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Each bride knows how much needs to be organized for the most solemn day of the life of the spouses. Small details determine the quality of the preparation of the celebration - it is important that they all combine with each other, suit the color, texture, and decor: from the hip garter to the rushnyk at the wedding. This review will help you choose the right wedding accessories 2016.

Hair ornaments for the hero of the occasion will attract attention throughout the holiday. Beautiful hairpins, a majestic diadem, airy veil, fresh flowers - it’s worth picking them up responsibly, because they must be perfectly combined with the outfit. The harmonious image of the bride is the main decoration of the wedding.


Many girls prefer this ancient attribute, symbolizing girlish innocence and cleanliness.The veil styles should be chosen based on the model of the dress, the features of the bride’s physique, hair length:

  • A round single-layer veil is ideal for a fluffy skirt, a long one will decorate straight silhouettes, a dress «mermaid», short - a universal option suitable for everything.

  • It is better for low brides to turn to the veil to the waist, you need to fasten it over the hair - this will visually add a few centimeters. Any length is allowed high, but if you want to reduce growth, it’s better to attach a veil under the hairstyle.

  • A graceful veil is suitable for short-haired ladies, and girls with long hair can choose any. However, if the hair is loose, the veil fabric should cover it..

Wedding Accessories 2016: Veil


The royal detail of the wedding look is a magnificent diadem. It will suit any girl, however, you need to choose the right style. Details of her decor should match the details of the entire outfit, complementing it.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Diadem


The bride’s jewelry should fit alongside, creating additional harmony. All elements must be selected in a single color scheme, following the general style.


Elegant earrings will focus on the girl’s face. They can be long, short, large, small, lavishly decorated or minimalistic. In some cases, earrings are the only accessory on the face - for example, when the bride's dress covers her neck.

Wedding Accessories 2016: earrings


An elegant bracelet will ideally fit into the image if the bride does not have gloves. It can be made from beads, rhinestones, pearls, represent a composition of fresh flowers. In the latter case, it will be possible to dispense with the bouquet or to emphasize it successfully - the florist will help create a suitable decoration. Do not forget the combination with the boutonniere.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Bracelets


Elegant pendant will serve as a suitable accessory for a dress with a neckline. She can also play the role of a symbol: the initial pendant of the bride and groom is perfect for a wedding. The choice of materials is large - gems, shiny rhinestones. A.

Wedding Accessories 2016: pendants


The bride's necklace takes various forms - flowers formed by rhinestones, pearl patterns, simple neat necklaces so as not to distract attention from the dress. Even minimalistic options look rich, elegant. Do not neglect jewelry - well-made, it will perfectly complement the image.

Wedding accessories 2016: necklace

Handbag bride

It will be difficult for some girls to do without a set of necessary things - a phone, keys, cosmetics, in order to correct makeup on occasion. A small wedding bag for the bride - salvation. Elegant clutch bag, stylish embroidered pouch, «the envelope» on the chain - the main thing is that the material is in harmony with the outfit.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Bride's Handbag


The umbrella will perfectly complement the bride’s original outfit, protect her from heat or rain, will become an interesting attribute of a photo shoot. Many wedding umbrellas are lace, but in case of bad weather you should choose a waterproof umbrella with patterns.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Umbrella


Traditionally, the garter on the leg should be chosen by the bride herself. For men present at the wedding, it means the same as a bouquet for women. Who will catch her - successfully marry the next. The threads that sew the garter that adorns the stocking mean different things: blue - fidelity, red - love, white - the purity of the girl herself.

Wedding Accessories 2016: Garter


Wedding gloves should be sewn from the same fabric as the dress. It is necessary that the embroidery, lace present on them, match the decor of the outfit. The length of the gloves is determined by the sleeves of the dress:

  • Sleeveless outfit allows long gloves above the elbow.

  • Short sleeves will look good with models to the elbow.

  • With long sleeves it is not customary to wear this accessory, but the bride can wear gloves to the wrist.

in stores, but you can do a lot yourself. For example, pillow for rings.

To ideally choose jewelry for the upcoming wedding, decide on a concept. Let it be the story of your acquaintance or your favorite movie - all decor elements must match the script.
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