckline. Floral pattern and light styling created a delicate tandem and emphasized the femininity of the bride.

Wedding dress Sobchak
Star Bride 2019

At the wedding ceremony, Ksenia arrived in a classic-cut Edem dress with long sleeves and a square neckline. The image was complemented by a veil and a mesh on the head, which recalls the Renaissance.

Star weddings 2019
Wedding Sobchak

At the banquet, Sobchak changed two dresses. One is from Galia Lahav. A dress with narrow harnesses on the floor, decorated with a floral pattern, and a long veil emphasized the beautiful figure of the bride.

Star Brides 2019
Wedding Sobchak

Ksenia spent the second half of the evening in a dress knee-deep with bare shoulders and boots in a cowboy style. It is known that some of the outfits the girl was given for advertising purposes.

Star weddings in 2019 in Russia

Daria Klyukina

If we consider the most high-profile star weddings of 2019, you can not ignore the celebration of Daria Klyukina. Model and former TV show participant «Bachelor» arrived at the painting in a snow-white trouser suit Atelier Lartisan, sewn to order. The bride ended the look with pointed toe shoes from Jimmy Choo and Gucci lace gloves. The girl chose a nude makeup and hairstyle in the style of the 80s. The star bride showed a photo where the wedding ring of the star from Van Cleef & Arpels is noticeable.

Klyukina Daria
Bride in a pantsuit

At the festive banquet, the bride chose a romantic lace dress from Elie Saab with bare shoulders. The image was complemented by a long veil with lace trim around the edge. Daria's hair was collected from the back, and natural makeup was emphasized by the beauty of her face.

Star bride
Star weddings

Lyubov Sidorkina

One of the most unusual stellar weddings of 2019, which took place in the summer, can be called a celebration of bloggers - Lyubov Sidorkina (Lyubyatinka) and Igor Oskin.

The bride picked up two dresses. At the wedding ceremony, Love showed off in a black dress of a classic cut with an open back. A long train, iridescent fabric of the dress and an airy veil to the floor created a truly fabulous look.

Star Bride Blogger
Unusual star bride dress

After the ceremony, Sidorkina changed into a white dress with a deep neckline, an embroidered corset and a multi-tiered skirt. The image of the bride was complemented by a bunch gathered on the back of the head and bright eye makeup.

Star Bride Wedding Dress

Beautiful star weddings in 2019 prove that modern brides look attractive both in a trouser suit and in a dress of an unusual cut or color. Therefore, the portal advises to take an example from idols and not be afraid to embody the image that you want. Even if he goes against the views of mom and conservative girlfriends.